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Our range of replacement doors and worktops in very comprehensive with over 30 different door styles and handles as well as some 25 variations of worktop surfaces to complement the doors and create the perfect environment for those budding "Masterchef" hopefuls. This is expensive if you have to buy a new kitchen cabinet when you find that your kitchen cabinet is outdated, so sometime kitchen cabinet door replacement is better than buying a new cabinet.
Simply replacing your cabinet will give you an updated look of your cabinet without having to replace it with a new one.
So, this can be an alternative since this is budget friendly and easy to do.Kitchen cabinet door replacement is actually a simple job you can do it yourself to update the look of your cabinet.

In order to install a new cabinet door, you can firstly remove the old doors of your cabinet by unscrewing them from the hinges and leave the hinges attached to the cabinet boxes. After removing the old doors, you can attach a new door to the hinges that already installed on the cabinet boxes.  Hold the door to the hinges and make a mark where the screws will go into the hinges. To avoid splitting the wood, you can predrilled the holes for the screws on your new cabinet door. Don’t tighten the screws all the way because you still need to adjust the door to make sure it is level by adjusting the hinge, and then you can tighten the screws afterwards.

Attach the knobs or handles for your cabinet door by placing the knobs where you want them to be placed and make a mark.
Measure the location from the bottom to up and the in from the side to that mark to make sure that the door knobs or handles will be in the same position for each door.

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