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I find that the wood dash covers offered by the various Ghia vendors have wood patterns that don't match the original wood pattern on Ghia dashes.
This got me to wondering whether there wasn't a better way to achieve a closer wood grain match. While I have no personal experience with it, it certainly looks like a great alternative from the little bit I've learned about it so far. BTW, apparently there may be many more choices for wood grain colors, however I don't know how accurate that web site's info is. The other thing to consider is the video shows that vinyl being put over a smooth and solid surface.
We had a dash in a 1940 Chevy hand painted wood grain, it cost about 500 to do it and you can't tell its paint, the guy did it in about a day.
Is there anything unique about the contours of the Ghia dash that might make this technique unworkable?
Painting the dash in wood grain effect is a good suggestion, but I want to preserve the original look as much as possible, hence the preference for vinyl.

That issue alone is enough to make me willing to go through the extra prep effort necessary in order to use the DI-NOC. Would you have the same problem using this as the material needed to wrap around for the glove box door and door opening would be too large to cover? The same opportunity exists for whomever makes these dash covers for the various Ghia parts vendors, but the maker is obviously more concerned with creating more dash covers per running foot of wood grain vinyl than producing a quality dash cover you can be proud to install on your Ghia. I am very pleased with the part that I received both in terms of the wood grain (close to original) and how well the glove box wood grain matched the wood grain on the dash. If you were to ask me what type of wood the original wood dashes were meant to imitate, I would say Teak, in terms of both colour and grain pattern, or Mahogany in terms of grain, but not colour. You are currently using a version of Internet Explorer (IE) that is older than version 10, so this site will not work properly. Vinyl wood flooring gives you the beautiful visual of wood with the easy maintenance and water-resistance of vinyl. You’ll find vinyl wood flooring in the most popular wood species, like hickory, oak, pine, and maple.

With wood-look vinyl flooring, you get the authentic look of hardwood with hassle-free cleaning and low maintenance. On a ghia that originally came with wood grain, you would have holes and slots along the top and bottom of the dash that might show through using this system. Too bad the vinyl covers offered by the vendors are so far from the original grain pattern, not to mention the often totally mismatched glove box doors. I just painted it this weekend to match the car; but you could easily trim it up so it doesn't go over the top and bottom and just put the wood grain on it. Any secret installation tricks you learned that you'd like to pass on, would be appreciated.

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