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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. At the time of selecting ready to assemble or RTA kitchen cabinets online, solid wood kitchen cabinets will turn out to be a more low-priced choice than they would be if you bought them in bricks and mortar shops. Whatever your personal taste and preference is, you would find the best-matching hardwood facade for your remodeling project.
Several people might question why they would spend cash to purchase wood just to use paint to it later on. There is more to the Park Avenue cabinet than the attractive honey maple stain on a raised panel door.  The Park Avenue cabinet is a combination of beauty and durability. The golden honey color of these kitchen cabinets is ideal for kitchens without a lot of sun, or if you desire a more natural wood look for your kitchen. The Park Avenue are a very popular choice at The Solid Wood Cabinet Company for two reasons; one the color has been a cabinet standard in the industry for years and two it is the most affordable in the SWC cabinet line. In many wooden kitchens, plinths are little more than a chipboard kick-plate, covered in veneer to match the cabinets. Plinths are a fantastically easy way to complete solid wood kitchens with a refined look, giving consistency between wooden cabinet and your choice of flooring, and what’s more they’re much higher quality than the plinths on offer from our competitors. We recently introduced curved plinths to our range to compliment curved cabinets, and to allow you greater flexibility in designing the kitchen of your dreams.
Our oak plinths come in standard, Prime Oak and full stave oak variants, to match your worktops and cabinets in style.
It took us a long time to get our curved plinths right, but now we’ve perfected them, we’re very proud to be able to offer them as a fantastic finishing touch to match curved cabinets on counter ends or kitchen islands; available in solid oak or a cheaper veneered finish. As well as our gorgeous oak plinths, we also provide straight plinths in a number of other wood species to match all of the wonderful worktops we sell. Opulent full stave plinths are also available, which look truly stunning alongside our worktops of the same construction.
They’re available in either a polished stainless steel or black stainless steel finish to suit your style. An important point to note is that, whatever plinth you go for, be consistent: match by either material or finish. All the plinths featured in this information guide are available to view in our Gloucester showroom, so if you’d like to see their quality up-close-and-personal, come take a look – we’ve got all our cabinetry and worktops on display too!
Cookies are used on our website in order for you to place orders online and for us to provide a better service. Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets logo is the subject of a Registered Community Design of Direct Online Services LTD. Our solid oak kitchen corner cabinets are manufactured from the highest quality 18mm thick solid European oak. Our corner kitchen cabinet range is manufactured to a comprehensive range of standard modular sizes, allowing you to obtain your requirements from stock without the need for expensive bespoke units. Our solid oak kitchen units combine the natural beauty of solid wood with the benefit of modern technology. To make the most of your kitchen corner storage solutions, we recommend that customers purchase pullout wirework, such as our magic basket corner, to use with this cabinet. Our system consisting of modular sizes can accommodate every kitchen design; simply select the required sizes from the products listed below from our current stock.
Next pick from a comprehensive range of oak drawers, including single and double height, with a choice of oak, stainless steel or standard grey sides.Choose your drawer type.
Finally, choose suitable solid oak cabinets, additional specialist units and matching accessories from our wide range, then finalise your order.Add your units to the basket. Once your order is complete our specialist team will deliver your order direct to your door within 14 working days.Receive your kitchen within 14 working days! Our full height base cabinets are manufactured from the highest quality 18mm thick solid European oak. Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets' tall base cabinets are constructed from solid full height panels, which can be used to great effect.
We believe that this combination of the finest materials, high-quality finishes and superb fixings couples natural beauty with the benefit of modern technology - to stunning effect.
All full height kitchen larder units have a convenient 75mm service gap and are supplied flat-packed with all required fixings, including four adjustable mounting legs with plinth clips. Each full height cabinet is supplied with a pair of solid oak shelves, though additional solid wood shelves can be purchased separately if required. By request, we are also able to supply our cabinets in an unfinished form, so that you might paint or oil as required.

Due to the working nature of tall cabinets, one shelf is assembled using a cam and dowel system for enhanced stability (additional shelves are mounted with wooden dowels).
For more technical information on the various options available, please click below to view a PDF which contains the available shelf positions for each cabinet in this range. Our online sample service allows you to test the quality of our product in a most convenient manner.
Here at Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets we're committed to providing everything necessary to create uniquely beautiful kitchens.
Our solid oak base cabinets are manufactured from 18mm thick solid European oak of the highest quality. Our cabinet range is manufactured to a comprehensive range of standard modular sizes, allowing you to obtain your requirements from stock without the need for expensive bespoke units. Our solid oak specialist base cabinets are full height, high line cabinets, and the specified height of 720mm excludes the adjustable leg (135mm - 175mm). All base cabinets have a convenient 75mm service gap (except for slimline cabinets; please see below) and are supplied flatpacked with the required fixings, including adjustable mounting legs with plinth clips. Please note that 300mm depth slimline base cabinets have a service gap of 10mm, whilst 450mm depth slimline base cabinets have a service gap of 40mm.
Each cabinet is supplied with a single solid oak shelf (additional solid wood shelves can be purchased separately if required).
Our cabinets can also be supplied unfinished by request, so that you may oil or paint them to your desired finish. Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets are pleased to offer everything you need to create stunning kitchens.
Numerous ancient homes had cabinets that were even manufactured on-the-spot by carpenters and weren’t much different from the other items of furniture in the house. This will offer you with the chance to own a lavish product without burning a big hole in your pocket. Constructed from the finest wood, the Park Avenue line features full-extension drawers and stainless steel glides. If you are searching for the best kitchen cabinets at a reasonable price, then look no further than our honey maple kitchen cabinets. The attractive honey maple stain on a raised panel door is a combination of beauty and durability.
Can not be combined with any other offer or previous quotes and minimum requirements must be met. However, like our other high quality kitchen products, we offer a fabulous colection made from solid oak – no man-made fibres in sight.
All of these curved plinths are finished in an oak veneer but can also be painted in Farrow & Ball’s full range of colours.
No problem – we can paint our solid oak and veneered oak curved plinths in any Farrow & Ball colour of your choosing. If going for the veneered finish, we suggest buying veneered straight oak plinths to ensure that the thickness matches that of the curved plinths.
For example, if you would like a budget option with a natural finish, opt for our veneered plinths, but be sure to choose both straight and curved plinths from the veneered range (for consistency of appearance). Each cabinet is supplied sanded to a silky smooth finish before being subjected to a three coat lacquering process, resulting in a versatile, durable finish that is stain free. We currently stock three separate corner cabinet types (Corner Solution, Wall and L-Shaped Base) and will continue to expand our range. The key benefit of this process is to create a cabinet surface that is stain resistant, can be cleaned easily with warm, soapy water, and is maintenance free. With bi-fold hinges(2) and 155° hinges(2) supplied to maximise the internal space, customers can use the cabinet out-the-box with the matching shelf (supplied as standard).
Price includes the cabinet, 2 X H715mm X W325mm doors (finished to your preference in any finish from our range), shelf, and the special hinges required for this cabinet. From matching oak worktops, to dark American walnut worktops, or even traditional beech worktops, we have a solid wood style to suit every taste. Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet samples are available in 160mm X 80mm X 18mm fully finished sections to show you the quality of our product.
All of our tall storage cabinets are supplied sanded to a silky smooth finish before being subject to a three coat lacquering process, resulting in a durable, easy-to-clean finish that is stain free.
Indeed the entire Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets collection has been designed with inbuilt savings, encompassing a comprehensive range of standard modular sizes and thus allowing you to obtain your requirements from stock without the need for expensive bespoke units. As the cabinets are solid throughout, end panels are not required, and the natural oak finish of standard sides creates an extraordinary finish without additional effort or cost.

The shelves for solid oak full height base cabinets are also full depth, meaning that the front edge of the shelf extends to the very front of the side panels: this facet creates a larger working area and additional capacity (differentiating these cabinets from standard units).
We supply fully-finished oak samples measuring 160mm X 80mm X 18mm; these items are excellent representations of our cabinet panels and can be ordered directly from the sample page. As such we are proud to supplement our comprehensive collection of full height base units with appliance cabinets (including full height oven housing options), ensuring that your finished kitchen is both functional and flawless. The number of legs required varies according to cabinet width: 150mm - 600mm wide units are supplied with four legs, whereas 800mm - 1200mm wide units are supplied with five legs.
Cabinet samples are available in 160mm X 80mm X 18mm fully finished sections to show you the quality of our product, and can be ordered directly from the solid wood sample page. As well as a comprehensive range of base units, we also offer a large collection of specialist cabinets (including Belfast sink units and oven housing cabinets), so that you may create a seamless look. Even so, technological progresses and alterations in manufacturing techniques have paved  the means for kitchen cabinets to be built of other materials such as medium density fiberboard and particleboard. Maple will be stained into any shade but still maintain its inherent tight wood grains that brandish a natural elegance to it. To start with, wood may be a sturdy and resilient construction material that has been in use for ages. The interior is stained to match the doors and frames with a variety of crown moldings and glass doors that are available to customize a unique kitchen design.  Durable and functional, that’s the Park Avenue. Created from sturdy and hard wearing superior wood, our honey maple cabinets are stylish and of the highest-quality.
The Park Avenue are great since the neutral color goes with almost any decor choice and the clean raised lines compliment any design choice.
Sale excludes Exclusive Collection, Main Line Cabinetry Collection, Haverford Collection and Granite. However, if you are opting for a painted finish, you may mix and match between veneered and oak plinths – though these are different thicknesses, so you or your fitter will need to bear this in mind when affixing the plinths to the cabinetry (to ensure that the joins between the plinths are seamless). Samples can be ordered from our solid wood sample page, and are refundable against a future order. Unlike many of our competitors that advertise solid wood oak kitchens and then manufacture in chipboard or tulipwood, our solid kitchen cabinets are only manufactured from sustainably sourced, high-quality solid European oak. For example, we stock two separate full height cabinet heights (1965mm and 2145mm) and four cabinet widths (300mm, 400mm, 500mm, and 600mm) as standard. Not only is solid oak durable and naturally beautiful, the use of such a material in a cabinet negates the cost of additional end or 'filler' panels. Please view our cabinet installation accessories to purchase additional shelf packs and other complementary products.
For this reason, variety of homeowners currently purchase cabinets fiberboard from materials excluding wood, so as to make savings since wood cabinetry will be costly. Many RTA cabinets you can notice are made of maple due to its high availability and reasonable value it comes in.
It’s likely to supply more strength in several cases than particleboard and there might be less risk of off-gassing from solid wood kitchen cabinets than from particleboard cabinetry. So, if you desire quality with a decent price, then you can afford to get honey maple cabinets from The Solid Wood Cabinet Company! SWC uses heavy-duty box construction hinges, front to rear strength stiles and 6-way adjustable European hinges to name a few highlights.
Our range incorporates over 70 stocked cabinets, all of which are constructed from sustainably-sourced oak.
We would also recommend our customers to browse through our Chestnut Avalon kitchen cabinet or Park Avenue Shaker kitchen cabinet collection!
They are equipped with a convenient recessed finger groove to eliminate the need for hardware installation. As with many kitchen cabinet lines we sell at The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, our interiors are stained-to-match the exterior. Also, have you ever seen glass mullion doors on kitchen cabinets and the interior is unfinished?

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