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I had to determine how much weight the shelf could support, so what better way than to put all my heavy books on it?
With 36 weeks of regular school work, 3 exam weeks, and 5-6 weeks of vacation spread out through the year, there would be 9 weeks for summer term.
Instead of sleeping away the summer or complaining of boredom, your children can stay on track.
Thames & Kosmos Power House provides an engaging introduction to regenerative energy sources while teaching basic concepts and principles in physical science. We followed the local government school schedule to insure the children would have holidays, when their friends did. In this girl's family of ten children, school was every day except Christmas, Thanksgiving, and weekends. Teaching basic electronics and computer programming skills, these projects offer a wonderful way to learn problem solving and collaboration skills.

It worked alright, until I noticed that the government school had holidays or teacher workshops or snow days or some other mysterious day off nearly once a week. Although this is taking things a little too far in the other direction, the idea's consistency appealed to me. I really like these self-contained kits, because they provide a springboard for further exploration in areas a youngster might not have shown any previous interest. Astronomy was part of every childa€™s education in Colonial America--why not make it part of yours. Math and reading suffer with long breaks, and it takes some children weeks to get back into the swing of things. But others such as math, music practice, and reading, need constant attention and should go on as usual. Imagine your youth completing one of the projects below and spending the next three months or more researching the concepts further.

A couple literature selections might be reserved from each year's additional literature selections, but I would not require narration. Can be used with children under 12 but will need extensive help from an older sibling or parent.
If you're like me, you spend an hour a day working in the garden early mornings or late evenings. Silver or Discover Nature in the Garden by Jim Conrad and requiring the children to spend that same hour outside helping.
Everyone will still have plenty of time for gardening, canning, hiking, swimming, fort building, playing with friends, painting the kitchen, and laying in a hammock.

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