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I have to build some cabinets and was going to use poplar but was told it's too unstable for cabinets (mainly the doors I'm assuming?). I could have the bits made for their detail at a machine shop that has made router bits for me though, they just cost like 400$ to have em made. I don't normally talk to people like I talk to you, however you have the little immature schoolgirl mentality so this is new to me. Kitchen cabinets can be given a completely a new look by spending little money and some time. Home A» Kitchen Help Category A» cabinets A» Should Nancy paint her vintage wood cabinets?Should Nancy paint her vintage wood cabinets? Glamorlux Nancy in Fairfax, Virginia, is updating her 50s kitchen and has her inspiration photo all ready to go.
The original Textolite counters are sort of beat up and lack the metal banding, so we are planning on replacing them. As I mentioned in another email, we’ve been going back and forth on whether to paint our 1959 wood cabinets.
Remember how Jerry Seinfeld used to joke that when you have a bad headache, you want to take just enough aspirin to kill you – but then back off a tad so that you don’t? All that said — Nancy, you seem to have great instincts and have really thought a lot about this.
We painted our Quaker Made cabinets white, they are circa 1969…a bit too colonial for our 1948 house. I was so inspired by the “1964 Split-Level Time Capsule” kitchen profiled here on retroren, that it has changed my kitchen remodeling plans completely!
I realize this is a very old thread, but I have the exact same type of cabinets in my 1957 kitchen and am thinking of painting them as well. I would love for someone to get to use the countertops, so will definitely try listing them on craigslist, whenever we get around to actually renovating! It’s funny, all of the things that drive me bonkers in the house are things that are not original to it! My countertop is showcasing the yummy chocolate creation that shows up just after the bundt cake.
I would like to buy Willeta€™s birch 1960?s kitchen cabinets to add to my original birch kitchen cabinets.
I realize that this is a very old post, but I’ve seen a more recent post in which Nancy shared that she refinished her wood cabinets. September 17, 2012 By Bigbmcdevitt 110 Comments It took days weeks months but I finally picked a color for my kitchen cabinets.
This was originally a medicine cabinet that we used at our previous house.  Since this section of wall is so small, we decided not to put a kitchen cabinet on it, but this little cabinet fit perfectly.  Can you tell that I love using red as an accent against the blue?

Would you consider painting wood cabinets?  How about painting them a color other than white???
So fresh and sweet … has a Norwegian cottage feel to me, especially with the red and yellow color pops and the vintage coffee tins. Such a lovely color on your cabinets, it will be a year next month that we painted ours, so I know the work that’s involved. Your backsplash and counters will come – but for now, enjoy the beautiful color in your kitchen. We are in the process of buying a house so I’ve already been fantasizing about painting the cabinets a vintagey creamy yellow.
Looks great, but I really love the white countertops which go so well with the blue cabinets. I love love love the color, If I were to paint my kitchen cabinets that’s the color I would choose. You did a beautiful job–and I love the little cabinet to the right of the sink (and the Roman shade too)! I'm now thinking maple but this drives the cost a bit further, just curious if anyone has other comments or suggestions about this? I think I might do this anyhow though cuz it's a neat detail and rail and style would look waaaaay better! The kitchen is already quite nice looking – the overall feel of the space is terrific, and the cabinets are well-made. We’ve already purchased the aqua boomerang Formica laminate and stainless steel banding to make the new countertops.
I do think there are several ways you could do this… Perhaps you can find a professional to give you advice, including to check for vintage nastiness such as lead in old paints and finishes. Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazardsA in old homes, materials and products. I love how everything blends in your kitchen ..The blue paint is so pretty and the pops of red are awesome! What kind of paint you get and what r all the steps you need to do to get them ready to paint…. The detail they want has a round over on it that wont allow for rail and style so I have to miter the rail and styles (never done em before it doesn't look like rocket science). You have to choose the right furniture and the right design of the furniture for the kitchen. The white painting kitchen cabinets can be with the colour of your choice and patterns can be added as well in order to give them a trendy look.
First paint them white so that any colour applied on them after that will settle easily and give a fine finish.

Since the copper tiles are only over the range, we are planning on removing them, and then making a taller backsplash on the countertops. We’ll be adding some shelving on the wall where the Cosco cart and microwave are now. And remember DIY readers to use appropriate safety and environmental precautions such as testing paint for lead.
We are ready to improve our kitchen and would love to know how her great kitchen ideas turned out. I am prepping to refinish my 1961 wood cabinets and would love some guidance and inspiration! You are local to me…if I had known that you were available for cabinet painting – well, we would have met in person by now! The furniture should be noticed to get the best design of the kitchen especially the focal point of the kitchen.
Well you can go for a new one but why take headache and burn a hole in your pocket when you can give your existing cabinet a makeover. You can acquire White Painting Kitchen Cabinets and read the White Painting Kitchen Cabinets in here.
Ha, ha – I wonder how many potential buyers took one look at the kitchen (and the pink bathroom) and decided the house wasn’t for them!
That being said, we no longer need our unused metal banding (from NY metal) and sheet of aqua boomerang Formica laminate. You can download and get the Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets White images by click the download button below to get multiple high resolution versions.
That Cirrus floor will look beautiful and has enough going on in its own right that you don’t need to add diagonals or other color punches. I also believe your eye needs somewhere to rest as it dances happily around your happy kitchen. The original Amerock cabinet hardware is gold, so I found the same style in chrome on eBay. And I just love the outcome in YOUR kitchen, and that curtain fabric is such a great accent!
You have to choose the right design for your kitchen.The right design for the kitchen should be the design that is comfortable for all of the people in the house. You can get the color of the painted wood kitchen cabinets right after you choose the design.

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