Small wood jet boat uhr,sofa frame plans free templates,plans for wall mounted shelves jobs - PDF 2016

A thin section for the top, a thick section in the middle, and a thin layer on the bottom: . For aesthetic reasons, we wanted the grain orientation to be lined up in a certain way with the shape of the guitar. When you only have one piece of material to do the job, and a replacement has to be shipped 8,000 miles after being carved out of the rain forest, you do a dry run first. Waterjets don't put much load on the part being cut, but material can still shift around, and since we only had one chance to make a perfect cut, we fixtured a bit on the paranoid side.

Once the outside is cut, the part can shift or tilt, so saving the outside until the end makes sure you get the best possible part.
Laminated materials When cutting laminated materials with a waterjet, you need to use some techniques to keep the water from getting between the layers and ruining the material.
Cutting glass A discussion about how to cut glass with a waterjet to minimize broken and chipped parts. Parts made by waterjetFour pages of various parts made by waterjets, plus some pictures of waterjets and screenshots of software.

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