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Soft-sided looks like it has some advantages, but will it just break down if it's used daily or weekly?
I found reccently that walmart has some pretty reasonably priced crates for both dogs and cats.
I've owned or lived with dogs for a good part of my life, but this is the first pup I've had in many years - back then you just got a dog and did whatever.
Pick up Policy---My posted prices are if you pick up at my kennel, and this is definitely an option, with an appointment.
WHAT IS NEXT--AFTER MY DOWN PAYMENT??? I update photos of your purchased puppy and give you more info on changes, etc.
If you put down a deposit on a puppy that is already six weeks of age or older then full payment is due immediately and by PAYPAL if they will be leaving here in under two weeks.

Our 14-year old toy poodle, Cookie, passed away at the beginning of November of last year from kidney failure.
They can eat right through the soft crates and if they have a mess, YOU HAVE A BIG CLEAN UP!
The grief and pain of losing our first dog was terrible but once we'd made it past the "acute" grief, I realized I was terribly lonely at home. We still had our schnauzer mix Daisy, but frankly, we're a two-dog home and we were one dog down. In mid-December I started perusing Petfinder looking for a new puppy to bring some light back to my life, my husband's life, and Daisy's life.
We found this little bundle of joy at a rescue, and drove 50 miles to see if she was a fit.

Another issue I have with softies is the zipper and the light weight nature of the crate itself.
Howie can roll his easy crate brand soft kennel and it is never where I left him in a large dog happens by and he feels the need to bark and lunge and such. Another dog didn't unzip them but she did figure out how to break the zipper aparts from the other side of the crate to make a hole large enough for her to get out, thankfuly she was in a hotel room at the time.

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