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Cricket (not to be confused with Brockian Ultra-Cricket) is Australia's national sport played with a bat, a ball, and two wickets. Continuing with the sports theme, this is a basketball hoop I made so that my son could practise Basketball.
Although the ring isn't strong enough to hang off, the side supports make it robust enough for normal play.
There is an "Easter egg" in the full-size image - one of our marshmallow shooters can be seen on the top shelf. I don't own a Nintendo Wii but I did manage to get my hands on a Wiimote so that I could try out some of Johnny Chung Lee's cool projects. People often come up to me in the street and say "Dr Tom, I thought computer scientists had long beards and bony girl arms but look at you - you're so incredibly buff!
A friend had given me some old UV-damaged pool noodles and I used these to pad out the ankles and calves. The Hilbert cube is a 3D extension of the 2D Hilbert curve which is a variant of the fractal, space filling Peano curve. Here is another 4 x 4 x 4 Hilbert cube that uses connectors more like those in the proposed radiator design and plans for a 3D-printable cube. When I was an honours student back in the late 90's our research lab used Silicon Graphics hardware and the first image above of my cube reminds me of their old "bug" logo. This project is a little late to the party - if you will excuse the pun (oh wait, wrong game!) - but I recently thought it might be fun to make a Wii-mote holder for playing Mario Kart that gives you a fixed axis of rotation so it feels more like driving. There are a large number of Wii-mote driving accessories you can buy like the Wii Wheel or DIY versions like this one. The pedestal actually consists of two parts - a thicker top section that looks like a sledge-hammer which has a mounting point for the wheel assembly, and a thinner lower section that is shaped like the letter 'T' (in the middle of the picture below left) which slides into the top section. The centers of the two smaller 20mm T-pieces are cut out and glued inside the two opposite ends of the 25mm T-piece to reduce the internal diameter so that the wheel will fit smoothly and turn without too much play (for more details see the description of Coffee Grinder Puzzle Bobble which uses the same technique for its pedestal). Drill three or four holes in the lower T-shaped part of the pedestal perpendicular to the sides of the 'T' (see the left picture above). I also glued a small section of 25mm pipe to the end of the pipe on the outside of the lower part of the pedestal and another section on the inside of the top part of the pedestal (see the picture above right).
Having built this Mario Kart Wii-mote holder my son then informed me that the 'B' trigger button underneath the Wii-mote is actually used for power sliding (although it can be set to happen automatically).

The base with splayed legs is very stable and the side view below will give you an idea of the angle I used on the center support. As a matter of fact, if you’re a DIYer, chances are good you have some lying around from past projects. Just head down to your local home supply or hardware store and pick up what you need for these easy DIY projects for PVC pipe for your homestead! Whether you need a place to store your bow or would like a lightweight rig to take with you to hunting camp, this bow stand is a piece of cake to make and won’t tip if you fill the bottom with sand or concrete. Of course, concrete will make it much heavier so keep that in mind when you’re building it. It has enough room for up to 4 bows and also has a couple of places to put your arrows so that the tips aren’t sticking out to hurt anybody. Though this is shown being used with strawberries, you could use it as a plant stand for many different types of hanging or climbing plants. Great if you’re trying to garden in a limited space or if you just want your plants close together for easy care and harvesting.
Bows are expensive and can break, but this PVC longbow is durable, easy to make and perfect for the person who needs a weapon in a hurry.
If you’re in a survival situation, you can make this weapon quickly and easily with no power.
Square foot gardening is a great way to help many people get more freshly harvested food to the table. You can save yourself some serious watering time, as well as help keep the water to your plants regulated, if you use this PVC grid watering system.
It’s extremely simple to make and you can use either a traditional water hose or hook it to your off-grid watering system. We hope that you’ve gained some value from these ideas about how to use PVC pipe for your homesteading projects. If you have any useful ideas that you don’t see here, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below! About the Author Latest PostsAbout Theresa CrouseTheresa Crouse is a full-time writer currently living in central Florida. These are very creative way to use pvc pipes for more environmental friendly projects at home.

All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property. While perhaps not as cool as a cereal box, Lego, MP5, or AK47 Wii Zapper, it gets the job done. The radiator design is an 8 x 8 x 8 (3rd order) cube which uses 512 connectors like this sculpture or this 3D printed model. The end-cap shouldn't be glued and it can simply be pushed onto the back of the wheel assembly after it is inserted into the top of the pedestal but the rest of the 18mm parts should be glued together. All you need is PVC pipe, some pipe insulation or other material for the grip, a string and a hacksaw. If you want to build a chicken coop that’s affordable, and even possibly portable, then this is the project for you. Another beautiful aspect of this project is that the coop would be easy to expand if you get more chickens. If you’d prefer, you can modify this plan to suit any size garden as long as you adjust the size of the squares. She was born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, where she learned to farm, hunt, fish, and live off the land from an early age.
Instead of throwing away excess pipes in the garage, I can now make other useful tools from it. You could grow everything from herbs to lettuce and peppers in here depending upon the size pipe you use. The best part is that the project is so simple that you don’t even need detailed instructions; all you need is the visual! She prefers to live off the grid as much as possible and does her best to follow the “leave nothing behind but footprints” philosophy. Some look self-explanatory, sure, but projects like the canoe dolly obviously have small parts that aren't strictly PVC and it would be great to have a parts list and instructions. For fun, she enjoys shooting, kayaking, tinkering on her car and motorcycle, and just about anything else that involves water, going fast, or the outdoors.

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