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She has been regularly up-dated and serviced over the past eleven years by Ian Graham, the founder of "Wilderness Boats". Four-berth lay-out with Malaga water heater and Propex Heat Source thermostatically controlled hot air heater. 8 hp High Thrust manual start Yamaha 4 stroke petrol out board engine that has been regularly serviced (last serviced mid-August 2013).
Two new 20 watt flexible solar panels, solar charge regulator and two new batteries fitted in April 2012.
I like living close to water and for the past 18 years have owned and lived on my sailboat part of the season. For many years I've been thinking of a boat design that could be my home in the winter as well as my boat and home in the summer.
I have a design that has evolve in my mind over the years from my self-taught building, design and fiberglass experience. I am presently building it but I'm not following any plans or have taken the information from somewhere.
The houseboats main construction material is rigid urethane foam, which is a lightweight material that can become structural when sandwiched between layers of fiberglass or thin plywood. The outside upper roof will be used as an open deck but will have an above cover (for shade) which will be Solar electric panels used to propel the electric motor to navigate the rivers and waterways at no cost of you know what.
I'm making video's of each steps of the building process and will be releasing them as I build over the summer of 2013. Eddie Ebel wanted his family to be self-sufficient so he began designing a home and teaching his kids to build it. The family doesn't just want to get off the grid, but as 21st century missionaries, they want to help others become self reliant and build their own stuff as well. Their barge is also the beginning of a future liveaboard-community (they're calling it the "Pacific Iceberg"). Seventy two years ago, between May 27 and June 4, 1940, over 338,226 Allied soldiers trapped on the French beaches of Dunkirk were rescued from the advancing Nazi forces in a heroic effort called Operation Dynamo.
The Germans had a devised a master plan that included invading Belgium for strategic advantage for the second time in a quarter of a century. The Royal Navy quickly came up with a plan to remove the trapped armies from the beach at Dunkirk, France, and transport them across the English Channel to Dover, England.
A coaster is a shallow-hulled ship that is used for trade between places on same island or continent and all European countries included them in their maritime fleets. Belgian Canal Boats including the Sambre, and Escaut in tow of the minesweeper Skipjack participated in the Dunkirk evacuation. The overloaded boats ferried to the soldiers to the English shore to food, shelter, and care.
The Germans maintained a withering artillery barrage, dive bombers incessantly attacked, and infantry machine guns took their toll. The Germans entered the city of Dunkirk on June 4, 1940, and captured the French soldiers left at the docks. Some arm chair and afterward historians called the evacuation at Dunkirk a “desperate improvisation”, others called it a defeat and others called it a miracle. Her builder designed her with an especially long and commodious promenade deck and a telescopic funnel and hinged mast so that she could pass under London Bridge to take on passengers at the Old Swan Pier.
In March 1940, the British Navy requisitioned the Crested Eagle as an auxiliary anti-aircraft coastal ship and armed her. The Scottish ‘little ship’ Skylark IX made many trips back and forth from the beach at Dunkirk, carrying 150 soldiers at a time and helping to save about 600 of them from the Nazi forces.
After World War II ended, the Skylark IX’s owners put her to work cruising Loch Lomond for thirty years. The Skylark IX has a new owner, but the new owner will have to spend many more pounds than one to raise her from the River Leven and make her seaworthy again.
Charles Lightoller had also served as Second Officer on the Titanic, the largest ship afloat, until April 15, 1912. I am so happy for them, they will live out the rest of there hopefully many years in comfort and don't have to go anywhere but down the river for a vacation.
It is likely boats of this sort, during the early and mid 1800’s were built near shore with the shore being a natural mud and or sand river bank.
While the boat was built very near shore the banks are hardened with rock making a launch there impossible. Wanting to come as close to using possible period methods we are choosing to pull the scow to the ramp then gently(?) push it down the ramp.

Another project:   Building a late 1800's 70 foot wooden scow schooner, from plans obtained from the Smithsonian, where unique programs will be introduced for at-risk youth. A trade route used by the Mohawks, missionaries, fur traders and colonists will take a step toward revival this weekend as the Vermont Sail Freight Project embarks on a 330-mile journey downriver, stopping at historic river towns along the Hudson.
The crowdfunded sailing barge, Ceres, will ply the Lake Champlain-Hudson River Route from Shoreham, Vt., to New York City. PORT ALBERNI - Tseshaht first nation leaders say their troubles have been ignored for too long and government has to step in. Kelly Kettle USA says:   "The Kelly family in Ireland pioneered and perfected the development of the Kelly Kettle, an outdoor kettle used to boil water ultra-fast. Base Camp Large Kettle: This kettle holds 54 oz or about 7 cups of water and comes in aluminum or stainless steel.
Scout Medium Kettle: This kettle holds 44 oz or about 5 ? cups and is available ONLY in aluminum. 33 foot wooden tug boat and 33x13 barge for sale both for $20,000 dollars OBO,great for starting small business or turn it into liveaboard.needs tlc.
How many have had the pleasure of hearing a wooden screen door slap closed against a wooden stop? Australia's home building and renovation community providing you with access to the largest building forum and premium directory of trade professionals.
I don't know about the security side of things, but I just wanted to say that is a gorgeous door!! We have one, key doesn't get left in the door in case someone decides to break the glass and unlock it. Hi Sunshine, Yes most of the Corinithian doors (and also Hume too) can be specially made in a 1020mm wide door.I am based in Darwin so our supply is from Adelaide, I just gave Corinthian directly a call to suss it out as it was easier to get the info straight from the horses mouth. How far forward does the security door have to be to accommodate the small part of the pivot door when open?Don't mean to be rude, but why would you spend extra on a pivot door, then cover it with a security door?If I was going to break in to someone's house, I wouldn't use the front door. I say part of the season because I live in Canada, so living on a sailboat in the winter is not an easy thing to do. The other main characteristics of urethane foam is it has one of the highest Insulation value for the thickness.
However, the idea is once under way to adjust the speed so the reserve batteries are not depleted. His eldest boys are just 14 and 15 years old, but they learned how to do it all: cut wood, put up walls, lay floor, install electrical, explains Eddie, "because those are life skills that are important to have and are just not being passed from generation to generation anymore".
They knew they wanted to work with communities from Oregon to Alaska so they decided to build a barge.
Eddie invented a building technique using floats so that their boat is actually a "floating dock" and the project can grow.
For nine days, a hastily assembled armada of scows, life boats, row boats, destroyers, yachts, fishing boats, barges, almost anything that could float transported soldiers from France to England. German airborne infantry seized bridges and transportation points and then Panzers attacked through the Ardennes Forest, crossed the Meuse River and other water avenues and overwhelmed the British Expeditionary Force and segments of the French and Belgian Army in northern France. The Navy called for ships, anything in England that could float, seaworthy or none seaworthy. They didn’t need to navigate by the stars or instruments because they could follow the fires and smoke of the battle for Dunkirk on the coast and steer by sight. Thirty nine Dutch coasters had escaped the Germans when they occupied the Netherlands on May 10, 1940. Long lines of weary, ragged soldiers waited in the water, often chest and neck deep, to be pulled aboard the next available boat.
The boats headed across the English Channel for a return trip and then another, a cycle that continued around the clock for nine days.
The Royal Navy held the Germans back with a barrage of antiaircraft fire and antisubmarine measures. Prime Minister Winston Churchill himself termed Dunkirk a “miracle of deliverance”, but he added a few weeks later that “wars are not won by evacuations.” Most of the soldiers rescued from the beach that day continued to fight and played a vital part in winning the war for freedom from Nazi tyranny and world domination. Samuel White & Company at Cowes to build the Crested Eagle as one of the its steamers carrying passengers down the Thames estuary and beyond.
During the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Forces from the beaches at Dunkirk, the Germans dive bombed the Crested Eagle on May 19, 1940.
Since 2010, Skylark IX has been underwater in the River Leven in Balloch, Dunbartonshire, near Loch Lomond and her owners decided to offer her for sale on EBay for the sum of one pound.
Lightoller sailed his 58 foot ’little ship’ Sundowner, to help rescue troops from Dunkirk beaches.

The boats were maneuvered down the banks on their own bottom or the bank dug out to help float the vessel. We know we can move the boat on level ground so should have little problem getting it to the ramp. They'll pick up cargo from 30 farmers and sell it at pop-up markets on its way to New York.
Tribal Chief Hugh Braker says small reserves in Barkley Sound are being threatened by pollution coming from dozens of floating homes the tribe says are not suppose to be there. The glass is toughened, so much stronger than the glass in a window and pretty difficult to break. But really, if someone is going to break in there is plenty of glass around the house they can break to get in. It's both home for the Ebel family of 12 (6 kids are adopted) and a floating workshop complete with a mill so they can help communities fix things, and learn to fix things. The civilian population worked beside the Navy to move over 900 ships across the Channel to the rescue.
The Dutch shipping bureau in London and the Royal Navy asked the coasters to join the rescue flotilla. Often the bloody, dirty and starved soldiers fell asleep as soon as they felt the solid deck underneath them. On the beach, the Royal Air Force, the Navy shell fire and a defensive perimeter kept the German Army at bay while over 338,000 men, including 140,000 French and Belgian soldiers were loaded aboard the “Little Ships” and transported to England.
The Germans marched the captured soldiers to the east to POW camps where they would remain for the rest of the war. Launched on March 25, 1925, the Crested Eagle was registered at 1,110 tons gross, measured 299 ? feet long with a 34 ? foot beam and she could reach over 18 knots.
On June 1, 1940, Charles Lightoller, his oldest son, and a young man from the Sea Scouts sped in the Sundowner across the English Channel ahead of the other ‘little ships’. Once completely on the ramp we hope for something between an avalanche and an immovable object. If you cannot read them, click the red refresh button to the right of the box (above the speaker) and a new pair of words will appear. The British and French armies were pinned with their backs to the English Channel, and the surrounding Germans planned to slowly and systematically decimate them. The Dutch coasters saved 22,698 men, primarily because they could get very close to the beach since most of them were flat bellied. The Crested Eagle was the first Thames pleasure steamer and the first steamer in Europe to burn oil fuel. Despite the efforts of German bombers to sink him, Charles Lightoller and his crew rescued 130 men and brought them safely back to England. Because we wish to preserve the boat we want to protect the anti-fouling bottom paint so the boat sits on a carriage with skids attached. The floor and ceiling of the living space will be 6 inches thick and the walls will be 3 inches thick. Merchant ships, sloops, tugs, pleasure boats, fishing boats, ferries, barks, and boats that could not be readily classified gathered for the trip.
DH and I were just talking today about how it will be good to be able to open the front door (but close the screen door) to allow the tunnel of air through the house for cross ventilation. The rest of the open space will be 10 feet long by 8 feet wide and will be the kitchen, dinning and living room space.
And if it is lockable, then we can be in another part of the house without worrying about someone walking in (we have living upstairs). The amateur and professional sailors of the Dunkirk armada often didn’t sleep, eat, or rest for days. I have been looking at the Corinthian website and couldn't see any middle of the range doors (eg.
Practically speaking though - well, I'll let you know if I cave in and install one after we move in.
John deer deisel motor, bow thruster, even has a workshop that many others in the marina have pulled up to on occasion to fix things on there boats.

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