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Round coffee table natural wood - Splendid Habitat - Interior design and style ideas for your home. Just as lipstick is one detail that can complete a look, so too can the perfect coffee table.
Coffee tables serve several purposes; from completing a look, to storage and display they are much needed in a space. Should you go with a wood one with chunky legs, metallic with a glass top; should it be round, square or rectangular?
My ten tips will help break down the maze of decisions and steer you in the direction of the perfect coffee table.Collect this idea BudgetThe price points for a coffee table can range from ultra-expensive to very budget friendly, so before you start shopping know what you have to spend on it. Your overall budget should be broken down to into areas such as, accessories, lighting and furniture.
The furniture line item includes the sofa, side tables, chairs and coffee table, with a larger portion allocated to the bigger pieces. The good news is that you can bend a little on your budget if you see something you love as long as it does not comprise the quality of the sofa or chairs.Collect this ideaShapeAs you lay out the plan for your living room, think about the best shape for the space. Using a rectangular shape and allowing 30 inches between the television console and the coffee table will give you the right amount of room to walk between the two pieces. A rounded one gives a little more room to walk past, as it will curve away from the television console.Collect this ideaSizeAs with shape, you will need to determine the size you need.
The taller table will also be more convenient if you entertain a lot, as it will be easier for guests to set down a glass or a plate.Collect this ideaFunctionalityAnother important factor is to know what the primary use will be.
Tables can come with shelves, or drawers to hold everything from kids’ toys to that stash of magazines you will someday read.

If decor is more the purpose, you can focus on one with lines and texture in a material you love.Collect this ideaMaterialSpeaking of materials, coffee tables can come in a wide variety too. Materials such as glass combined with either brass or steel offer a more sophisticated look. Oak and maple are on the more casual side with walnut and cherry having a more formal look. There are many styles to choose from, just use the decorating scheme of the room as your guide.Collect this ideaScaleLet me stress the importance of scale.
For example, a heavy clunky overstuffed comfortable couch paired with a dainty coffee table found in your grandmother’s attic is not the right scale. It is best to pair the dainty coffee table with a smaller more delicate loveseat or settee. Scale is simply about the size and visual weight of objects in a room being comparable.Collect this ideaAlternativesSometimes thinking outside the box allows you to find the perfect coffee table that perhaps is not a table at all. Old steamer trunks, cedar chests and ottomans are fabulous alternatives to the typical coffee table. Ottomans for instance can be made of leather or beautiful fabrics that will add some additional visual interest and texture to the room. Often trunks were the only way immigrants brought their lives from the old world to the new. If you are lucky, you may have inherited an old streamer trunk to use nostalgically in your family room creating an interesting conversation piece.Collect this ideaSmall GroupingsWho says you need use only one table? For an interesting look place two sets of identical nesting tables next to each other and pull out each table to expand the surface area while staggering the table tops too.

If your space is wide and you have not found a table you like, place two tables next to each other and create one larger table. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that would be perfect in a bright sunny living room.Collect this idea ShoppingNow that you have decided on a budget, determined your style, functionality, size and material it is time to shop. You can shop the high-end department stores, you can cruise the flea markets or wander the antique the dealers. Enjoy the search whether it is for a Lucite table or one that will have your guests talking, you will find the perfect piece for your space. It’s a very simple piece of furniture with a minimalist design and a modern and versatile look.
It would make a nice addition to the living room and it would look best in modern and contemporary homes but it could also be adapted to a more traditional interior.View in galleryThe Around coffee table was created by Danish designer Thomas Bentzer. The top is made of plywood, the edge from ash plywood and the legs are crafted from solid ash. The wood has been carefully cut and glued together, then polished and painted with a lacquer finish for a unique look.View in galleryThe Around coffee table comes in three different models. Each model is available in five different colors: natural wood, black, white, yellow and red. The table can function great as a single unit but it can also be used in groups of two, three and more.

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