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So, here’s what I needed for ONE state, which measure 21 inches wide and about 25 inches tall. Then I turned over my wood piece and decided to rough it up a bit more.  Here are a few tools that I used.
And with the screw, I laid it on its side and hammered along the grooves as I slowed rolled it across the wood. Once the stain was dry, I sanded it down a bit, removing some of the stain but also revealing some of the wood so that the black paint could seep into the plain wood too (in the next step).  After sanding, I wiped down with a set cloth to remove all of the dust.
Then, I traced each state onto my wood with pencil and then painted within the lines with some of our semi-gloss baseboard paint that I have an abundance of. Oh, and I just screwed two eyelet screws onto the back of each of the wood pieces and attached some wire, so we could hang each state on the wall. Maybe you could do one as an outline of your state and then do other pieces that are outlines of the counties you have lived in. And I was just typing to another commenter above that maybe you could do one piece of art as an outline of your state and then do several other pieces that are outlines of the counties you have lived in. You could get technical with this project by mapping out a pattern and cutting all the pieces to exact sizes, but I just took a bunch of short cut-offs to my table saw and chopped them to random lengths. I glued them all to a square piece of MDF after dry-arranging them. It helped to allow individual blocks to hang over the edges, rather than try to get them to fit into a perfect square. It’s a good idea to sand the faces of each individual scrap piece before gluing them up.

We moved a few weeks ago and I have this huge empty framed out space above the fireplace that needs something special.
And with different countries thrown in there, it definitely adds to the conversation when people come over. I’ve only lived in one state, so I could do one with the one state and stars by all the cities, but you see that a lot. I have only lived in one state, but I know what you mean about having art that means something and not just picking something up at the store. I just googled printable state maps and got several sites that would be perfect for getting the right shape for this project, including counties. And as I was staring with big heart shaped eyes at your project I realized I really love the wall color behind the project!
Since the pieces are all different heights I used a bag of sand to apply a bit of even pressure while they dried. I had a few pieces that needed more smoothing after they were glued on and it was very tricky getting sandpaper into those tight spots! If you don't have cedar you can use stain on pine to come up with any color combination you can imagine! I have lived several places within the state and could do a piece for each of those cities! I’ve been agonizing for a while now as to what route to go with our dining room chairs that desperately need to be recovered.

I could of guessed all of the states including Chile even without the hints:) your Idaho peeps miss you!
We are scraping popcorn ceilings and re-doing our living room this summer and I really love the gray walls and dark floor. I’m new in the craft world, so please bare with me if this is a silly question- Can I add water to the oil based paints to get the desired effect still, or will that not work? Our family shares a handful of states we call home as well, this is a perfect project for us, too! And yes, I am going crazy with wanting to get all the little projects done before baby comes. I would love to do something a bit smaller for my kids to remind them of where they came from and where they are now! After the baby is born and still a nice sleey traveller why dont you hop in the van and come on over?
And when you’re stuck inside nursing a baby all day, you kinda look around at the walls a lot!

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