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Changing one's workspace from a regular desk to a standing desk can be a big challenge, but I made the switch over a year ago and haven't looked back. Using just two 2x2 Expedit bookshelves, a Linnmon tabletop, and some 6" Capita legs from IKEA, IKEA Hackers user Sharon created a cute and functional standing desk that's perfect for a small space, and came in at under $200.
January 6, 2013 by Mandi 4 Comments My last workplace had a nice perk: a standing desk option! The question that’s been on my mind since then is, of course, How can I bring home the awesomeness of standing up all day? I first took a trip to Staples where I was disappointed by their selection of monitor stands. Hey allSince i moved from my parents house to a house of my own , i wanted to create myself a convenient area to work on my projects.
It's very important to be organized in school, in fact i think its the most important part.
I Autocross (and do the occasional time trial), have 2 trucks and 2 cars and live in southern Ohio. Do you ever set your keys down on the desk, to turn around and see them walking off with the small person, aka little brother. Although drum sets can come in countless styles, arrangements, and variations, many beginner drummers may not know how to construct what could be considered a typical or basic drum set. As a weekend woodworker, I quickly became aware of the danger of inhaling wood dust into my lungs. Hello, here's another project of a charging station, based on various found around here, special thanks to PROD for the switches idea. Box sets are a great way to organize and display your collections of books, movies and magazines. You know those pesky box springs that you normally inherit from folks when they have a kids twin mattress to get rid of. Have you ever dropped a nail or screw on the floor and not be able to find where it went too until it ends up stuck in your shoe, or worse, your foot?
The name for this creation came after a weekend marathon of Phineas and Ferb episodes, but the idea for it's creation came after the first day of a weaving project in my MakerEd class. While living in my small studio apartment in NYC, I didn't have a lot of storage space and I had to get creative to store and keep my jewelry organized. This is one of my homemade tape holders and below are the instructions showing how you can make your own!This tutorial will show you how to make a wooden tape holder for any sized tape rolls. I have a very small work station space and everything has to be as accessible as possible.I came up with these strong Hard-Disk Magnets, gluing them to the down-side of the shelf for holding my tools and saving me space on the working table.
I found some parts for a metal storage shelf at a local surplus warehouse and figured this would be a perfect project.
In this instructable I'll show you how to make a 28 drawer small parts cabinet for your workshop that you can use to hold small fasteners, electronic parts, etc.
I recently moved my shop into my basement and while moving all the stuff, I realized that I needed a kind of organization system to hold some of my hand tools.
Like most wood shops that have an open area under the workbench, it soon accumulates all of the left over and scrap wood underneath.
I had built a spray paint rack a few weeks back to try and do some tidying up but I wasn't satisfied with the end result. Once upon a time there was this space under the stairs, and most often then not, it's Always stuffed with things!
It's almost a year now since we have moved house and my room still didn't have a coat rack! Whether, at the office or home, there is a growing trend of sitting on the chair for long stretches that seem to take a toll on health. With few galvanized steel pipes and reclaimed wooden planks, you can build this sturdy standing desk and use it as a dual workstation. A space saving home office furniture with an ergonomic appeal, the working height should be adjusted to make it function as a sit and stand desk. This is an elaborate DIY project that demands detailed planning and proper construction to make a well-furnished stand-up desk.
A gigantic standing desk installed with drawers has sufficient space for accommodating computer speakers.
Create a comfortable workspace at home with this standing desk using thin sheets of plywood.
A sleek standing desk made from leftover plywood adding a unique accent to your interior decor.
Although a bit cumbersome, you will have oodles of fun building this multi-level standing desk that lets you stand and sit while working.
As hardwood floors begin to hurt the feet, placing a cushioned mat below the countertop makes standing more comfortable.

Another customized wall-attached standing desk that creates a professional yet homely vibe indoors.
The lower shelving unit makes room for keeping your office files or your favorite collection of books.
Speaking of sturdy working tabletops, this rustic piece of furniture would require some ergonomic planning before making a start.
You can effortlessly adjust the table to any height making it functional for sitting and standing. Making a transition from sitting to standing may seem a bit uneasy as you are habituated working for years in the same position. This project is a meld of form, function, economy, necessity, learning, dreaming, engineering, and creating.
So I know there are a lot of pallet tutorials but I've never found any really to be truly free or obtainable. In order to create more storage space and surface, to hopefully unclutter our kitchen island, we were looking for a wide bahut. ABOUTI've seen a few instructables on creating Viking Chairs from a single piece of wood, but wanted to look at building them from easier to manage 2x4s. As it usually goes in life, once you move into a new kitchen a need for a bar stool arises. My girlfriend always told me that she wanted a standing jewelry cabinet with a mirror door. My girlfriend Wanda just moved from an apartment with a dry balcony, because the upper neighbors balcony was her roof, to an apartement with a balcony without a roof. My life often to move to stay in others city by city, changing new apartment and move things to new apartment is a tried job.
As we geared up for the new school year last fall, my wife and I realized that we really needed a writing desk for one of children to use.
I visited Istanbul on Jan 2016 (hence the table name :)) and I brought in my suitcase a wooden cookie that I got for a few liras. My room is kinda small, and very full, so I designed a book case that could fit more of my books without taking up so much space width wise, and when I move it can work as a regular bookshelf if I want it to.
Hi everyoneOk My mate keeps asking me for a coffee table and asking and asking and this is what i made him ,he has a small granny flat so had to be small. IMPORTANT NOTES: I am giving these instructions as an amateur who simple wanted a game table a did enough research to pull it off. I've been fascinated by Gregg Fleishman's CNC chairs for years: such a clever idea, to carve from a single sheet of plywood a fully functional chair, with effective cushioning and back support, not to mention tremendous style. The idea of this Instructable is define a few steps, so you can make your own CNC furniture.
Since I mostly had plywood lying around, I'd thought I'd try and see what a plywood inlay would look like. My wife and I found a discarded, damaged vintage sewing stand on a neighborhood street curb and thought it would be good for something, but what? Let me start off by saying I have very little experience working with wood, besides building fires. They feature benefits such as the fact you get to burn calories while simply standing up or the fact that sitting up allows you to better concentrate on the task at hand.
Attractive and affordable standing desks can be hard to find, but this DIY version from IKEA fits the bill nicely. Sharon says she's 5'6", and this setup measures in at 39" tall, which she says has been a very good height for her. Usually that area goes to waste, and in a small apartment losing that much space can be a disaster. Sitting 8-10 hours makes my butt and legs sore, makes me have to exercise a lot more to feel tired by the end of the day, and just feels slouchy and lazy. It took my husband and I about 20 minutes of wrist-agony to twist all five legs to 41”.
The one leg at left is definitely underpowered for the kind of support it needs to provide now. Need more cheap, effective, or heavy duty storage space that can be removed without a trace at the end of the year?
It is essentially a rotating peg board that you mount to the ceiling or the bottom of a cabinet (which is what I will show how to do). When I moved into my new workshop, I looked for a flexible, inexpensive, and easy-to-build solution that would grow with me. We needed lots of storage, but needed to maximize countertop real estate and mobility My solution is this Ikea Storage Behemoth. I have small shop in the garage under our house and although it has a 30 foot ceiling, it soon became clear that I needed some kind of dust evacuation system.

But you can only get the box if you purchase the whole set together (usually as a special collector's edition).
My wife was not happy with the cheap ones we had so I made these instead and she painted them the same colours to match the rest of the room.
I wanted a solution that would give me easy access to my jewelry, keep it our of sight but not take up any counter space or drawer space. After a bit of thinking, I came up with this solution, which might not be the best, but works fine for me. Especially when we had sudden guests and needed to quickly clean up the clutter of toys and what not!
Having a standing desk fits your space while enabling you to work in the comfort of your home.  If you want to switch to a standing desk, then here are some inspiring DIY plans.
Utilize the space underneath the tabletop to keep a treadmill if you love to work out while working.
Also have a look at some of our sit stand desk tutorials to help you construct one at home having loads of ergonomic benefits.
However, a portable or fixed standing desk is of great help if you have been facing back pain issues off late. I have this fold-able coffee table design in my mind, but I lack the power tools to build it.
So wife wanted to buy one but a cheapskate that I am, I told her that I'd build one that was cheaper and more sturdy. Given that the school year had already started, I saw this a challenge to build a project very quickly!!
Be aware this is my first INSTRUCTABLE some things i have missed out but its a basic project , also i had every thing in my shed . All the pieces were used in making this bench including the head board, foot board, side rails and mattress slats. Hopefully this instructable will be inspiring and informative to any weekend worrier who's eager for the next fix!
I love looking for inspiration in nature (and there's plenty of it!) and attempting to mimic or augment that just to see if it'll look cool. If you plan on getting a standing desk or making one yourself, there are a few things to consider.View in galleryView in galleryFirst of all, the table height should be at or slightly below elbow height in order to be comfortable.
The bookshelves under the desk make a clever storage area for books, and a stool for when the novelty of standing all day starts to wear off. Ultimately, just to make the desk usable in the meantime, I balanced a book shelf over four small paint cans and put the center monitor onto that.
This is useful when lets say you need to find a handout you chemistry teacher gave out last week. So I made my self this key keeper, its my take on the classic hook that you hang your keys on.
Working is only fun and calming if you have a good workplace with all you will need at arms length. Lately i restored an old cabinet and here are the various steps i followed to give this old fellow a facelift !
All the information in the video but if you want even more, follow all the steps and check out the whole description and pictures of the details. I needed a bench so I started thinking how it could be done without needing to cut a big wooden board.In the hardware store of the town, I found some wooden boards ready to use. Also, make sure the screen sits at a distance of at least 20” and at a 20 degree angle. I'm using the basement as a temporary workspace until I get a few weekends to build out the garage. This was not the original cover, when I removed this I discovered 3 more layers beneath it.
But I think I could build or find something with a bit more looking, so I’m not particularly worried about this problem. It can easily fit in a bedroom, on the hallway or anywhere else there’s some free wall space.
Then figure out the best combination of components you can find in stores or have them custom-made.

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