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Click each image to view the photo galleries of our various Shaker Kitchen styles and finishes.
Natural Wood Shaker KitchensShaker kitchens in a nutshell represent simplicity, practicality, high quality craftsmanship, elegant but unpretentious and with solid proportions. Painted Shaker KitchensIn this section are photos of hand painted hardwood Shaker kitchens in cream, light green, light blue, stone and white. Natural and Painted Mix Shaker KitchensIn this section you will see photos of our Shaker kitchens finished in a combination of painted and natural finish maple or oak. You may have heard friends or family talk about a Shaker kitchen and nodded in agreement without having a clue what they’re talking about. To achieve the Shaker look in your kitchen think elegant lines and strong proportions; there are no classical columns or fancy mouldings here.
Typical Broadway hand-painted Shaker kitchens are in period colours spanning creams, greys, blues and greens and combining natural wooden doors with a painted finish is a popular look. British homes are known for their varying ages and aesthetics; as such, it is no surprise that a traditional kitchen theme is still incredibly popular – some houses simply don’t suit an ultra-modern design.
Solid oak kitchens with traditional designs may not seem quite as daring as contemporary alternatives, though they do possess distinctive design accents that are perfectly suited to our range of wood kitchen units. In comparison to Shaker kitchen styles, there is not a single element that specifically makes a kitchen feel ‘traditional’. Where traditional designs are concerned, natural materials should be used to complement the solid wood components.
Consider wooden worktops that will complement your traditional theme – oak worktops are the most widely used in a classic design, although walnut, iroko and cherry worktops should also be shortlisted. Deluxe and full stave worktops are well-suited to a traditional kitchen, as they show off the chosen timber’s natural characteristics in a lavish way that complements elegant traditional features. Our range of Traditional-style oak cabinet frontals are perfectly suited to a classic theme, and can either be lacquered to show off the natural beauty of the wood or painted in any Farrow & Ball shade to suit your colour scheme. Give your kitchen a splash of classic style with a suitable set of kitchen cabinet handles.
Be sure to pick traditional accessories such as painted cornices and pelmets for wall-mounted units, whilst open-fronted cabinets, glazed frontals and solid oak plate racks can all help to enhance the traditional appearance. Lighting – the range of lighting available for kitchens is almost limitless, and your chosen fixtures can have a big impact on the overall design of the kitchen.

Storage – in order to keep a traditional kitchen clean and uncluttered we recommend providing plenty of storage to hide away boring kitchen necessities, and in turn allow other more elegant ornaments and decorations to be prominently displayed. Flooring – if choosing solid wood worktops in your kitchen, we recommend complementing them with solid wood flooring for the best effect.
Appliances – consider a classic range cooker such as an AGA over modern stainless steel appliances, and hide necessities such as integrated fridges, freezers and washing machines out of site in specialist cabinets with solid oak frontals. Other Extras – choosing a traditional-style sink such as a ceramic Belfast sink is a key feature that will dictate a classic theme in kitchens. If you are looking for more inspiration for a traditional kitchen, consider visiting one of the Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet showrooms. Cookies are used on our website in order for you to place orders online and for us to provide a better service. Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets logo is the subject of a Registered Community Design of Direct Online Services LTD. In the hectic whirlwind that we call life, sometimes all we want is a little slice of tranquillity. Whilst the concept of relaxing in your kitchen may seem a little foreign, we assure you it can be done!
For a harmonious home, we recommend keeping your worktop as clear as possible, stowing items away to give an impression of order.
Other devices you can use to make your kitchen more organised and functional include wirework inside cupboards, to make the most of the storage space available, as well as solid wood cutlery drawer inserts, which ensure that abundances of cutlery and utensils are far more manageable.
We custom design each shaker kitchen and you can have any colours you wish, including an aged or distressed effect - anything is possible. So what exactly is the mysterious Shaker style and how can you achieve it in your own home? Traditionally the worktops in Shaker kitchens are wooden but you could also choose a more modern material such as granite or quartz. Today any kitchen that is simple, elegant and practical can be defined as a Shaker kitchen and the style can be applied to suit both modern and traditional tastes.
Modern stainless steel sinks often look out of place in a traditional kitchen, but an undermounted sink may be fitting if married with an appropriate tap fixture. With families now spending more time in the kitchen than any other room in the house, it is important that your culinary space also allows you to breathe… and relax. Sorting through clutter trying to find something is one of life’s small and unnecessary stresses. The organisation should continue beneath this calm exterior, with food items being grouped by category and stacked neatly, making everything easy to find and accessible. If your drawers and cupboards are still overflowing, it is probably time for a good old-fashioned cull.
After a hectic day at work, it is great to come home to a colour palette that makes as few demands as possible.
Whilst ditching clutter is fantastic, it’s a good idea to add a few accessories to your calming oak kitchen to avoid the aesthetic becoming too sparse.

Whilst brighter lights are better for your food preparation areas, if you have a table in your kitchen you may prefer to install softer wall lighting here, with dimmer switches, for an easy-going atmosphere appropriate for dining.
Well, a tidy mind is also a calm mind, and we hope we have helped you on your quest for kitchen calm.
Well, the strict definition of Shaker kitchens is a unique type of furniture created by members of a religious sect formed as a branch of the Quaker Church in the 18th Century. In terms of kitchen furniture this means plain, simple paneled doors in natural hues or light wood, often with wooden door handles. If you’re interested in shaking up the heart of your home contact our family business and see how we can help. Whether you are rummaging through cupboards or mounds of stuff on your countertop, hunting down stray items is both a frustrating and – happily – avoidable practice. Furthermore, we suggest taking a moment to consider how you use each space in your solid oak kitchen, and storing equipment accordingly. For a serene space, an ideal colour palette would include gentle neutral tones and soft shades of blue or green. For instance, flowers and candles are both visually soothing and fragrant, creating a pleasant ambience for you to cook in. Under-cupboard lighting is fabulous too, as it sheds light on practical work space without putting any glare in your eye line – low-key lighting is great, but you do not want to compromise visibility.
If you have any photographs of your clean and serene kitchen, don’t hesitate to share them with us via Facebook and Twitter; or feel free to enter our case study competition and your kitchen will be featured in our gallery! The Shakers lived a simple, unpretentious lifestyle, shunning ornamentation, and their homes reflected these values. Glass is not traditionally associated with Shaker kitchens but in nowadays people want to be individual and may choose to use glass doors or modern door handles. We propose Farrow & Ball’s versatile off-white shade ‘Clunch’ paired with ‘Matchstick’, which, as the name may suggest, emulates the warm light of a glowing candle.
If your kitchen has plenty of floor space, rugs are brilliant at absorbing sound and softening the floor, stopping larger rooms from echoing and feeling cold. This doesn’t undermine the concept but puts the rubber stamp of individuality on your kitchen and that’s what we at Broadway specialise in helping you do. It is a wise decision to keep kitchen knives and chopping boards stored nearby, so you do not need to trek across the room each time you prepare a meal. Alternatively, for a soothing splash of colour, ‘Mizzle’ is a great choice (and one of our best-sellers), or pale blue ‘Borrowed Light’. To bring peace to all your senses, having a CD player or iPod dock on hand is a smart choice, allowing you to play relaxing music and escape the stresses of your busy day. Vibrant colours such as red, orange and bright yellow are far more attention-seeking and best avoided.

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