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Available for free or cheap at all home improvement stores, PVC pipe is totally great for home storage and organization in different ways.
For the fisher with multiple rods, a bucket is the ultimate organization tool both at home and on site.
Thereafter, the crane was used again to set the posts in place.The posts were placed somewhat roughly, they would be trued up later. Use a a pipe and paint it a pretty color then use it in your bathroom as a cooling station for your hair dryer and the straightener.
Find pipes that are just the right size for your shoe collection, cut them down to shoe-length and stack together using pipe glue. This is a cheap and easy way to store vinyl and wrapping paper to keep it from getting wrinkled or damaged.
A simple DIY rack made to hold the screw guns, drills, and electric shears in the tool crib.
It’s inexpensive, easy to work with and is readily available at any home improvement center.
If you see one at their favorite fishing spot, you might notice their bucket sidekick is doing one or ALL of the following.

I’ve seen guys using 5 at a time to greatly increase their chances of a bite at any given time.
Refurbish the PVC pipes for toothbrush holders, hair dryer holders, toy storage, garage storage and kitchen organizing.
It’s an endlessly customizable shoe rack—and you can always add to it as your collection grows. It make an artsy design on the wall that acts not only as storage but some stylish texture as well. A great idea for a number of organizational needs: in the garage, the office, or for your craft space. Here’s a hint: it’s different, edgy and artsy…Today art is defined by how you make something out of unexpected materials.
While once mediums consisted of ink, pencil, watercolor, or oil, now we melt crayons, weld metals, craft wood and contort average resources into breathtaking results. As an interior designer, a DIY’er or just a passionate home improver, you are the curator and your home is the museum, the showroom for which to display your art. Whether you’re starting a photography business or you want to occupy the kids with a home made sprinkler, you’ve come to the right place!

The PVC Curtain RodA very stylish project by Christopher & AnneThis project is easy, fun, and no one will be the wiser. Take two tennis balls and cut an equal hole out of both of them so that the PVC will slide in the fitting. Stick your PVC ends in the holes and you have a sturdy, curtain rod that is sleek and one hundred percent (wo)man made!2. The PVC Wall MuralCut down multiple sizes of PVC piping to less than an inch in width so that your masterpiece is appreciated for more than its protrusion from the wall.
Paint it, plaster it with a photograph or add some PVC elbows and your eclectic tastes now include polyvinyl chloride.

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