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The previous Windows 7 was great, although there was a feeling that it was developed to atone the sins of its predecessor, the operating system we all loved to hate, the infamous Windows Vista. The integration of Windows 8 and Microsoft online services means that your custom settings and tweaks will follow you whenever you log on a Windows 8 machine. One of the most controversial aspects of Windows 8 has been its completely new user interface.
By all odds, the new Windows 8 user interface provides an effortless and pleasant computer experience, but, as with all radically new changes, it will take time until majority of the users get used to it. Once you have got used to the new user interface of Windows 8, you will see many new cool features. Charms bar appears when you swipe in from the right side of the screen.
Desktop is pretty similar to the Windows 7 desktop, but there are some notable differences. Windows Explorer is now called File Explorer, there is also a new feature called File History, similar to Apple’s Time Machine. In addition, multi-monitor support is largely improved in comparison to the previous Windows version and now runs smoothly.
Windows 8 is most definitely a new chapter in history of computers and it will take some time until it is fully accepted by the users and it has yet to stand a test of time.
Anyways, moving further, the ability to write C# code using XAML to work with Metro Style apps is a great boon. Print PDFIf you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Microsoft made the "Consumer Preview" of Windows 8 available yesterday, and last night I downloaded it and installed it on my laptop (using Boot to VHD so I wouldn't affect my existing Windows 7 install).
Grab the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and make sure you don't lose your existing data in the process. Microsoft has done big difference at the Windows 8 when it compare with the previous Windows Operating Systems. You can see the Windows 8 Start Screen as above. Thumbnail image & the user name will be displayed a the top right hand corner of the start screen. Some Windows 8 grab information from the Internet & apps to show live updates known as notifications on start screen tiles.

You can see the Charms Bar when you move the mouse pointer to right corner of the screen, the Charms Bar appears as an overlay on the lower right corner to upper right corner. This Share option come as an in-built option with Windows 8 to share files or Photo albums through emails, social media or SkyDrive. It will show the installed devices on the Windows 8 PC or Tablet such as Printers & USB devices. This option on Charms bar can launch by pressing the short cut key Windows key with L on your key board. Windows 7 wasn’t really new, but it was essentially what Windows Vista should have been. Once the system is up, you will be asked to log on with your Microsoft account – if you are using any of the Microsoft services, Hotmail, SkyDrive or Xbox Live, you already have a Microsoft account, if that is not the case, you will be able to create one quickly. It surely looks like nothing we have ever seen on any previous Windows version, or on a PC computer, for that matter. Of course, if you are using a touchscreen device, your gadget already has a dedicated system start button. It includes shortcuts to the Start Screen, Setting menu, connected devices and sharing button. First and foremost, Aero is gone – windows are no longer semi-transparent as they used to be on Vista and 7.
While you can install a copy of Windows 8 on a classic PC, it is created for touchscreen devices specifically and its pros and cons can be estimated only on such device. As heard from Nokia CEO, I am also expecting Mobile Devices to be loaded with Windows 8 and what I see is – a common ecosystem for Development of Apps using sort of Metro Style apps. The install went smoothly, and I was able to add in my GMail account for the email and calendar apps. A number of other apps aren't fully working at the moment (most due to 'regional' restrictions). Unfortunately I don't have a touch screen on my laptop but I can certainly see how touch would work pretty well with it - again the similarities to Windows Phone help. The start button has been removed & the horizontal scrolling for the desktop has been introduced to donate convenience user experience for users who use touch screen devices such as tablets & laptops.

As an example, the Calendar app displays upcoming events on its tile, the People app tile displays some information from social media apps, & the Mail app tile displays the details of most recently received emails. According to the Microsoft, all most all programs run on Microsoft Windows 7 can be installed on Windows 8 as well; all those classic programs will fall under these desktop based apps. This bar donate you quick access to various powerful features like system search & application search in the Windows 8 systems.
You can search Apps, features of Settings, Files & Folders withing the PC & etc with this option.
If you are using Microsoft Smart features, this Share option is very significant since you can share your assets among those application through this Share option. This makes sharing of files on the social websites extremely easy, quite similar to sharing on mobile devices. Microsoft announced the availability of the Consumer Preview at Mobile World Congress Wednesday morning and made the operating system downloadable on the Microsoft website.Impressions and screenshots are already all over the web, but there's nothing stopping you from downloading the OS right now.
Since, they released not only an operating system yet moreover a software developing platform. In addition, Some notifications can moreover displayed on the lock screen, based on the configuration you have made to the Windows 8.
Windows 8 is a completely new and redesigned operating system ready to take the challenge of the increasingly popular touchscreen devices, meaning that the more conservative users fond of the good old computer keyboard and mouse will be left somewhat confused.
Nothing but Windows 8's system requirements, anyway--if you already own a Windows 7 PC, you should be in the clear.
According to the market predictions, the windows 8 platform will be the world biggest apps platform in future.
The developers will facilitate to develop & sell apps for one of the biggest apps market in the world. Vista and XP users will not retain as much information.Windows 8 does not require a product key when installed from the setup application.

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