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MORN woodworking cnc router machine MT-C1325 could be used for a lot of industries, such as door, furniture and other materials engraving. When cutting moldings, keep in mind that the router bit spins clockwise with a lot of torque pulling it in this direction.
If you are cutting freehand, push the router into the work away from your body instead of pulling the router toward you.
MAKING DEEP CUTS: When the project calls for a deep cut in material that is too deep for a guide attachment, you can make one easily from a length of straight wood stock. If the material you are shaping is the good stuff, pad the clamps with thin pieces of scrap wood to protect the material.
SHAPING ANGLED CUTS: If you have lots of straightedge and angled cuts to make, this homemade jig can save you plenty of time.
The tongue of the T-square should be approximately 3 feet long; the hinged block should be approximately 12 inch long which provides a solid bearing surface.
It is recommended that you seal the wood with a coat or two of shellac, sanding the surface between coats.
If you are making a blind and stopped cut, the measurement between the two end pieces must be equal to the length of the cut plus the diameter of the router ring less the diameter of the router bit.
MAKING PATTERNS (TEMPLATES):You really need a power bandsaw or jigsaw to make special template designs. The critical measurement is the distance between the edge of the template and the inside edge of the cut.

As noted above, a router cannot make an inside angle cut, which has to be chiseled out by hand. Router manufacturers supply a potpourri of attachments for the tool, which is an electric chisel and perhaps one of the most versatile portable power tools ever made.
The key word here is straight so you may have to hunt through the piles of Select boards to find a straight piece. The scrap wood, slightly larger than the clamping surfaces, also helps distribute pressure from the clamps, holding the material tighter to the table. But before you make any cuts in good material, test the box and the cuts you want on scrap wood. If the design is simple enough, you can use a coping saw, but the power equipment will produce better patterns. This measurement is always one-half the diameter of the router bit that you will use and one-half the arbor, pilot, or bushing diameter of the router. And, the bushing diameter will be exactly one-half of the bushing diameter from the template at all points. Take your time, and we suggest that you try the cuts you want on scrap wood before you make the real cuts.
The male template to cut the shape via through-cutting, and the female which is used for routing to the thickness of the material (male) that you will inlay.
In this article you’ll find several jigs for special router cuts that you can make yourself quickly and inexpensively.

The material to be shaped can be tacked or clamped to the top of a worktable or work bench to hold it tightly. Keep your hands away from the bottom ring of the router; just hang onto the handles and let the router do the work.
Or, if you have a power table saw, you can cut a straightedge for this reason: if the router jumps the edge of the metal, trouble could result. Be sure that the router bit is tightly seated in the chuck of the router before you start work. The side rails of the box must be absolutely parallel to each other and spaced to fit the outer edge of the ring base of your router. Once the pattern is on the hardboard (or hardwood or plywood) you can cut the shape(s) with a jigsaw or coping saw. If you are making a fancy cutout with the router, it’s smart to make a template of the cut first on paper. Then tape the template to the wood as a guide, or tape the pattern in place, draw the outline from it, and then remove it. If your table leaf will be less thick than the top, raise the bit by the difference between the thickness of both pieces.

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