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This raised bed garden kit has 11" sides and length and width can be customized to fit your space. This raised bed garden kit has 11" sides and length and width can be customized to fit your space.Square and rectangle raised beds are perfect for growing flowers, herbs and vegetables.
April 26, 2013 By admin My friend Erin has one of the best decorated homes of all my friends. When she came to me for advice on building a garden in her backyard I knew it would be something I’d be jealous of…  She spent time trolling through Pinterest for ideas and came back to me with a badass bed design! Now that she’s done I asked her to please write a post so I could share her garden story here. In order to do away with the old and dead and invite all of the natural new energy of the spring season into our yards, first we have to always do a bit of maintenance and clean-up. Once we chose where we wanted to place it in the backyard, we had to till the ground a bit and tear up some grass to even it out so the beds would lay flat. We here in the hill country currently have a multitude of mosquitos, an affluence of aphids, and a plethora of pecans.
Before the advent of European settlers, Native Americans widely consumed pecans and used them for trade. Pecans are native to our area which makes them hearty and able to survive even the most tempestuous arch of Texas seasons. Raised Garden Bed with Trellis Kit This cedar garden bed is the ideal planter for novice and hobby gardeners alike.
Raised Garden Bed with Trellis Kit This cedar garden bed is the ideal planter for novice and hobby gardeners alike. From clay to concrete, lifeless terra firma can’t stop you from channeling your green thumb and your knack for harvesting plump, vine-ripened crops in unmanageable environments.
This kit makes construction easy and keeps the cost down by substituting low-cost, commonly available pre-cast concrete patio stones for expensive rot-resistant lumber.

The kit comes with eight corner connectors (enough for four corners with one connector at the top and one at the bottom of each corner), and 16 straight connectors (enough for eight joints between stones, one connector at the top and the other at the bottom). Rectangular raised beds are simple to plan and work with, especially for beginners and elderly people. Long beds are built in sections that include crossbar supports to prevent the sides from bowing.
As Mother Nature begins shining her warmth upon us, the buds of the trees begin to break free of their dead outer shells, birds begin their morning song ever more enthusiastically, and winter shades of wet cool gray and dull brown magically transform into vibrant green grass carpets, multi-colored seas of wildflowers and bountiful farmer’s markets.
For Joe and I, spring is the time that we rev our proverbial outdoor beautification engines and get to work on bit by bit, creating our very own outdoor oasis.
Our visions of pergolas and arched gated entries, floral vines covering the whole fence line, and a sea of wild floral beauty in every corner will most likely take years to grow and come to life as we envision it, but thankfully for us, the opposite is true for the vegetables we just planted. We looked at all sorts of pictures we found online of beautiful raised beds that we thought we might be able to do ourselves.
She helped with the layout and guided me on what to plant for beginners and how to feed and fertilize them with the proper mix of ingredients.
I do hope that the beautiful wet spring weather has been good to all you other gardeners out there.
While some may take issue with the excess of shells and oddly sticky film that coats anything left beneath the branches of these bountiful nut trees, at their heart they are really one of the most interesting and useful trees around. So lets show a little respect for big beautiful buddies and educate ourselves. Our build-it-yourself raised bed kits feature customizable, rot-resistant panels for savvy gardening in any terrain or climate. Includes: 4 Corner posts and caps, 4 Composite boards, 8 Brackets, 1 Bed liner, 8 Liner Clips, Hardware, Instruction. The kit is a set of heavy steel connectors and hardware that you attach to 2 x 4 lumber to make bottom and top frames.
Being raised off the ground they are easier to reach and keep pest out! Raised bed planters are made from durable cedar protected by a non-toxic waterproof sealant that is safe for vegetable gardening.

In just a few short months, if our thumbs are indeed green, we’ll be reaping the rewards of finally installing a RAISED BED ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDEN in our backyard!
Pressure treated woods are NOT ideal for vegetable gardens because chemicals can leach into your foods over time. With winter comes the warmth and rain of spring, and with beauty of spring comes the summer harvest! Its extra tall design makes this portable plot of paradise easy to maintain and ideal for deep-rooted crops like carrots and beets. Once the frames are made, you insert patio stones into the bottom frame and then put the top frame on and tighten the connectors. Pathways around raised beds should be 18 to 24 inches wide for normal foot traffic and 36 to 48 inches for wheelbarrow and wheelchair access. Unless you go to the effort of lining the beds with a plastic or pool liner, cedar is the best way to go for a vegetable garden.
We can’t wait to see how our garden grows, but more importantly, how planting a garden will enlighten our living space and connect us back to the earth. Configure your garden bed to the design of your liking, affix the decorative brackets (included) and just add dirt for a flawless finish. It's as simple as that to make an attractive, low-cost raised bed that will last for at least a generation. However, we do offer extra straight connectors and corners if you wish to make your bed larger or into different shapes like T, L or H configurations.

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