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Our most popular of crates, the Large Crate has some great proportions that will look great anywhere you put it at home or at the office. Non-toxic paints and glues should always be used in conjuction with and in the preparation of all food products.
K-Ration (Late War), Some Selected Contents & K-Ration (Mid War) (D-Ration sold separately, Malted Milk Box not included). And, of course, a complete instruction article with detailed instructions and diagrams on the construction of the ration is included. Period images show the K-Ration and its contents by year (there were at least four and my research indicates there were seven) and sources for accurate reproduction K-Rations boxes, which do not come with the kit, and other components are listed. If you've purchased the "Make Your Own K-Ration Instructions Kit", you can now expand the variety of your K-Rations with additional cigarette, gum and M-Unit labels. This kit includes the necessary pre-printed labels on the correct paper the Camels 4 pack of cigarettes, Chelsea 4 pack of cigarettes, Old Gold 4 pack cigarettes, Wrigley's Army Ration Gum, Wrigley's PK Gum and M-Unit labels for the Pork Luncheon Meat (early style) and Beef & Pork Loaf (late style). Complete instructions, what to use tips, and packing instructions for these items in the K-Ration are provided. I have obtained another limited quantity of the Late War K-Ration Morale Boxes, as seen in above photo. I have obtained a small quantity of spot-on K Ration Wooden Shipping Crates, as seen in above photo.

Used in the Early to Mid-war versions of the K-Rations, these boxes came packed in the accessories packages inside selected meals of the K-Ration and contained malted milk and dextrose tablets. Used in the late war, full color ("morale boxes") versions of the K-Ration, these boxes also came packed in the accessories packages inside selected meals of the K-Ration and contained carmels. This little open crate is intended for storing the play food and accessories for your shop, stall or food stand. Use it to display miniature fruit and vegetables when roleplaying shopping or buy more than one and sort fruit from vegetables (where do the tomatoes go?) or different types or colours of fruit and vegetables.
This crate is an ideal size for our miniature wooden and felt food (Please see related products below).
Kids might be able to get away with sitting on the medium or small one, but they are not very sturdy and are pretty rough. Designed to function as both a pet house and a stylish end table, this residence features a front floral grate for both design and ventilation.
Sales Tax will be charged for orders shipped to states indicated in the Shipping and Payments tab above. Packaging methods recommended are meant only for the short term storage of foodstuffs and are not meant for the long term storage of foodstuffs.
The instructions and labels allow you to make the most accurate, edible rendition of the K-Ration available today.

Includes complete assembly instructions, diagrams, information on foodstuffs required and an illustrated guide for its packaging in the late war K Ration. If you need to store more than 4 pieces of miniature food we recommend our Large Wooden Crate. Tip restraining hardwareThe Riverside Home Office Leaning Bookcase is available in the Swanzey, NH area from Frazier and Son Furniture.
They do not take into account the type of item, size, weight, shipping location, supplier, etc. This is just an ESTIMATE, and we do NOT guarantee delivery by a date that we have no control over calculating.
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