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We are a certified heat treatment facility which puts us in a unique position as we can produce any type of pallet at our facility and then have the capability to heat treat and certify our pallets for shipment in to any country that requires the IPPC specification. An invasive species from another part of the world can enter into the United States and cause problems many ways.
Many times, there are pests hitching a ride on the wooden pallets or crates that shippers use to transport many products all over the United States.
These destructive bugs have been infesting Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ontario.
Since the implementation of the heat treatment of the incoming shipping freight, the wood borer infestation has dropped up to 52%. Mexico is quickly becoming one of the first-choice destinations for American exporters, particularly because of the country’s expanding middle class and growing economy.
The first step in exporting goods to Mexico using a pallet is deciding which type of pallet to use. The next step in packing your pallet for shipment to Mexico is to stack your items on the pallet. It’s important to properly secure the shipment to the pallet to reduce movement in transit and prevent against damage. When packing your pallet it is important to note that some shippers do not accept double length pallets up to 96-inches. Logistics MexicoProvides US companies with the latest tips and information on how to get their products to consumers and customers in Mexico in a fast, easy and economical way. Subscribe to our Weekly NewsletterView and Subscribe to The Mexico Business & Logistics Source, Estafeta USA's weekly newsletter covering business news and developments taking place in the Mexican market. The company consists of a woods harvesting operation, sawmill, pallet production operation, and a heat treatment facility. One of these invasive pests that have made its way into our country with the wooden shipping materials is the Emerald Ash Borer. Although the treatments of these shipping items are expensive, the savings amounts to billions of dollars.

Not only do they help to sustain mixed forests, but also manufacturers use them in the production of many items. With so many reasons to export across the border, the question isn’t why ship your goods, the question is how. Pallet shipping is a type of freight shipping in which multiple items are loaded on to a flat structure, known as a pallet, and secured together using banding and a type of stretch wrap. The most effective way to stack a pallet is to align the boxes in columns, corner to corner, which provides the most packing strength.
First, the shipment should be banded or strapped together to ensure that the items are secured to the pallet. One way to eliminate the spread of new infestations is to heat treat pallets to help cull insects at the docks. Over the span of the next ten years, this tiny little creature is projected to inflict over a billion dollars a year in damages to trees and property. This treatment not only saves the environment, money, and holds ecological benefits but it also produces a pallet that can now be recycled or re-used. Protecting these trees from this invasive Emerald Ash Borer by heat-treating the pallets that are coming into the country is the best preventative practice to eradicate this out of control pest.
This particular method of shipping is especially useful when shipping multiple items long distances, as it ensures that the items stay together during transport and protects against damage. Although both materials have advantages and disadvantages, wooden pallets should be used when shipping internationally. Corners should not be aligned over the spaces between pallet deck boards, and should not extend over pallet edges.
The items should then be wrapped several times in stretch plastic wrap, to guarantee that no items become separated during transport. Additionally, wood packing restrictions, or ISPM 15 rules, apply to pallet shipping to Mexico, and all wood packaging must be ISPM 15 compliant. There are now international standards that require that shipping pallets get heat treatment before being imported.

This particular species of pest has a lack of predators in the United States, and therefore they reproduce and spread very quickly. There are several steps to take to ensure that your pallet is packed correctly for safe and efficient shipping to Mexico. In addition to several codes restricting plastic pallets in international shipping, wooden pallets allow for heavier loads and are less expensive. To prevent against damage, keep the top layer flat, and stack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
Although the infestation has already found its way into the United States, these practices are in place to prevent the arrival of any new pests. When choosing a wooden pallet, it’s important to select one that is sturdy enough to handle your shipment.
Additionally, placing cardboard or a slip sheet underneath the load and between every third layer will help distribute the shipment’s weight evenly, and will provide protection against the forklift. Pallets should be large enough to fit the entire shipment without overhang, and you should never exceed the capacity of your pallet.
Eventually, the tree no longer gets water or nutrients to its branches and leaves and it dies. Additionally, all the boards in wooden pallets should be intact, and there should be no protruding nail heads. To improve handing and reduce damage to the pallet, choose one with a four-way forklift entry.

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