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They are mounted by slipping them up tight under the roof and then screwing them right onto the face of these first pieces.
To be honest, this is a project to make a 'down and dirty' replica of the Ghostbuster Proton Pack.
Before working on the physical parts of the project, I needed to do some research on what makes up the proton pack. I printed out Stefan's blueprints and highlighted the most important measurements with a yellow marker. The next thing I did was print out the "TOP DOWN" blueprint in 1:1 scale, this way I could compare parts quickly to a physical reference, therefore double checking my work and limiting error.
The GB proton pack is mainly made up of a series of boxes that are painted black and have electronic wiring attached to them. Once I am happy with the layout, I secured the wood walls to a master plywood base (from the bottom of the plywood of course).

I place and screw the cyclotron to the master plywood base of the proton pack via the bottom side of the master base. Mold release notes: Vaseline or petroleum jelly works in a pinch, but clean-up is laborious later on. Here you can see the military "alice pack" and the cyclotron bumper attached to the proton pack. See images below of more advanced proton packs I made the years following this intial project. For the clippard valves, You can get away with using old medicine bottles for the base cylinder, then screw a segment of wooden dowel rod painted silver to the top of that.
The vacuum lines used in the real packs are tough to get quickly, so colored electrical wire works in a pinch.
A number of fans cut their particle wands boxes from blocks of wood, and then use lag bolts to attach the fore and aft 'hand grip' pipes.

I have seen people use glass test tubes for the clear cylinder barrel the adorns the front end of the particle wand, but a wooden dowel painted silver will work in a pinch, as the general public does not remember what the particle wand looked like, they just remember it looked "spacey", so black and silver work in making it look "spacey". Can you list the lengths of Hoses and Flex Loom needed to make my GB Proton Pack look authentic? We are offering vacuumpulls of our 85% accurate, .080 guage, black ABS plastic Proton Pack Shells. Current wait time is 5-10 days, before shells ship out (Generally we ship boxes every Saturday.) Travel time is dependant on your location. Even if they are static (non-moving) lights make the pack come alive and give the pack legitimacy.

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