Task wallmounted magazine rack,projects with wood lathe,spoon shelf supports 5mm - .

Happy Friday!!!  Let’s get this party started (of course by party I mean the tutorials for Macie’s Boho Bedroom Makeover!)  If you are looking for sources for the items that are in the room check out this post. Up first are the incredible wall mounted task lights that are on either side of Macie’s bed.
First things first, you need to get your happy self to Target.  They have these really great stick lights that will make your life SO much more simple and you sort of need them to do this project….
Start by taking the light off of the base,  you will just have to loosen the screw, and it should come right off.
I decided to change out the cord because I am obsessed with cloth coil cord right now, but that is 1000% optional! The assembly is simple folks.  Just put the glue on the dowel before you put it into the elbow.

Let your glue set for the recommended time (usually around 24 hours) before you attach your light. There is a really amazing secret project in this week’s newsletter, you probably wont want to miss it!  Sign up below!
Glad to hear about the Target situation so far, but I really wanted to comment on how much I love this!
Hope I don’t sound like a freak but I am so in love with your style and your amazing original DIY’s! I’m reading all the posts since yesterday, so much love about everything you put here. I read your blog religiously, almost on a daily basis and have also enjoyed it when you show up on Studio 5 occasionally.

But from an objective point of view, you deserve much more from them than niceness and understanding.
It is such a great example for others and also a reminder that an experience is what you make it.
I hope they cut you a series of deals that bring you money and (more) fame, because that is the very least they can do for stealing your content. I’m just concerned that with that super glue, When bump it (and I will) it will come apart.

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