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The products include kid study table, chair, desk, kid bed, dressing table, wall holder, wall mirror, jewell boxes, all midium size furniture etc. Our company was established in 2001, through six years diligently struggle, have already been the advanced woodwork production manufacture enterprise. When Kathy, Rylan and Aubrey came to visit us (they flew home just this morning), there was something new in our living room. When Rylan was old enough we pulled out old Play Family Fisher-Price Toys from the barn; toys from Chris and Kathya€™s childhood. I seized the moment and quickly drew up a very rough sketch for a 6-foot x 2-foot toy cabinet. Between Roberta€™s ideas and mine, the toy cabinet turned out to be one very nice addition to our living room and is perfect storage for blocks, marbles, cars, and Play Family toys. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

Something I have been wanting to blog about but with Robert wanting it to be a total surprise I held off doing so until now. For the top I sketched in side rails to keep marbles and small things from falling off the edge and a back panel for inserting flat squares of wood with letters and pictures on them. Every time Rylan left we ended up piling them haphazardly on a coffee table next to our living room half wall. Although it was late at night when they arrived, Rylan immediately noticed it and had to check it out. He went along with the back panel even knowing what a challenge it would be to make slots for each square. However, instead of hand cutting flat squares of wood (a very arduous task) he came up with using leftover tiles from when we tiled our kitchen counters in 1985.
The next morning Rylan quickly climbed right up on top of the cabinet (it had not even occurred to me he would do this) and started playing with the marbles and chutes.

He then talked me into using half rounds instead of railing (he told me railing would be ridiculous to try to build on such a small scale). On top of that he came up with using our laser printer to create the letters and pictures instead of me laboriously hand painting each tile. The letters and pictures were printed onto clear adhesive in a dark green to match the cabinet and then adhered to each tile.
I came up with adding wheels to roll the cabinet into the middle of the living room to allow for more playing room.

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