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Monthly subscription service that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with a few extra goodies to get you through your cycle. You can’t fit a square into a circle (fine wisdom via Hilary Duff) but you can fit it into a box. The box subscription movement is on the rise and I got the chance to speak with some badass startup companies that want to bring people like you and me a box full o’wonders. For a box that claims to “deliver love,” PijonBox has got the subscription-box-business down to a science with their currently-available College Care Packages. Pijon: We theme boxes based on what’s generally happening in the college school year, and work with brand partners to curate a care package students will love! Local: So, if I received a PINCHme box right now, what products do you think I might enjoy the most? For $25 a month you can receive boxes that are priced at up to $200, and that my friends, is how you can arrive in style. Finally, as a gift from me to you I bring you your official right of passage into the post-college (actually 21+) drinking world: Tasting Room. Tasting Room is so innovative, that even the mini-bottles of wine are patented AKA no other wine club can give their customers this exclusive chance to taste, then buy.
To be boxed or not to be is no longer our question today, because we know we’re going to be busy filling out profiles and preferences.
Why are companies like #Sephora & #Starbucks adding #subscription services to their traditional product lines?
About iDiD is a premier business process outsourcer, specializing in product fulfillment, promotional fulfillment and enterprise solutions. Whether its product fulfillment, promotional fulfillment or enterprise solutions that you seek, iD provides world-class quality, performance, and cost-saving outcomes for our partners on a turnkey basis. Pawalla Box features a selection of wet foods, treats, supplements, and more, hand-picked by their pet nutritionist based on the size and age of your pet. For a month to month subscription cost of $26 (or $21 a month for annual subscription)I received over $62 worth of quality, grain free, made in the USA product for my pet.
I really wanted to try a pet subscription, and Pawalla was my number 1 pick based on reviews on the internet.
A very colorful lip balm, fantastic mascara, a purple eye shadow, a kohl eye liner and a nude lipstick. PS-This post might contain affiliate links, meaning if click on one and actually buy something, I might earn 2-10% back.
Subscription boxes are monthly boxes filled with goodies that arrive at the buyer’s door each month.
As a handmade artist, these boxes provide an opportunity for you to get your product out to like-minded people who enjoy buying handmade.
The main requirement for contributing to a handmade box (besides having a handmade item) is that you must be able to produce your product in bulk which can prove unattainable for some artists. Fair Ivy (detailed below) – Use coupon code COLUMBUS to get $5 off the first month of subscription!
With a Fair Ivy feature, you gain wide exposure while having a grand time taking part in the fun that comes with giving surprises!
When you subscribe, you get to pick the feminine product of your choice and each month you receive the box with your product, a treat, and a neat present. I couldn’t get my friends to join but I did enjoy the two boxes that I got before I cancelled.

Sometimes besides some serious TLC, a little bit of home can go far, and subscription boxes are the go-to solution. Think of it like signing up to get your favorite weekly magazine (or more appropriately, e-newsletter), only with a subscription box you’re getting a box full of awesome, new and hand-picked products from a company that professionalizes in making sure you get what you like. Whether your box is composed around a specific product (like a box of hand picked tasting wines) or it’s a melting pot of curated items that match your taste, take a look at these subscriptions for any and all inspirations on which box should be your first (or first few)! Pijon chose to cut the BS with empty-feeling care packages and decided to put some “good for goodness sake” into their boxes. If you’ve ever almost purchased that adorable layering necklace but never gone through with it, RocksBox has got your ultimate solution. We have a team of wine experts, mainly former sommeliers, who work with wineries around the world that they know and trust to deliver selections of excellent quality at the best possible prices.
Everyone was hopping aboard the website train, trying to claim their stake in this seemingly infinite market place; and alas, internet retailing was born. I also love that they have options for both cats and dogs, and personalize your box based on dog size and age. But instead of getting a bunch of pages of advertising, you get little treats delivered to your mailbox!
In one month, you might get a foil packet of a new moisturizer, a great pair of socks, a fully size dry shampoo and a little notebook.
Ipsy is also only $10 per month and it will introduce you to all sorts of new makeup products.
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All items are a surprise to the buyer which adds to the fun of receiving the gifts in the mail!
Not only does your product get shipped worldwide, it gives buyers a taste of your remaining Etsy shop products.
For artists who are unable to provide product, you may choose to include a coupon to your shop in a subscription box. Their mission is to help you discover new artistic talent and handmade products, and to help the artists and companies find the success they deserve. As a side note, I only received 1 nail lacquer (which I didn’t even notice until I received 2 more in the mail last week plus a free gift to make up for my missing items! Even if the special item is something I can’t use, I am still very happy with this company. I gt a cute crochet bow ring that is adjustable and doesn’t look expensive but is still cute and unique! December was my first month; I received Yogi tea bags, dark chocolate square and a plaid winter scarf (that smelled so good)! The candies were great and I was delighted at the surprise little goodies that came in every box. The tampons alone would cost me $5 bucks to purchase at the store but I feel the little extras they put into the box was worth the money.
Every month, you can select to receive a Male, Female or Neutral box containing handpicked items that the Pijon team knows you’ll love.
Founder and Chairman Jeremy Reid, gave us the low-down on exactly how this catch-free, free box subscription might be your key to sampling-heaven. After signing up and taking a style survey, RocksBox will set you up with the perfect jewels until you want to trade, buy, or send back whenever you’re ready!

Sign up, receive your vinos with an initial tasting kit and the rest will be Tasting Room history. A subscription box is a monthly subscription service of packages with category specific items. There are dozens of Monthly Subscription boxes, including high end makeup brands, drugstore and indie makeup, hair products, complete outfits, craft boxes for kids, boxes for your pets, meals in a box and even fun boxes for adult adventures.
It’s an interesting mix of products and for only $10 per month, what have you got to loose? You might find a scarf, jewelry, specialty foods, teas, a cute notebook, sunscreen or a cute toucan shaped bottle opener.
I was completely happy with both boxes that I received, so much so that I bought January 2014’s for myself AND a friend. I also got a adorable turquoise bracelet, and cute sparkly hair band that ties at the ends with ribbon so it can be used for multiple hair styles. I like the concept of treating yourself when you have to deal with the not so pleasent time of the month. Co-Founder Adam Saynuk gave us some insight on the company which, BTW, contributes to Project Night Night for every box sold. To better clear up the innovative, yet complex process behind every TR box we spoke with a representative from the TR team!
A consumer signs up for a box that they like, and the company sends them a monthly (or quarterly) package with one or several items inside. It was nice to have a variety of things show up on my door once a month for the cats to try. My favorite, though, is the handmade subscription box filled with artisan items, usually from an Etsy store. Most subscription boxes promote your product on their blog as well, reaching many 1,000s of readers each month. Everything in the boxes were high quality, and nothing I would have a problem giving to my cats. Each item you receive has details of their process, background, or shop, so your recipient will understand the time and care put into each hand-wrapped item. If I bought this brand at the drug store, I’d be spending practically what I paid for this whole box. The only thing I see that could be a problem for some is that they only accept Paypal and no credit cards!
You can either receive 1 jewelry item each month or you can choose the duet subscription which contains 2 handmade gifts and 1 jewelry item. I do wish I had been notified of shipment, and even better, gotten a tracking number via email. Jewelry crafters who have enough stock to sell 50  items to Fairy Ivy would do well contributing to a month’s jewelry subscription.

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