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Raised garden beds take many forms from the ones you build yourself from scratch to the ones you buy and plonk on the ground and fill up with soil. Weeding is much easier so long as you don’t make the bed too big you can reach the weeds more easily.
Solves your Soil problems – if you have problem soil like lots of rocks, heavy clay soil or even really sandy soil a raised garden bed can save you heaps of work trying to improve your natural soil. Adds height to your garden – sometimes you just want to add a bit of interest in your garden the addition of height can be just the thing.
Pest prevention – raising the bed can make it more difficult for rabbits, dogs and other animals to get to your crops. Heating and cooling- the soil in a raised bed will heat up and cool down more quickly than a bed in the ground. If the sides of your raised bed is over a foot high you probably need little or no ground preparation. Here is a great video which shows the really simple steps required to build your own raised vegetable garden. I like what I see, as a woodworker and a lover of gardening this something I can totally grasp, great job. Our raised garden beds are secured by an aluminum rod thru the corners — assembles in minutes! The kits assemble in minutes, yet the durable all natural western red cedar can last for decades. Watch our helpful raised garden bed installation video online for assembly instruction, additional tips and ideas and motivation.
The cedar association reports that is lasts longer than, Inland Cedar, Eastern Cedar, Port Orford Cedar (commonly used for making pencils) and Yellow Cedar. Cedarbrook's partially air dried Cedar has been seasoned to the optimum moisture level to accept wet moist garden soil. Garden pests such as snails and slugs can be controlled by skirting your beds with crushed oyster shells or copper wire. 8' beds will have an additional aluminium cross piece to secure the middle and prevent bulging. Next slide the holes of the second row onto the rods and then carefully tap each end until touching the lower row. A sauna kit assembled with pre-made insulated cedar panels forming the walls, ceiling, and roof. A cedar one-person frame wrapped with canvas contains the light and heat emitted from an infrared light box. Design focal point to be marked about this beautiful garden decor is comfortable tone touching unsophisticated design theme and component option. The garden designer proficiently lay simultaneously fantastic show up harmony into a combination to generate incredible garden. The decor garden artisan successfully lay simultaneously nice overview organization into a blending to build inspiring decor garden. Deploying smart design plan tactics and focal point design intent is the key factor of this briliant idea flower raised garden bed become one of exquisite idea garden design. Applying smart design plan procedure and attention design purpose is the key feature of this kitchens raised luxury kitchen inspiration turn into one of cute kitchens luxury kitchen design. After view at the trendy garden gate photo carefully maybe you will take various unique suggestion to be excecuted on your own design. Current unique idea garden design visualization commonly was distribute different ambiance to environment surrounding which is created with stylish design.

Raised beds have been popular in the South for a long time, where heavy clay makes gardening difficult. In Florida and other states with saturated soil and frequent summer rains, use raised beds to help drain water away from plants and avoid root rot.
Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation to water your narrow, raised beds so that plant foliage stays dry.
Because soil in a raised bed tends to warm up faster, you may find that you can start planting a little earlier than usual.
Get more use out of your raised bed by covering it with lightweight, clear plastic and turning it into a cold frame when the weather changes. If burrowing rodents are a problem, line the bottom of your bed with hardware cloth or poultry wire to keep them out.
Not Your Region?Enter your zip code below to find personalized tips or update your preferences here. In addition to our outdoor planters and flower boxes there are great Canadian deals to be had on the many patio furniture items ranging from Raised bed planters and vegetable boxes, by ALL THINGS CEDAR Canada. Designed to answer the growing demand for urban gardening systems, our expandable raised garden box kits set up anywhere in just minutes. Due to the easily stackable design of our raised garden boxes, should you plan to stack 2 or more garden boxes just mention in our comments box the number of boxes you plan to stack and we will include at no additional cost longer dowel pins to match the final height of your box creation. This webpage is about Raised bed planters and vegetable boxes, by ALL THINGS CEDAR Container Gardening Kits search terms include: cedar, raised bed planters, vegetable, boxes, natural gardening, container gardening, earth box, vegetable box kit, building flower bed planter kits, planters, how to build raised garden bed kits, raised garden designs. Not only will you have to pay for the materials for the walls of the bed you also need to fill them with lots of new soil and compost. Sometimes you need to dig things like compost in it can be more difficult to dig depending on how high it is and you will probably need to use small hand tools rather than a spade. If you are putting it on a hard surface like concrete so long  as it is pretty flat you’ll need none. If you purchased a raised planter kit it should come with some recommendations for how to fill it. There are so many points here that have enlightened us on the pros and cons of a raised garden bed. I didn’t really know about all these benefits but now I’m hoping we have our best harvest yet!
Western Red Cedar is widely used for exterior applications like, shakes and shingles, fencing, decking and siding. When wood is too dry (kiln dried) and wet soil is added , too much moisture transfers into the wood and can result in splitting, checking, cracking and warping. All you need is a level spot in your landscape, some plants or seeds, and enough good-quality soil and compost to fill the bed. If you really want to give your plants plenty of room to put down roots, you can opt to remove the sod from your site and dig down 8 to 12 inches to loosen the underlying ground.
If the bed isn’t level, rainfall or the water from your garden hose can run off, rather than soaking into the ground.
Raised garden beds make your landscape look neater and more orderly, so think about where to put them in your landscape. Stepping on the light, loose soil you’ve put in the bed compacts it, making it harder for roots to penetrate. You’ll save a lot of strain on your back and knees if you make a bed that you can easily reach across.
Lifting heavy materials is a lot of work in the first place, and if you decide to move the bed at some future date, you’ll have to haul them around again.

But clay does contain beneficial minerals, so if you mix it into your garden bed, do a soil test first, to see if you need to add amendments. If you have access to some good garden soil by all means use it in the bottom section but you should have 1 foot to 18 inches of premium quality compost rich vegetable soil mix in the top. Even though they have a few down sides they are definately great from a practical and as you mention, also aesthetic point of view. The kits are designed to assemble in minutes, yet the durable all natural western red cedar can last for decades. Northwest Coast Aboriginal peoples choose Western Red Cedar as the wood of choice to carve intricate totem poles and dugout canoes. As we sell and manufacture a host cedar products like sauna packages, decking, fencing, planters and cedar benches, the raised bed program is a recovery product. You can purchase a kit that comes with pre-cut lumber and hardware, or build your own raised bed in any size you need. Then fill the bed with good soil, compost, and any amendments that a soil test may indicate. Water that runs off can also carry away your good soil, leaving trenches you’ll need to fill in. If you have to get in the bed for some reason, use a few pavers or boards, and walk on those instead. Take the plastic off the bed, or fold it back on warm, sunny days to avoid heat build-up that could damage your plants. You can either dig up the existing grass, spray it with a glyphosate containing weed killer or cover it with a thick layer of newspaper – about 20 sheets. Some gardeners use straw bales in the bottom of a raised bed but these will become waterlogged, rot down and become a bit stinky over time.
We consider this to be green product as well because we use the fall down and it is a long lasting and durable good that produces food very close to the source. Just remember that a bed made with hay or straw probably won’t last more than a year, as these materials will start to decompose. Also suitable for use as a small animal enclosure, giving your guinea pig, or rabbit valuable outdoor time.
You will need to wait for the grass or weeds to die off then give it a dig over to improved the drainage before putting your new raised bed on top. You can simply remove any grass or weeds from the spot where the bed will sit, and then add layers of newspaper, cardboard, or landscape fabric to smother anything that might grow back. To round off this great selection of cedar planters and window planter boxes also make cedar, raised bed planters, vegetable boxes,natural gardening kits,container garden boxes, earth boxs, vegetable box kits, building supplies, flower beds, planters, how to build raised garden bed kits in Canada and raised garden designs. Make sure you leave an area around the bed grass free or eventually the grass will grow up into the bed.
If you have a large or custom project please call 800 426 3929 for a delivered price quotation.
If you have a problem with digging pests you may need to put down some wire so they can’t dig under it.

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