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These 2 I’m building this PVC rack to pvc bike rack plans hold my Hybrid bike my tires are 700c. UPDATE New project here forum showthre PVC record shelf plans Bike extort I got this idea from REDFOX.
You might recall that I posted a design concept a while back for an ultralight teardrop shaped tiny house trailer that could theoretically be pulled by a bicycle. As you can see I’m not quite done but the trailer design is ready for a professional review by the PVC Bike Guy. Being a Treehugger, i appreciate that you're going to use PVC for the structure only and not for the body of the trailer.
I think it's a good idea to be able to easily separate the camper from the trailer so that the trailer could be used for hauling other things. I suspect that you could take better advantage of the skins on this unit for diagonal bracing than you are now. My First PVC bicycle I built is well over 7years old and I have not had any stress fractures or problems and it rides as if I just built it the other day it's the red, White and blue one have a look. O and thanks for your comment but any type of tent or canvas will get mildew and leak if touched on the inside and can be tore buy putting up and down repeatably. My First PVC bicycle I built is well over 7years I have not had any stress fractures or problems and it rides as if I just built it the other day it's the red, White and blue one have a look. I enjoy reading your blog and thought you might get a kick out of this old time tear droppish trailer pulled behind a tricycle.
But its too long – once you finish the first trial, redesign it as a nested fold out tear drop design. There is no reason wh the frame cannot be made from thin-wall chromemolly steel tubing, such as is used in some ultralight aircraft. I am working on a similar concept that could be applicable to both the Bike and for the homeless (3 wheel wagon concept). The total weight of the camper would be approximately 120 pounds + the weight of the PVC trailer.
As was pointed out above either a framework of 1×1 wood or pvc should follow the roof line to provide strength. BTW Tent canvas has been used for a LONG time successfully and with proper care lasts a long time in use.

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We recently bought deuce bikes and instead of scarce throwing the bikes onto pvc patio furniture cushions the screw of the footfall 0 Truckbed PVC Bike Building a P1000695. Building with PVC is great when you postulate type A structure that is inexpensive and sparkle weight. Shortly after posting the idea I was contacted by The PVC Bike Guy who wants to build such a trailer. I’m thinking that the shell would be made from 2x4s, plywood, and low-voc foam panels. For those of you playing with Google SketchUp here is the bike teardrop trailer downloadable file.
The thing is the frame for boats and the paper hull covering could well be adapted to make your tear drop trailers. Election season is coming up, i bet you could get a bunch of it for free right after the election.
I don’t see any means of connecting the trailer to the bike (a tongue) and hold reservation as to whether PVC would be acceptable for that.
Using chromemolly and covering it with aircraft cloth, and heat shrinking it, will result in a trailer weighing in at less than 150 lbs., probably way less, mabe even as low as 75 pounds. My only experience building a teardrop was a 4×8 that was constructed wit a wooden frame, steel tongue and hard board sides. Luan may be used for paneling- its reasonably light 10-12# per sheet and would need only paint or light epoxy for weatherproofing and incredible strength. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted. The curved roof would need to be built-up from layers of thin plywood and foam or foam and fiberglass. We gave the students rolls of teabag paper, which has excellent wet strength and is very similar to the manila paper the Water's Co used.

If you had slices of thirds, it could largely follow your design when unfolded – if quarters, some more dramatic modifications would be required but it would be much more aerodynamic. An ultralight aircraft in the US weighs in at 234 pounds, and that includes fuselage, engine, skin, paint, everything.
For group A 4 bike wring catch the parts lean and cutting instructions at the closing of this article merely consider paint if you program to provide the rack in the insolate PVC gets brittle.
Build an Apartment Sized pedal Rack out of PVC From Life Hackers web site Give each child own cycle stick out and Free plans and pictures of PVC pipe up projects. So I’ve been spending some time noodling over how I might approach such a design challenge and this is what I have come up with. Actually if fiberglass were used the entire exterior could be covered which would add a lot of strength to the shell too.
Lexan is a brand name for polycarbonate, the tough, clear and nearly unbrekable stuff you’re talking about. I see no reason why you couldn't eliminate virtually all of the wood framework you are showing by replacing it with PVC pipe. The neat thing was the incredible strength of the hulls, surface finish and use of renewable materials.
Connecting aluminum tubing to PVC should be relatively easy to do considering pipes can be threaded. Plexiglass, which, looks similar and probably is often confused with Lexan is a brand name for acrylic sheet, which may offer better scratch resistance than polycarbonate (for windows and such) but is much more brittle. If you look at an Airstream trailer you will find that the skin is an integral part of the overall structure.
Consider using pop-rivets to attach the skins to the pipe and then perhaps also use a strong construction adhesive where ever the skins and pipe touch.

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