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Product Information : - This extremely economical plastic bin fits directly onto the door and therefore needs no complicated fitting procedure or pivot mechanism.
For handcrafted legs that fit Ekero, Ektorp, Klippan, and other IKEA lines, check out the Thirteen Colonies store on Etsy; the shop is based in Vermont, USA. Uncle Bob’s Workshop makes replacement legs for Karlanda, Karlstad, Kivik, and other IKEA lines.
The Etsy store owner put a bolt that fit perfectly into one of the screw holes for the mounting plate. Just wanted to share that I replaced the legs on my Karlstad sofa with mid-century modern legs purchased on Amazon. I mentioned earlier about my design dilemma--curtains that couldn't close, thanks to a new furniture arrangement.

I knew I wanted to have a piece of wood cut down to fit, and I knew that I would support it with L-brackets.
Anyway, I placed the wood onto the L-brackets (which I anchored 1.25" from the opening), and then screwed the wood in place from the underside. ImagePrevious Image Next Image Creating Extra Space with Bed Risers IKEA: Bed Leg Risers IKEA. My plan was to repurpose an old piece of furniture as a console table behind one of the couches. I didn't take a picture of it at that point, but you can see how the Lack table is designed--with a big opening in the center. I just bought these chairs even though i hated the legs, as I hoped I would one day be able to change them.

I didn't even think to measure the corners to see if the supportive hardware would have enough space. It's like your back woods cousin grew up and became the prettiest girl in town--that's what the wood is channeling.

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