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Nothing quite compares to living in a house that you have design and watched be built to your specification.
At Oakworth Homes we pride ourselves on an architectural support service that will help you realise your design potential. Following the design service Oakworth Homes will if required provide a foundation service were we construct all your projects under building requirements right from first breaking ground and all the way to ground floor level.
If you already have an architect in mind or someone to construct your foundations, we will happily work with them and provide them with all the structural details needed for your timber frame home. Budgets & finances are all important to most of us & yet many people struggle to budget adequately for their self build project and face the dilemma of choosing which areas of the project they will finish at a later date. Many people complete their self build homes for around £75 per square foot and this allows them to move in to a new home that is finished to a higher specification than a volume developer home.
Many people setting out to build their own home soon realise that whilst the timber frame kit is a large part of the end house they need to find support from a range of local & national suppliers.
Using our in-house design expertise and CAD modelling system, we can determine and show exactly how your project will be fabricated at every stage. With impressive environmental credentials and cost efficiencies, structural timber systems are increasingly becoming the building material of choice, with the system currently accounting for around 75% of the self-build market.
Building your own home can be extremely rewarding in many ways, including financially, and building your own home using structural timber systems as the main structural component gives you a great head-start.Structural timber systems have been used in self build construction for years a€“ ita€™s nothing new. Structural timber systems homes are basically large sections of your home manufactured in a factory environment to strict quality standards.
The Structural Timber Association is available for comment, interviews and information through our media team, which you can contact by calling Catherine or Steph on 01372 371800.
This Douglas fir framed bungalow has a small but spacious open plan layout, with a useful gallery under a glazed lantern apex. This project was featured on Grand Designs (series 2, episode 8).  You can find it on the 4OD website if you want to find out more and marvel at how young we all look! This two bedroom cabin house, built on a flood-plain was constrained by an extremely tight budget. The picture on the left shows the roof trusses and structure of the first house.  The picture on the right shows the joists for the upstairs floor in the second house and the Caberdek flooring is fixed on top of these.

Here are some pictures showing the construction work inside the houses.  Note the high quality windows, the structures for the internal walls and the Caberdek flooring.
So with the trench footings dug out and the foundations laid, the oak has arrived and it’s time for the frame to be raised. The SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) have just arrived and are being installed at this moment – they should be done by next Tuesday (just under a week) and within a couple of weeks the building should be watertight. Carpenter Oak will be following Jodie’s self build timber frame journey, check back for updates! Or why not get in touch to talk about your plans?
Whether you need a structural frame for your new home or an apartment block, from our factory in Heywood, Lancashire, Pennine Timber Frame will be pleased to offer a quotation based on your design for construction throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. Commercial buildings such as offices and restaurants can be supplied, and we offer packages from foundations to completion.
The quality of the build allied to the time they have placed into the project has been exceptional and made the process from our end so much easier.
We have been developing simple, economical forms of timber framed construction for highly-insulated buildings to passive standards, and in order to test the buildability, we are constructing a prototype to be used as a workshop. With the help of the Sustainable Timber Homes team, you will be able to decide from day one how you want your home to look and feel, and choose your room layout to suit your personal lifestyle. We provide a nationwide service covering the whole of the UK and Ireland including the following areas; Yorkshire including York, North Yorkshire, Scarborough, Malton, Harrogate, Middlesbrough, Leeds, County Donegal, Derry, Letterkenny and Dublin. Without doubt after finding the right piece of land, the real key to a successful project is to work with an architect that will help you design a home that suits your lifestyle. We have a range of thought starter designs intended to stimulate your creative ideas but would expect to help you choose something that suits the way you live.
We will then supply & erect a structural timber frame and if required fit all external windows & doors along with any staircases between floor levels. Oakworth Homes do not usually provide a complete end to end build solution except in special circumstances however we will be happy to recommend trade persons and project managers where we can who will be happy to complete your new home. Involving Oakworth Homes in your project is without doubt the key to finishing your project on budget and on time.
This means you get a home that arrives on site and is erected in a matter of days, almost regardless of weather conditions.

The cost effective design incorporated many innovative and ecological features such as recycled newspaper insulation, locally sourced weather boarding and passive solar heating.
They were later rendered with lime plaster to allow the finished building to breathe – an excellent mix of old and new! The greenheart piers helped to save money (compared with the concrete alternative) while minimizing the risk of flooding. With Andrew on the crane and the Carpenter Oak crew on the ground, it took no time at all to put the enormous jigsaw together – just two days! We are registered with the Architects' Registration Board, UK, and operate in accordance with their Standards of Professional Conduct and Practice. All too often we settle for what is available instead of sticking to our beliefs and this is why many self builders regret accepting someone else's ideas long after the building is over. A self build project can be achieved from as little as £60 per square foot depending on the level involvement you have with the project or the complexity of the structure. We will tell you during initial meetings whether your budget is sufficient to meet your aspirations and agree a time table for delivery of your project.
As you might imagine, this means you can install the roof covering (tiles or slates, for example) and quickly make the structure weather-tight and secure so you can get on with electrical and plumbing installation. Suddenly the outline of a home can be seen, and for the first time the spaces inside can be imagined. It all adds up to a faster and more controlled project.Building with structural timber systems is sustainable, economic, thermally efficient and fast. In short, ita€™s a great way to build!Check out the latest project profiles from members to give you inspiration, and if you would like to find an STA member that specialises in self-build click here.

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