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A complete PVC repair kit can include various standard fittings, connectors, ells, tees, unions and other PVC plumbing parts. PVC glue (usually the blue glue that sets fairly quickly or other medium or heavy bodied type of PVC glue), either pipe cutters or even a hack saw. When making a PVC plumbing cut into hose or pipe, be sure the cut is even, straight and does not have PVC fuzz on it.
For a solid connection, push the two parts together and give a slight twist to assure smooth distribution of the glue. The actual outer diameter of the PVC connectors is usually somewhat larger so that the inner diameter is about the correct size. Hot tub connectors are available in many standard pipe sizes and in different configurations and shapes. Standard types of PVC fittings for hot tub use include ells or elbows, tees or t-shaped connectors, couplings that join two connections in a straight line, plugs that close off a port, manifolds that distribute water and more.

Other hot tub plumbing parts include adapters that can change the diameter of the pipe run from one width to another, and valves that can be used to shut water off to certain parts of the spa - mainly to isolate components such as pumps and heater from the rest of the spa to facilitate repair without having to drain the spa. Some hot tubs also have air plumbing including air manifolds that route air from the spa blower to air injectors or air jets. Hot tub hoses and pipe are interconnected with pvc fittings, manifolds and connectors to route water from a single pump to multiple jets and destinations within the spa including waterfall jets, whirlpool jets and other water features. Most recent model hot tubs use a manifold plumbing system for a more even distribution of water pressure to the individual spa jets. In the case of a hot tub leak, jets and pvc fittings need to be examined and replaced as needed to repair the source of the leak.
Most often, the spa needs to be completely drained when undertaking a PVC repair and the joints should be dry before applying PVC glue. Other plumbing parts include air knobs and water knobs that are part of the air or water valves which can be regulated from within the spa to control flow.

Fun Fantastic supply a full range of both 1.5 inch and 2 inch ABS pool pipe fittings, along with other imperial and metric sized piping and fittings.
Then hold for at least 30 seconds to a minute to assure a good bond is taking place without moving the connection. From a cracked water manifold due to perhaps having left water in a drained spa sitting out in freezing weather, to a stress crack in any part of the plumbing, water leaks can quickly be repaired once they are identified by getting the appropriate PVC connectors, pipe and glue.
Some other manufacturers also use clear tubing with clips in place of glued plumbing, so in that case with a new hose and new clips, these type of connections can be repaired without glue.
Water is pulled into the suction fittings by the pump and pushed back out to the plumbing which in turn is routed to the spa jets.

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