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These Wood Screen Doors feature outstanding craftsmanship that are easy to install and even easier to customize.
Customers looking for something different in barrier security love our Trellidor Clear Guard products, but are often puzzled as to how these screen doors and windows work.  The answer is that whatever the style of your existing door, we will make the Trellidor Clear Guard screen door work the same way. This Trellidor Clear Guard screen door is closed, allowing the existing front door to stay open for fresh air. For example, if you have a sliding door leading out to your veranda, the Trellidor Clear Guard  screen doors will be manufactured and installed to slide along its own, separate track right next to your sliding door track.  Or if you have a single hinged door (as in the photograph here), we’ll make our Trellidor Clear Guard screen door a single hinged door too, but it will open the opposite way to your existing door.
Bi-fold screen doors also fold together along their own, separate tracks and stack out of the way of your folding patio doors; and French screen doors will open the opposite way to your glass French doors. Our screen doors and windows can be made to work with any door or window style.  Apart from the styles already mentioned, we can also make security screens to work alongside casement windows, awning windows and sash windows.
The best way to see how Trellidor Clear Guard security screen doors work is to visit one of our franchise showrooms and try out the life-size working samples for yourself. To see more pictures of how Trellidor Clear Guard screen doors and windows work, visit our website. This entry was posted in Products and tagged clear guard, front doors, screen, windows by FirstView. I’ve passed this house my whole life but for the past few years I’ve longed to own that killer screen door! After getting it home and taking it apart from the old door frame, it needed quite a bit of TLC.
When I got it back I was amazed at the detail that was preserved under the decades of house paint and rust. You guys did a fantastic job refinishing the vintage screen door — and it looks wonderful on your house, too.

UPDATE: After this story went live, we heard from Linda, granddaughter of the woman who was the original owner of the vintage screen door that Gabe and Amanda refinished. There’s a huge iron gate nearby I have wanted to rescue for 10 years, so maybe the time is now although I have found it spurs the owners to suddenly value it to top dollar.
I suggest dabbing some touch-up matching paint on top those screws to further blend them in – of course it likely would wear off. I’m just curious where you would send something like that to be sandblasted and powder coated? There is a great place nearby here called New Finish sandblasting and powder coating- they are great at this stuff! I long to have one for my 1957 atomic bomblette of an abode which I have named Heron House after the Great Blue Herons that frequent my neighborhood here on the banks of the Manatee River. That there is such a touching story with a personal note attached makes it so much better still! I looked through my store and mail order catalogues they were offered till as late as 1967 over here all sorts of birds, ships, Mexicans even boomerangs. I am also working on restoring a scrolled butterfly address number scroll and letterbox with stand.
I found an advert in The American Home magazine (May 1951), So lovely, yet cost so little!
My inlaws had this same screen door, and just the other day we were trying to figure out what happened to it. Add butterfly screen door magnets, heck add a swarm of them to your doors, and it will let you, your guests and even your pets know the screen door is closed.
Gutsy Gabe and Amanda, owners of a 1954 North Carolina time capsule house , had their eye on a nearby home’s vintage screen door for years before they inquired about buying it.

The house has been vacant for a couple years now so I stopped to ask the neighbors about the owner and told them I was interested in buying the decoration off the screen. My dad and I bent the pieces back into shape, fabricated a new cattail leaf to replace one that was missing. We also made little mounting brackets to mount it by, and to hold the whole thing up off the glass.
I think the little lady’s grandma would be proud of our repurposing her vintage screen door applique ! The house we lived in when my father was a medical resident in Memphis had a screened door like this, sans water bird. As a child,I always loved that door, unfortunately my Grandmother passed away and my 2 aunts had the house and as they aged so did the house. Living in Louisiana we see herons and egrets all the time and I’ve always thought this design would be the most appropriate for my southern home. You and your dad went to a huge effort of time and no doubt, dollars spent, and the result is gorgeous.
They were planning to sell the house on the courthouse steps and wasn’t worried about a missing screen door.

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