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We humans are social creatures – it’s good to talk, to share life’s highs and lows, thoughts and ideas with those we know and love.
Bear in mind this is the maximum distance which applies when you want to fit the maximum amount of people in. The average person takes up 2ft of sofa length but that all depends on how well your guests know each other. You can find out lots of useful interior space dimensions by getting yourself a copy of Human Dimension and Interior Space.

If you enjoy messing around with layouts and floor plans then this book is essential for finding out what size eve [72 Inch] Shaker Sofa Table - Unlimited Furniture Co. Ideal for movie night, reading a book or just to kick back and relax after a long day's work, this modular motion series was designed for ultimate comfort.
A family of 2 adults and 4 small kids might find themselves occupying a three-seater sofa quite cozily and comfortably! The idea that the difference between the single, 2 or 3 seat module is simply the introduction of the additional module.

The distance between the seat of the sofa and the coffee table should be 18 inches (about 46cm) where no circulation is required between the sofa and the coffee table and 36 inches (92cm) when there does need to be room for someone to pass.

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