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Raised bed gardening allows you to maintain a healthy vegetable garden with minimal weeding and a healthy yield.
Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. You can build this 4x8 raised bed with basic carpentry skills (see the instructions on page two, at the end of this article). Raised beds solved many of the garden problems that faced me 20 years ago in our new southern California home. Dirt poor, the original subsoil (left) became black gold (right) by amending it with chicken manure, compost, and topsoil. Redwood is the material of choice for West Coast gardens, and once you have your materials together, the beds take only about half an hour to build.
Now that redwood has gotten fairly expensive, many clients ask about using less expensive pressure-treated wood. Lizzieplants writes: We built 10 raised beds with pressure treated deck boards lined with heavy black plastic.
NorthwestNative writes: One solution to rotting boards is to line the planter box with garden plastic. This approach alleviates any worries about the type of wood you use and makes it possible to use whatever is available because it does not come in contact with the soil. Lucky for me, having found your article before the end of the project, I will consider installing landscape fabric differently for the perimeter paths, exterior seating vs. The raised beds above hold 1.18 yards (32 cubic feet) of dirt if you leave a 3 inch gap at the top of the boards. And remember, most businesses sell soil or compost by the half yard, so in both of the cases above, you might want to buy topsoil and then supplement it with a few bags of peat, compost, or manure to add nutrients. Id sure love to see how you used the bricks as Ive just been offered a truckload of used bricks if I want them.
Descolian writes: I used old railway sleepers for the construction of our garden beds, but after five years, some of the old hardwood rotted and allowed couch and Kikuyu grass to penetrate. DirtyJohn writes: I've built 6 4x8 redwood raised beds, 20" tall with bench seat to be easy on knees and back. Ruth writes: Masik, this is an old article, so we can't ask the author about exact soil quantity, but we can do the math. If you read the research on Ever Guard and similar micronized copper products, it seems that although some preservative leaches out over a long period it is sequestered by the soils and not taken in to plants. Sometimes hiring the outdoor patio add your garden will seem imperfect due to something that you need to hire to make the visual becomes more perfect and stunning.
If you want to know the best ways on how to build a raised garden bed, you can follow these simple steps before making it on your own. Before starting anything –  observe your space over a few days to get a good idea of what kind of sun it gets. 3.) To pre-drill or not? The first raised bed we made, we drilled holes before drilling in the screws.
I’d love to hear how you made raised beds or if you have any tips for a better way to do things.
I started Queen Bee Coupons because I feel passionately about helping people be good stewards of their money and living more with less.
However, don’t be fooled by the expensive raised bed gardens in catalogues and on TV.
Among the challenges were terrible soil, a concrete-paved yard, arid growing conditions, small children, and a big, exuberant puppy. We were able to create soil by using compost from our previous house (we had moved the entire pile).
Construction-grade redwood, which contains knots and some imperfections, seemed like a logical choice, since we knew it would last many years and would cost less than $100 to build the eight beds.
I try to discourage them from making this choice because I’m not comfortable using chemically treated products around food crops. I folded it over a piece of lathe and then secured the lathe to the sides of the planter box with staples. The client specified 12" deep beds, but I suggested at least 18" (given what they wanted to plant) given the nature of their native soil.

Having explored various other construction material options, from both a labour & cost perspective (with serious emphasis on bed depth), I chose to buy 8 of these kits to create two 4X12X1" (thick) X 18" deep beds. The gardens themselves may be small or large, elaborate or simple and may hold any number of growing items.
They usually sit several inches off the ground and are often simple and inexpensive to create.
This title makes me think of Spanx – but basically in the middle of each raised bed, we screwed a support to the three boards. A friend of mine stapled plastic sheeting inside his raised bed – to help keep moisture away from the wood and increase longevity.
I'm Heather and I started cutting coupons when I couldn't cut any more corners in our family budget. I found the raised bed solution to be a great success, and only now am I having that first set replaced with new ones. To a gardener (me), those words meant a warm southern exposure and a sizable empty space in which to plant a vegetable garden.The sizable sunny space turned out to be about 2,000 sq. We supplemented the compost with some topsoil and chicken manure, and had a great, easily worked growing medium.Because we live in a Mediterranean-type climate with less than 10 in.
It has been 20 years since we built the beds, and we are beginning to see signs of wear that indicate we need to begin rebuilding.
It keeps the beds from rotting for a LONG time (more than 20 years in my case) and helps keep the soil from drying out. Deciding on the type of garden to create is one of the most important decisions for the beginning gardener. You can make the garden looks more complete by adding what the garden should have provided. Then you need to push edger much deeper for removing the grasses or other plantations more easily. But in Spring 2012 we jumped in head first and we built our first raised garden bed – in an afternoon – and I realized just how easy and inexpensive they can be! It would be a shame to spend all this time and money building raised beds for an area not conducive to growing the things you want.
The advantages to pre-drilling a hole is the screw will go in easier and you are less likely to have the screws crack or split your wood. I guess the key to pre-drilling holes is to find a drill bit that is a little smaller than the shank of the screw (without the threads).
We drilled the two pieces together, then added the baluster support to the corner and screwed it in. If you care about your bed being exactly 90 degree corners, try to wiggle and adjust after the first level. Certainly, they have been a good value, having held up to blasting sun and year-round cultivation. I'm considering lining the interior sides with 4 mil plastic to keep moisture, dirt, and bugs from direct contact.
Here, I would like to give you some important things that you have to understand before build raised garden beds on a slope in order to make it easy.
Yes, garden should have provided the raised garden bed to make the garden looks more beautiful and more captivating.
People mostly use the square bricks to be placed in the wall or the trapezoid to provide longer space. The bricks have to be planted 2 inches under the ground so that it can stand stronger than before.
We now have six raised beds that provide a bounty every summer and I’m so grateful that we went for it! Raised beds allowed us to set up an irrigation system that included a hose bib in each box. Where there was once only concrete, the soil is now black and rich and teeming with earthworms. Actually the steps of building raised garden beds on a slope are not difficult if you understand some necessary things.
Second, you need to find spot at the garden or yard where you will make the raised garden bed.

AND it’s about half of the going rate that I found for pre-built raised beds on Craigslist or the kits at Home Depot. There are probably cheaper screw options, we were at the mercy of the Home Depot sales people, who suggested these. Basically cut these to the length of THREE boards stacked on top of each other, if you used the ones shown above these need to be 10.5 inches tall. On the last two beds, we got lazy and did not pre-drill, we had a few more little cracks and splintering, but we decided not enough to warrant the extra time to pre-drill.
Try to avoid the dark knots in the wood – those are a pain and nearly impossible to drill through.
The bottom board should be flush with the bottom of the post while the top board should end approximately 7-1⁄2 in. You'll want to keep the soil level about 4" below the top to allow room for whatever irrigation system you use and to prevent soil from spilling over the top when you dig!
You can get the tutorial from the web also because building raised garden beds is one of DIY project. Don’t buy treated or stained woods – the chemicals will leach into your soil and your food! For some beds, I have devised a system of hoops, using PVC irrigation pipe, over which to drape bird netting or row cover to keep cabbage loopers out.
But also true was that what little soil existed was heavily compacted and lacked organic content.Once before, we had been faced with difficult growing conditions.
Our children, Josh and Jessa, could easily ride their Big Wheels around the obstacle course we had unwittingly developed for them.
Over the years, we have slowly removed the concrete paving between the boxes and replaced it with a thick layer of pea gravel that allows the little rain we get to percolate into the ground. Repeat this step to form the second long side.Cut the remaining three 2x6s in half so you have six 4-ft. With the raised beds it is easy to attach some 2x2 to the sides and drape some bird netting over the bed.
On a granite ledge with no soil in New Hampshire, my husband had built a raised bed where I grew a small salad garden. And neither these activities nor my gardening compacted the soil because no one ever walked on it.
Why not design a system of raised beds that would allow me to grow vegetables year-round?Getting more for less from a raised bedIn addition to the concrete and poor soil, there were a number of reasons raised beds seemed the perfect way to garden. Because the vegetable garden is the primary view from our kitchen, it has been an added pleasure to look out on the raised beds with their profusion of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers spilling over the edges. When you get wrong place I guarantee you will get difficulties to build raised garden beds. Second, we could leave the concrete in place and simply break up the portions under the boxes to provide drainage. They can be snaked in any configuration and are easily removed when it’s time to turn the soil. Since we had decided to use 2x6 redwood, we could stack the boards three high and end up with a finished height of 16-1⁄2 in. This made the edge of the box a comfortable height on which to perch and gave more than enough root run for the plants. I use bird netting during seed germination and clear plastic to warm pepper and melon seedlings. You can take one become your inspiration before you start building your own raised garden beds.
Besides, from web you can get references from consultants or maybe your relations and friends.

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