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Last weekend my wife and i purchased a specialize myka sportdisc 29 for her and a specialized hardrock sportdisc 29 for me. Does anybody have any recommendations for, or any instructions on how to build something that could stand our bikes upright in the bed of the truck and strap them in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially as how we dont want to screw up our new bikes. Angel and I decided to go out and buy some PVC, PVC adhesive, elbows and it's and we actually built our own gig today. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. After all the work we put into measuring out and building the PVC bike rack for our truck, the engine blew in our truck Friday night. I see mountain bikes and dirt bikes all the time standing upright in truck beds and i have been very unsuccessful in figuring out how they do it. No need for the fork supports on my bikes, as the little strap tension needed to keep the MTB upright doesn't even compress the forks. When their inventory (Pipeline Racks) is back up, I'm looking at these to make it a bit more convenient for loading and unloading. The supply list is pretty simple and can quickly be fulfilled at your local home improvement store. You can glue the pieces as you put them together if you are brave but we put ours together to make sure it all fit before we glued anything. A bike rack that's lightweight, small enough to store in your car, easy to build at home, and only costs 50 dollars sounds to good to be true, right? In this clip, learn how to make a fast, cheap and super easy mount for your your bicycle to display safety lights.
Shooting a photo or video in a car can be rather difficult without a proper mount, and if you want to secure your camera outside the car, it can be just plain expensive. When servicing any automobile, you should always wear appropriate eye-protection as well as ensure your working environment is properly ventilated.
One of the big responsibilities when owning a car, bike, or anything is making sure that it is taken well care of.
In this next tutorial, you'll find out how to maintain the gears on your bike, clean the chain, and make sure the drive-train is working properly.
A concussion is the most common type of brain injury, often occurring in bike and car accidents or during sports. Danny Lipford and Joe demonstrate how to make a bicycle rack out of repurposed closet racks. If you're like me, you were always jealous of the kids with rich parents who got to ride around in their own Power Wheels cars. I know it seems a little redundant to post this when I've already posted a video, but it is kind of hard to get more than a vague idea from the video alone.

The Chevy Aveo is a small efficient car, but that doesn't mean you have to go without a trailer hitch. Los Angeles may be gearing up to finalize its master bicycle plan, which would bring some 1,600 miles of bikeways to the city, but that may not be enough for those whose primary location is USC. While texting and driving may get you a ticket, there are still a ton of uses for your phone in your car, music and navigation just to name a couple. The launch of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was also the launch of Google Now, a service that was supposed to one-up Siri, the resident personal assistant for iOS devices. But that was then, and we stand here now on the frontier of 4.4 KitKat with a Nexus 5 in hand. Throughout history, the idea of the future has always promised better days, advanced technology, and of course—hover cars.
After measuring everything out, it sets up in front of the wheel well against the cab and I can easily run a strap through it and lock it. The support keeps the front forks from compressing and blowing the seals, while the the straps balance and compress the bike into the back of the bed wall. He has helped build this site into one of the leading and oldest bicycle commuting blog sites. Readers can enjoy an up to date selection of information that will help commuters from the grocery getting person to the guy that has a 60 mile commute. Many of us have pedalable commutes that we end up driving just because we don't like bikes. Wearing bike lights at night will help you stay safe in the dark and if you want to avoid the cost of getting lights custom fitted, this hack is perfect for you.
Luckily, there are tons of DIY camera mounts for both inside and outside your vehicle, and most of them are pretty cheap to make.
In this video he properly tunes a Shimano 7 Speed Derailer so it will shift smooth and perfect.
When working underneath a vehicle, always secure it with a floor jack and jack stands or drive-on lift ramps. Bicycle's, just like cars, need their parts to be well taken care of using the right tools. Many people think that you have to lose consciousness to have a concussion but that is indeed not the case.
Now that I am tall enough to sell my body and time, I find myself attaining childhood dreams like buying my own Power Wheels car. That's where some 10,000 to 15,000 cyclists roam the campus each day, according to 2009 report. This inexpensive SFX machine not only cheap, but an effective Special FX blood cannon for any zombie movie or gunshot wound or blood splatter effect! Every Android device comes with access to GPS and traffic updates, but none of those apps really have your back in real-time.

Google Now offered enticing features, but its launch went unnoticed by a great many Android users. Although we were correct about the better days (depending on who you ask) and advanced technology, we are still without hover cars, or pretty much any hovercraft vehicles—The Jetsons and Back to the Future were a lie! In an ideal world, you would never have to sacrifice a fitness session because of too much on your plate, but this isn't always the case.
In order for us to take our bikes anywhere, we have to lay them down in the bed of the truck one on top of the other. Filled with passion for everything two wheels, RL Policar covers a multitude of subjects from product reviews, news, articles and technical how to's. This guy built a suction-based bike rack in just two hours with only his jigsaw and a drill. All you will need is some PVC pipe and some grip tape (like the kind used for tennis rackets). These pneumatic potato cannons are capable of shooting straight through walls and windows, so be careful.
Anyway, this has already made the rounds, but if you haven't seen it yet, check this out. Instead of hanging the bicycle on the ceiling for long term storage, fasten closet brackets to your garage wall to more practically easily access your bicycles on an everyday basis.
I would not have chosen the Barbie Jeep given the choice, but 40 bucks on Craigslist is an amazing deal. Check out this video and learn tips and tricks for convincing your parental units to buy you a car.
If this sounds too familiar—don't stress—here are five ways to fit a workout into your super busy schedule. I only have the two bikes for me and her but if we ride with friends, we can haul theirs as well. He built the contraption using off-the-shelf suction handles, plastic cutting boards, and a commercial fork mount. When you take a low-slung four wheel bike frame, a crap load of PVC pipe, miles of duct tape and about 1,000 hours, you, too can drive a Porsche without the high insurance payments. Draw in the wheels and the back of the bike, as well as the handle bars, mirrors, and lights.
The one for the truck will also double very nicely for lugging shopping bags around and groceries etc.

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