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Coming SoonStarting October 4th Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & Supplies will be opening on Saturdays. Have you ever had the opportunity of seeing a panel edgebanded on four sides with a bonded edge, without using glue? The “zero-glue-line” can only be achieved utilizing a special edgebanding tape produced with a co-extrusion of different polymers. It uses the very simple principle of compressed hot air (400-500° C) to perform the melting of the functional layer.  Results are excellent! The simplicity and the cost of the AirForce System is far lower than Laser systems, it’s maintenance and operating costs are not even comparable.  The quality of the panels processed with an AirForce System is even slightly better than that achieved with other systems. AirForce Systems also have unbeatable advantages in that they can be installed on small to large machines, making the top quality standard of the welded edge accessible to everyone now.
Another very important aspect of the new AirForce technology is that coextruded edgebanding tape may become much simpler. AirForce System is a very promising and will allow any manufacturer to supply top quality furniture to their customers.
Cricket (not to be confused with Brockian Ultra-Cricket) is Australia's national sport played with a bat, a ball, and two wickets. Continuing with the sports theme, this is a basketball hoop I made so that my son could practise Basketball. Although the ring isn't strong enough to hang off, the side supports make it robust enough for normal play. There is an "Easter egg" in the full-size image - one of our marshmallow shooters can be seen on the top shelf.
I don't own a Nintendo Wii but I did manage to get my hands on a Wiimote so that I could try out some of Johnny Chung Lee's cool projects. People often come up to me in the street and say "Dr Tom, I thought computer scientists had long beards and bony girl arms but look at you - you're so incredibly buff!

A friend had given me some old UV-damaged pool noodles and I used these to pad out the ankles and calves. The Hilbert cube is a 3D extension of the 2D Hilbert curve which is a variant of the fractal, space filling Peano curve. Here is another 4 x 4 x 4 Hilbert cube that uses connectors more like those in the proposed radiator design and plans for a 3D-printable cube.
When I was an honours student back in the late 90's our research lab used Silicon Graphics hardware and the first image above of my cube reminds me of their old "bug" logo. This project is a little late to the party - if you will excuse the pun (oh wait, wrong game!) - but I recently thought it might be fun to make a Wii-mote holder for playing Mario Kart that gives you a fixed axis of rotation so it feels more like driving. There are a large number of Wii-mote driving accessories you can buy like the Wii Wheel or DIY versions like this one.
The pedestal actually consists of two parts - a thicker top section that looks like a sledge-hammer which has a mounting point for the wheel assembly, and a thinner lower section that is shaped like the letter 'T' (in the middle of the picture below left) which slides into the top section.
The centers of the two smaller 20mm T-pieces are cut out and glued inside the two opposite ends of the 25mm T-piece to reduce the internal diameter so that the wheel will fit smoothly and turn without too much play (for more details see the description of Coffee Grinder Puzzle Bobble which uses the same technique for its pedestal).
Drill three or four holes in the lower T-shaped part of the pedestal perpendicular to the sides of the 'T' (see the left picture above). I also glued a small section of 25mm pipe to the end of the pipe on the outside of the lower part of the pedestal and another section on the inside of the top part of the pedestal (see the picture above right). Having built this Mario Kart Wii-mote holder my son then informed me that the 'B' trigger button underneath the Wii-mote is actually used for power sliding (although it can be set to happen automatically).
The base with splayed legs is very stable and the side view below will give you an idea of the angle I used on the center support. The PVC laminated gypsum ceiling board adopts quality paper-faced gypsum board as the base board and uses a kind of glue paste a layer of pvc as the facing, aluminum foil as the back material.
Through a series of manufacturing process, it has the following properties: safe, durable, water-washable, environmental, thermal insulation, fire proof, moisture proof, sunken proof, warpping proof, corrosion-resistant , non-dust, easy clean.

More than 150 designs with white for free choose or specific ones offerred by clients are acceptable. Foam pvc board is perfect for signage, interior projects, marine applications, and has a lot of other uses. The PP functional layer of the Laser edge needs specific “absorber” components in order to react to Laser Light. Dark and light colours have a dramatically different reaction to Laser light so the settings need to be properly adjusted. While perhaps not as cool as a cereal box, Lego, MP5, or AK47 Wii Zapper, it gets the job done.
The radiator design is an 8 x 8 x 8 (3rd order) cube which uses 512 connectors like this sculpture or this 3D printed model. The end-cap shouldn't be glued and it can simply be pushed onto the back of the wheel assembly after it is inserted into the top of the pedestal but the rest of the 18mm parts should be glued together. Stocked in white and black, pvc board is easily bonded by pvc glue as well as other adhesives.
The absorbers react to a specific wave length (mostly used 980nm wave length frequency) and melts the functional 0.2mm PP. If not, there is a risk of the edge not adhering to the panel, or melting too much that it burns the edge. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Biesse Group UK Limited and any authors named on this site, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. If you’re using PP coextruded on PVC, an imprecise Laser tune-up may cause unnecessary risks to the environment and peoples health safety.

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