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Detailed Product Descriptionductile iron pipe and fittings Ductile iron pipes according to ISO2531,EN545 standards , K9 , DN80-DN1200mm . Your use of this website is subject to, and constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms of Use.
Actually, #4 and #5 might be reversed, because their valves are inoperable, so I can't experiment to see which is which. More likely to pop out of a glued joint or fail, especially on the pressure side of the pump.
A lopper (the cutting device with two wooden handles and red handgrips) to cut roots and bushes.
A small trowell to dig delicately around pipes, scoop dirt from under pipes, and dig between closely spaced pipes.

A pruner (in picture, rusty blades, blue and yellow handles) to clear light weeds, especially those with thorns.
A union consists of three pieces, which in this picture we'll refer to as left, middle and right. Rotational -- you can adjust the relative rotation of the mating parts up to 360 degrees, in the tiniest imaginable increments. Push one end cap, then one gasket, then the central body of the compression coupling onto the left pipe. In this picture, the acorn shaped top of the straight fitting has been removed, so that now the conduit can be slipped off. Light weight, convenient transportation and handling With very light material, PVC pipe is convenient to be handled, loaded, unloaded and constructed.

At the end of that year, I was nearly satisfied with a Dixon Polymer, a Susato Kildare, a Clarke Sweetone and a Meg.
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