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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Once the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series variants started showing up in stores, we knew it was only a matter of time until the second wave of Captain America Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures followed suit–and that time is now! The latter half of 2013 may have been a quiet time for Hasbro Marvel Legends collectors, but in 2014 Hasbro is aggressively after our money like almost never before! And now, less than two months into 2014, the second wave of Captain America Marvel Legends action figures are now hitting stores! This brings the grand total to 18 Marvel Legends 6″ action figures released thus far in 2014.
Black Widow is packed at just one-per-case, with two Winter Soldier Marvel Legends figures and three Captain Americas in the same case.
I passed up on going to 2 of my local targets this morning, now im regretting it completely. Actually have the Black Widow (black variant) and Winter Soldier Marvel Legends 2 pack and a Captain America figure with the right colors. Yep, I personally am not too concerned with the Mandroid BAF, so I sold his torso on ebay for $39.75.
The building is just a wonderfully awkward thing that I think many people walking in the area would be curious about. First Hasbro released the Captain America Marvel Legends Infinite Series set with six figures (two of which being arguably the best army-builders Hasbro has ever produced), then Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Legends hit with another six figures, and finally the Spider-Man Marvel Legends variants trio arrived a couple weeks ago.

This set contains the Captain America The Winter Soldier Marvel Legends figures of Black Widow, The Winter Soldier and Captain America 2 Cap. Obviously you do not want to pass up the Black Widow Marvel Legends figure at retail if you want her. Snatched up Wave 2’s of Cap AND Spider-Man Marvel Legends at local Target this morning.
It is a white building with an amazing oak door and even though the it has no character at all, it sits there so awkwardly and misshaped that it’s hard not to notice.
Other than the door the exterior is kind of blah and is most noticeable for looking misplaced. I definitely was very curious about it at first and now my curiosity about the building has been satisfied. The Captain America Marvel Legends Winter Soldier movie figures have now been released in the United States! The three figures were sighted on the shelf at a Toys R Us in Arkansas, so it’s safe to say that the Captain America Marvel Legends 2014 Series 2 cases are now shipping to stores. I imagine that Stealth Captain America and the Winter Soldier will be comparatively easy to find within a few weeks, however. Now that you know they’re out there, Marvel collectors, are you about to go out onto the hunt for the movie Marvel Legends Black Widow, Winter Soldier and Captain America figures?
Once I have a figure I tend not to replace them unless it’s someone like Black Cat and the older figure is terrible.

Yes, Tom Jones is a singer and Leader Lane is a lane just off of King Street East on the east side of the King Edward Hotel. This restaurant known as the Tom Jones Steakhouse has a lot of history and that is what we are interested in. The interior however, features gas burning chandeliers, leaded glass windows, a wood burning fireplace and oak paneling. Leader Lane is actually a really short street going from King to Wellington, which is literally less than a 5 minute walk. It is one of the oldest steakhouses in Toronto and was built built in 1830 when the street was called Berezy Street.
In fact the lane was the first site of the old city of York’s first jail and hanging yard.
I could not find what the original purpose of the building was, but it did house the first Grand and Toy in 1882. The Mandroid is a maybe since I literally have no memory of seeing one in any of the comics I’ve read but could rationalize it by saying Coulson is wearing the armor.

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