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A furniture company OHEA (Spain) has produced a bed that goes from messed up to neat in 50 seconds. Raised garden beds organize your planting areas, making them easier to manage and more convenient to maintain. Sunset offers plans for a simple cedar raised garden bed that’s about eight feet long and four feet wide, making the middle easy to reach from either side.
Line the inside of a reclaimed pallet with landscape fabric, fill it with soil, plant it with the herbs, veggies or flowers of your choice and lean it up against a wall.
Another pallet garden concept reuses boards from old pallets – without having to pull any nails.
A bed frame offers an ideal support for climbing vines in this brilliant repurposing project by Pondered, Primed and Perfected. In this simple project, branches are woven around stakes to create a beautiful and durable border for a raised garden bed.
Another DIY raised garden bed idea using free, natural materials that you can gather in your backyard is this one from Instructables.
Water troughs from farm supply stores make attractive extra-large containers for gardens, and the metal kinds can be painted any color you like. While there have been some debates about whether used tires are safe to use for planting edibles, many people feel that it’s most likely safe.
Science and technology has given us so many things that have taken the place of conventional chores and tasks. This might sound like something that’s only made for the laziest of human beings, but it can serve a nobler purpose. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
The 6″ memory foam dinette-to-bed conversion is extremely comfortable for both sitting and sleeping. Beetle kill blue-stain pine flooring is not only attractive, but will wear well with years of use. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link, but your support in purchasing through these links enables me to bring you even more great content. The popularity of all Volkswagen vans has driven their cost up greatly in Cornwall and Devon, so much so that they are no a realistic option. My Dad and I fitted the CD player, and two of the 6 x 9 speakers to the bottom of the bulkhead, facing in towards the cab. You may be curious how the fold-out top of the seat was held up when being used as the bed? I wanted a basic kitchen area with fresh water, a sink with running waste water, a fridge and a gas stove. I bought a fuse box, a caravan split charge relay unit and a battery meter to go with my leisure battery. The kitchen area and overhead cupboard had 3 or 4 coats of varnish, to provide maximum protection from splashed water and steam from cooking. The van was used regularly at weekends and during the week for nights away, barbeque's and surfing trips and at festivals. Added a roof vent - as I do not have any windows in the back I wished I had added a roof vent to allow air to run through when the door is shut. A window in the sliding door - having a window (an opening one) in the sliding door of the van would allow air to move around in the back when the sliding door was shut.
After closing my business I decided to go on a surfing trip through France, Spain and Portugal with the van. If however I find myself doing another trip like my European trip then I might make another big van conversion.
The roof panels were secured to the metal battens already going across the ceiling of the van, using self tapping screws. At first the insulation was fine for moisture, but I didn't check it after prolonged time spent in the van.
Anyway I like the sound of installing a leisure battery to run a fridge, is this a difficult job or is it totally stand alone from the vans altenator and electrics? In the past I have removed the seats and driven to cornwall(Newquay) for the odd long summer weekend to have a go at teaching myself to surf ,and trying to find an unobtrusive spot to park up for the night.Its not too bad if the weather is nice and dry, but its a bit rubbish if the weather is wet and windy and miserable and you are in that small space with your waterlogged ,sand covered surf gear ! How much did it cost you to "bum" round Europe for 9 months and were there any money making ops while you were there (if this is deemed to personal feel free to disregard) I only ask as im currently saving up my cash for a van to convert and hopefully then go travelling and would like to know if its a sustainable lifestyle or if you need a lot of savings? Hi, I have been thinking for years about doing the same and recently decided that now it's time.
Some surfers also store their gear underneath the seating area, as this provides a large un-broken storage area. Innovative Home Furniture Images One of 7 total Photos Creative Modern Bookcase and Shelf Designs.
At the following are 7 digital imagery delineating the "Innovative Home Furniture Images" story, including the digital imagery you’re viewing recently at above. When activated, the mechanical arm of the bed smoothes sheets and covers, straightens the pillows, lifts them and drops back on a tidy bed. Here’s one bed that’s every lazy person’s dream, and that’s a bed that makes itself automatically upon activation. Two set of robotic hands lift the pillows up while a sliding mechanism at either side of the bed grab the blanket by the from the end along the sides simultaneously straightening, smoothening and spreading it out at the same time.
Sidestepping potential issues with soil quality, reducing pest problems and virtually eliminating the need to weed, raised beds are an ideal way to grow herbs, vegetables or ornamental plants. This project could be as simple as placing potted plants inside the drawers, or you could staple landscape fabric to the inside and fill them with soil.

Smaller plastic baskets fitted with PVC pipes are placed upside-down inside the larger bins, and the whole thing is filled with soil. This vertical garden is quick, simple and inexpensive with beautiful results; get the tutorial at Life on the Balcony. Cutting the boards off each side of the support beams produces a nice pile of lumber for creating a totally free planter box. The base of the bed was turned upside down and filled with soil to create the main part of the new raised garden.
Burlap sacks, as pictured, work great, but you can even plant directly into bags of soil from the nursery.
Rather than buying these new, watch the classifieds or put out your own ad looking for used water troughs that have sprung leaks and are no longer usable as intended. The compact rotational garden utilizes a small space efficiently while maintaining easy access to each section. The dishwasher, for example, can scrub down an entire load of dirty dishes and specialty soaps and detergents don’t even require people to pre-rinse them. OHEA wrote on their website that they hope to help the elderly or physically disabled with their innovation.
In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, I will, in some cases, receive a referral commission from Viglink. April came and I decided to stay in Cornwall for the summer, as I was self employed and the additional income of the summer would be great for my trip.
I did not know how I would make any of the furniture, add any plumbing, fit the carpet, or just about anything else. I went to Trago Mills, a local business that sells just about everything you can think of, but in a warehouse kind of style.
I painted the cab side with a water resistant paint, in a colour similar to that of the cab plastic.
This was to stop anything metallic sticking to them, and also to stop anything puncturing the speaker cones.
I didn't want to fit a gas fridge as I didn't like the idea of it being on all of the time. This cupboard would cover the speaker showing through the bulkhead, use up the space here, and provide an extra seat should the van be busy socially. Initially I wasn't sure whether to leave the cupboard as a short one, to allow more light to come in and a surfboard to be stored against the wall, or to make it full height to the ceiling. I became known as Pampy, due a knack of always having what everyone needed at any given time, oh, and a granddads car rear seat blanket. I think this would have been fairly easy to add, and wouldn't compromise the security, or stealth camper status of the van. I chose not to do this as this would indicate that the van was a camper van, and I wanted it to remain looking like a regular van, for security purposes.
I chose not to do this because of the cost of getting a single passenger seat to the replace the double. I would not add running water and a sink, but would rather just keep a can of clean water and a bowl.
I was thinking of just glueing two battens to each of the roof panels and then using them as a fixing point for screws? The self-making bed has two settings: manual – switched on by the user, and automatic, which starts arranging the bed if it’s being vacant for three seconds. It’s Smartphone Controlled Too.Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Complex To Be Completed By 2017Small Spacecraft Technology Program by NASAJason Silva: The Transcension Hypothesis - What comes after the singularity? Here are 13 great DIY garden bed ideas and tutorials, many of which reclaim materials like pallets, bed frames and water troughs.
Be sure to use a dresser made of solid wood rather than particle board, if it will be exposed to the elements. Salad tables lift these vulnerable greens up off the ground to reduce pest problems and make them easier to access. Make this concept even more convenient by placing the bags inside raised beds or on a table, like that used for the salad table concept.
A robotic mechanism underneath the mattress runs along either side of the bedsheet to straighten it while the pillows are lifted by two mechanical shelves. I have always lived in Cornwall in England, where surfing is popular, but never really got into it until 2005.
I love music and having some music whilst building the van was very important, as well as afterward. They had a remnant (off cut) piece of carpet that was just about the right size for the back of the van.
I used contact adhesive (Evostick at first and then a much cheaper brand, which was fine) to stick the carpet to the ceiling and walls. I didn't stick it down at first, I took it back out and continued working so that it would not get damaged. The sink would sit to the right of this, with a cupboard holding the gas bottle underneath. I also fleeted the shelves downwards towards the back, to further prevent things sliding forward and against the door. My house mate Adam had suggested adding a circulating vent, which would have been a great idea. I have done over 2000 miles, and have done nothing more than add a drop of oil to the engine. I decided to add some form of seating and a kitchen area, which would go over the wheel arch in the back.

The speakers in the dashboard were rubbish, so I needed a new CD player, one that played MP3 discs, and some new speakers. It was in a nice brown colour, had a rubber back which was perfect for gluing to the walls. With the excess I covered the box that had been made by someone else to go over the wheel arch. He had made a camper van with a Sprinter, although a much bigger one, but the engine had blown up, so he was selling the bits from it. The split charge relay unit was used to charge the leisure battery when the ignition was running. I added 6mm panels to the sides, including one of the speakers that would face into the back of the van.
One end of the cupboard would sit around the sliding door aperture, which came away from the wall. I added one of the 12v lights to the underside of the cupboard, but away from the stove where heat and steam would be generated. From the outside the van looked like a regular van, there was no sign of it being a camper van.
Have routed the Halfords split charge relay purple wire to the alternator, did you use the small wire that bolts onto the rear? It was clear that the van had been used for building maintenance, gardening and car boot sales. I went down to Flying Sparks, a local supplier, and got a great deal on a Clarion CD player and four 6 x 9 speakers.
My mate Jess helped me with sticking the glue coated carpet to the ceiling and walls, as it is a tricky procedure. I made the top smaller than the size of the frame to ensure the top would open easily without catching on surrounding cushions.
The van walls and ceiling both slope so a lot of trimming was required to make the side panel fit. Its the only small wire I can see, but when I took the wire off to check, the battery symbol didn't go out on the dash (without starting the engine) with the ignition on? I couldn't fit my mini-mal board into the car, so it had to go on the roof via soft roof racks. The kitchen waste would connect to this internally, and allow a hose outside to be connected to the wheel arch, and then to a waste container on the floor.
The foot pump allows one to pump water and use both hands in the sink, which is very useful.
The frame would be timber, and the paneling would be 9mm for strength and to avoid warping on the doors, which can happen with 6mm. However, for surf trips and as my primary vehicle I like the idea of converting a car derived van such as a Peugeot Export. If you've every owned or used a 318i you'll know that whilst they are a pleasure to drive, you can't fit a lot in them as they are saloons. I was prepared to go to the south east of England to find a cheaper VW T4, and also a Mercedes Vito, but both these vehicles are low in height, and it is not possible to stand.
It is important to ensure it does not all fall to the bottom of the area you are insulating though. I recessed the hinges into the timber and the top to allow a snug fit when the top was closed. I also added a switch to allow fridge to be run from the leisure battery also, for example when parked. I didn't want any light escaping from around the curtains to give away the fact that it was a camper van.
Volkswagen vans are very popular amongst surfers, and the thought of owning a van appealed to me greatly. My BMW car had impressed me so much in terms of build quality that I was tempted by Mercedes vans.
I also made the hinge sit away from the back of the frame to allow the top to open without hitting the wall. My dad gave me a revision lesson with the sowing machine and between us we created some curtains and tiebacks.
I have always loved travelling, and especially like road trips, after having spent a year driving around Australia in 1998. In early April 2006 whilst still thinking about vans I saw an advert for a SWB 1995 Mercedes Sprinter in Plymouth, about 50 miles away, for ?1,100.
After surfing I would change from my wetsuit into my dry clothes are various locations around Cornwall's beaches, and always in the increasing cold.
To increase my battery power when parked up for long periods of time I bought and fitted 2 additional leisure batteries. I always wished that I had a van, so that I could change in the van, and have a warm drink afterward.
My Dad was a Royal Engineer in the Army, and Engineer by trade, and has a good eye for things. These where connected to the first in parallel, simply making a 'battery bank' from the first leisure battery. I injured my finger badly whilst chopping firewood at the end of 2005, which bought my surfing to an abrupt end for the year.

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