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If you’re really voracious and need to munch-out on some serious concrete, then the BH2770VCD Brute Turbo Kit is the tool for the job. Before Stanley came out with their FatMax line of tape measures, the PowerLock tape measure used to rule the ruler roost.
The new Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press takes the phrase “filling your pie hole” with a “little bit” to a whole new level.
If we were already subscribed to the newsletter does that mean we are already entered to win? The Woodstock lathe jig may be simple, but we’ve seen evidence that one can do a lot with even simpler equipment. When I need to use a lathe, or other large equipment that I do not have, I am fortunate enough to live near a community center that has an extensive wood shop.
Its design has many convenient features that other so-called woodworking drill presses do not offer. This jam-packed episode is filled with sweet tools from some big names in tool technology – and your chance to win some of them.
If you need to chisel, chip or break up concrete, stone, granite or other tough-to-chew material, the DH1020VC 25 lb.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic tape ruler, Stanley has released a limited edition of five PowerLock tape measures to pay tribute to important highlights in the PowerLock’s history. Even after a huge helping of the latest and greatest tools, Tool News Nirvana is going to force feed you even more tools, and all for free!
This is mentioned in the terms on the giveaway page, but no one actually reads those anyway.
But if it’s something you just started looking into, then there are a couple of faux-lathe jigs that can give you a small taste of the action for relatively cheap.

For less than $35, this jig looks to be decent for beginners with ultra-low budgets and woodworkers who only need to do a little bit of wood turning. Manufacturers often forget to mention that side pressure isn’t good for your drill press. The twin LED lights are designed to eliminate cast shadows on the workpiece often produced by conventional lights.
From Stanley’s tribute to the NASA for being taken to the moon on the Apollo 11 lunar lander to a celebration of “Made in the USA” products (there’s even a replica of the original “Life Guard Yellow” design!) there’s a taste of every important era in the PowerLock’s long history.
Make you wonder about the validity of some of the tool photos we’ve published over the years. It looks like the attachment may be produced by an OEM and licenses to one or more brands at a time. I usually take all photos with a grain of salt since they’re spruced up and framed to sell a product. Turning on the your drill press may affect the taper or bearings enough to create a wobble. And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, Home Fixated is giving away Milwaukee tools too.
Use it vertically, horizontally and adjust the 12- position Vario-lock chisel into whatever position you need.
The Brute Turbo Kit retails for about $1,800 so unless you’re really hungry to break up some concrete, then this mean machine might put a normal bank account on a sudden diet. Take a look at all five of the limited edition PowerLock tape measures right here, take a step back in time and own the same tape measure good ole granddad had for just $9.99! Last week Milwaukee kicked off their contest to give away $5,000 worth of these super long run-time battery packs.

We even throw in a nifty belt hook so your M12 can hang from your hip like a Wild West gun slinger.
However we periodically run giveaways directly to our subscriber list (regardless of when you subscribed), so don’t go unsubscribing yourself. But don’t be fooled into complacency by the laser light show — it’s powerful enough for the biggest of woodworking shops, yet affordable enough ($1,399.99) for home DIY shops.
The single handle speed changer allows you to run the full range of speeds without ever touching a belt, and the front mounted digital readout displays the exact speed the spindle is running. We’re giving away the brand-spankin’ new M12 FUEL ?-in Drill Driver kit – $200 worth of tool hotness! Locate a Powermatic dealer right here and learn more about this “hungry for holes” stationary drill press. It also features a larger motor than any other drill press in its class to handle the heaviest jobs. Grab a bite of Powermatic’s new drill press, sprinkle in the 50th anniversary of  Stanley’s iconic PowerLock tape measure and cram it all in with two Bosch demolition hammers and we’re already about to burst at the seams. So loosen your britches, put another notch in your belt and open wide for another big helping of Tool News Nirvana.

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