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Long ago, I watched out next door neighbor painstakingly strip the paint off, sand, stain and seal his west-facing front door.  The next year he was sanding and refinishing it again. There are many online tutorials to show you step by step what you need to know to refinish a solid wood front door. Back1 of 8Next Just imagine: you’re sitting at home, enjoying a good book and a warm cup of tea when, suddenly, the doorbell rings. Even with a heavy duty finish, stained wood with a clear finish will need periodic touchups every few years.
You'll need to sand away the damaged top layers and refinish with a few fresh coats of the finish. We all know how important that first impression is and improving your curb appeal will ensure that your home gives off a great first impression. You also want to keep moisture from "wicking" up through the unfinished wood on the bottom edge of the door. They are all budget-friendly and will help you to add beauty and best of all, value to your home. Choose a few projects or choose them all, your home will certainly appreciate it.Refinish Your Front DoorBelieve it or not, your front door has a lot to do with your overall curb appeal.
If your door is old or outdated or simply a dull color, you can easily refinish it and give it new life.
Simply choose a stain or paint color that will brighten up your front doorway and create a welcoming feeling for guests and passersby. It will cost you only about $50 to redo the door and less than a day for the work involved.
DIY Instructions – ThisoldhouseAdd Some LightingThere are so many ways that you can add decorate lighting to your home, walkway or garden. Decorative lights help to make your home feel more welcoming and add beauty to your front yard or walkway. Whether you choose to go with traditional store bought lighting or you want to create your own, adding lights is a great way to improve curb appeal.
You can create your own hurricane lamps which are beautiful when lighting a pathway,  and you can make them for just a few dollars each, out of things like tuna cans, paint and a few sticks.

DIY Instructions – InmyownstyleBuild Window BoxesWindow boxes give you the opportunity to have colorful flowers and plants growing right on the side of your home. You can add splashes of color which is sure to make your home look more inviting and more beautiful. Plant seasonal flowers or you could simply add some greenery or use the boxes for growing herbs which you can then use in the kitchen to prepare wonderfully delicious meals. Window boxes are easy and inexpensive to build (depending on the material that you choose to use) and you can dress up the front and back of your house if you add them to every window. DIY Instructions – Shanty 2 ChicBuild An ArborAn arbor at the base of your walkway or even at the entryway of a front yard garden is sure to spruce up your curb appeal. Once built, you can simply stain or paint the arbor to match the exterior of your home and even plant vining greenery or flowers at the base to give it even more beauty.
Arbors look great in front of the house or even at the entry to the side yard and will definitely increase the value of your property. DIY Instructions – HouzzCreate A WalkwayIf you don’t have a walkway leading to your front door or you have a bland sidewalk and you want something a bit more special, you can create a stone walkway that will instantly improve how your home looks from the street.
You don’t even have to use actual stones (which are a bit expensive) to get the stone walkway look. You can simply purchase stone forms and then fill those forms with concrete to look like real rock.
The entire project will cost less than $50 (depending of course on the length and width of the walkway) and you can finish it in a couple of days. DIY Instructions – Budget101Upgrade Your HardwareJust replacing the hardware around your front door can significantly change how your home looks. This is one of the simplest things that you can do to improve your curb appeal and something that will take you just an hour or two to complete.
If you are happy with the hinges and other hardware around your front door, just replace your porch lighting or your home address plate. Even something simple can go a long way in helping to increase the beauty of your home and replacing hardware is a really easy and really inexpensive way to do that. DIY Instructions – PopularmechanicsReplace Your MailboxIf your mailbox is a bit old, replacing it will instantly change your curb appeal for the better.

Mailboxes are relatively inexpensive and there are many ways that you can make yours look better. If you don’t really want to part with your old mailbox, you could just give it a fresh coat of paint (assuming that it’s metal or wooden). You could also build a base for the mailbox from rock, wood or any number of other materials that will make it look loads better and help to make your entire property look more attractive. DIY Instructions – DiynetworkPaint Your HouseIf you really want to spruce up your home’s exterior and you have some time and money to spare, you could always paint the outside of your house.
Once you choose the color and type of paint that you want, you just have to clear a weekend or two and just paint over that old paint, giving your home a fresh new look that is sure to be noticed.
DIY Instructions – PopularmechanicsWash Your HouseIf you really don’t want to spend the time and money to paint your home’s exterior, you could simply pressure wash it. This will remove all of that old dirt and grime and make your home look virtually new again.
Note that there are certain ways to pressure wash your house depending on your exterior so be sure to follow the proper directions for washing siding, brick, etc.
Pressure washing will take much less time than painting and depending on the overall condition of your home’s exterior, it may give you the same results.
Garage doors tend to get dirty and faded from all the up and down movement and should probably be repainted every few years. If your doors have been neglected for quite a few years, take the time to give them a little facelift. This is a project that should cost less than $100 (including paint brushes, rollers, etc.) and will make your garage look practically brand new.

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