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Last night we hung the shelves in the reading room and the design that has been in our minds finally came to fruition. We special ordered the boards because we wanted them a little thicker, and we wanted squared edges. Even though we wanted the shelves to look like they were floating (ie, no visible brackets), we knew that would be difficult to achieve with the size of boards we were dealing with.
After taking the measurements and deciding where the brackets would mount on the back wall, we marked these locations on our boards and routed spaces out so the brackets could set inside the boards, making them flush and less visible. Once the shelves were cut, sanded, routed, stained and sealed, we only needed to get them mounted. We have spent every other minute, just sitting on the couch looking at our pretty, empty shelves.
We are one of the 8 bloggers on the Ace Blogger Panel and this post was in collaboration with Ace Hardware. I’m SUPER impressed that you took the time to route out the places where the L hooks would go!
We aren’t in the least concerned about the weight of these shelves on the L brackets for a couple reasons. 1 – Wouldn’t it have been easier to mount the brackets, Then put the shelves in place temporarily, mark the spots where they needed to be routed, take the shelves off, rout, then screw the shelves in place? 2 – Call me a contrarian, but I would have preferred the shelves left unstained and just sealed.
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Most kitchens leave people wanting more space, making these convenient corner bookshelves the perfect addition. Put the bookshelf to good use by displaying collectible plates in the center of each shelf, with small knickknacks around them. Add a few decorative glass bottles filled with colorful pasta and your kitchen looks like something out of a magazine. Corner bookshelves can add a geometric element to your living room, particularly if you have modern tables and furniture. Many people opt for black corner bookshelves because they are dramatic and draw attention quickly. You could choose to put a shelf in two or more corners, saving a lot of space for an over-stuffed sofa or sectional.
Solid wood bookcases look elegant and provide plenty of space for storing collections of classic literature or whatever your family finds enjoyable to read. Solid wood bookshelves add class and sophistication to a bedroom, no matter what style your bedroom set may be.

A corner type shelf on either side of the bed with a large abstract painting above it makes a bold statement with a distinct Manhattan attitude.
Children’s bedrooms are also very suitable destinations for this type of furniture, due to their function and form. Major retailers all over the Internet offer shelving units of various sizes, shapes, materials and colors. Carefully account for the unique dimensions and be sure the flooring where you intend to place it is even. Also, don’t be afraid to look for unfinished corner bookshelves for sale because they are a creative piece to begin with, you can take them in any artistic direction you like. You need to take the measuring part of this step serious, because the brackets are hung on the wall before you place the shelves. We spread it on nice and thick, wiped it off with rags and paper towels, and let each coat cry for 8 hours.
Our friends at Ace Hardware sent over a heavy duty 18V DeWalt Impact driver for us to try out. We measured the predetermined locations for the brackets several times, drew lines, and mounted them with 2″ screws. They sent us the impact driver to try and review and we’re currently working on a giveaway for all of you (as soon as it gets back in stock!). I’ve already showed the picture to my husband and told him we need to do this in the weird recessed area that was left in our living room after we ripped out a horrible built in desk!
I have loved seeing your style develop over the last year or so – I feel like you’ve totally got it sussed! First, they are mounted into 3 studs, but the addition of the L-brackets supporting the sides are really putting us at ease. I want to do the sides painted and a painted back without making it look like cheap shelves from the store. So don't miss to check out the main post 16 Awesome Mission Corner Computer Desk Image Ideas to read the whole story or open one of photos of Main post. Throughout the method shape you can abandon place it appears your living space comfortable and large. Now you have to calculate your finances require in order to take control of your price like make price collection is essential to obtain amazing Computer Desk. Parker House Furniture offers a wide variety of home furniture including: multi-functional Entertainment Centers, Home Office, Library Walls, etc. They have the ability to transform any room from a messy cut to a more visually appealing aura.
White corner bookshelves, for example, look quaint with white curtains and just about any color splashed here and there around the whole kitchen.
When they face each other, the dynamics of the room are redirected away from conventional spacing, actually creating lines within the room to work with that wouldn’t otherwise be there. They can be used for toys or a collection of Care Bears for the toddler sect, to be replaced in later years with studious and scholarly materials.
Think about painting them to match the trim of a room or staining them to a subtle shade that speaks volumes about your tastes. They bring form and function together beautifully, no matter what you use them for or where you decide to put them. Of course, now we can fill them up with books and some accessories, but before we do that we wanted to give you a full breakdown of what we used and what we did in case you wanted to do something similar in your home.

Even still, the ends were a little rough and uneven, which we expected, so the first step was to square the edges and cut them to fit on the wall exactly. This means your routed out spaces need to match perfectly with where the brackets are mounted.
We did two coats of stain, plus a layer of water-based satin polycrylic–which gives off a nice low-lustre sheen. We weren’t sure what to expect when comparing it to our standard drill that we’ve been using for the past three years, but, well, have you ever used an impact driver?
Are you at all concerned about the weight of the shelves and the weight of books combined with the “L” bracket mounts?
I went to local hardware store and couldn’t make up my mind which type of wood to use or dimensions.
We are looking at a similar project and I’m concerned about whether the front of the shelves will need additional support. Contact Weaver Furniture Sales with any questions that you may have about this solid wood desk.
As you may know using computer work desk can make you seating methods in best way so that you will lessen lower back pain instantly. A multi-functional Home Entertainment Center, Home Office, & Bookcase Wall in Spanish Revival style.
This can leave space in one area which you can designate for other purposes, like a breakfast nook or computer area.
Something this short wouldn’t work if just holding from the back wall, but since we were putting the shelves wall-to-wall, we could have one bracket on each end to prevent the boards from sagging forward. But the big unknown was if the brackets would line up with the routed slots in the shelves. At first I was doubting those little brackets, but then I saw you put two on each end and my fears went away. The blade wasn’t big enough to cut through the whole board (wah wahhh), so Chris cut half, flipped the board, lined up the blade with the first cut, and finished cutting through. So after cutting the boards to size, we measured the wall and found 3 somewhat evenly-spaced studs that we could connect the brackets straight into. The last, budgeting is necessary to take control of your require in order to picky when spend some money. Cast metal (Zinc) door grills and metal accents, with hammered nail head accents in panels. Unfortunately, there weren’t any studs where we needed them to be on the sides, so we found some heavy-duty wall anchors, each rated to hold up to 75 pounds.
We would have two anchors supporting each side bracket (a total of 4 anchors in the 2 side brackets for each board), and coupled with the back-wall brackets mounted directly to the studs, this would give us plenty of support. We are working on putting together a giveaway with Ace Hardware because these are one of those game-changer tools we can’t imagine living without.

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