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Choosing wood for your interior design is a smart and sophisticated choice, because wood can be versatile, yet it is very steady and sturdy. Another brilliant example of using wood in interior is the Salvinia Lodge house, located in Poland.
Beach house and wooden combination proved to be able to create a stunning beach house design, but what if this beach house architecture using rustic ideas? This is wooden beach house pictures in detail, you can form beach house plans for place to live.. Lone Madrome is a one storey home located on Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Island archipelagos off the coast of Washington, USA. The Zilvar house by ASGK Design is located in a small village in Eastern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. This absolutely awesome turtle roof wood cottage was designed to mimic the dunes that surround it.
Located in Blasthal, Switzerland and designed by Pascal Flammer Architect to be a simple barn shaped house that incorporates levels both above and below grade.
Designed by Toronto-based Altius Architecture, this upstate New York residence is meant as a tranquil getaway for its owners. Imagined by Aussie studio Breathe Architecture, this house really makes the most out of wood.
Located on the tranquil island of Trosso, Sweden, this cabin for two combines a quaint and woodsy atmosphere with contemporary design and amenities. Built far from the nearest road or house, this capsule-like cabin in British Columbia is the result of its builder's personal journey from riches to rags. Stockholm, Sweden-based architecture firm WRB designed this easy, breezy summer cabin on the archipelago of Trosa with a stunning seaside view. Rustic House Design in Western Style - Ontario Residence - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Elias Rizo Arquitectos got back to basics in their approach to designing a pair of houses for two brothers with similar tastes and singular personalities. Large expanses of glass let light in white reflecting the outdoors, helping the house to blend with its surroundings.
A distinctive "wild west" theme prevails throughout, from the alluding "rough" materials to the literal rancher accessories.
The two houses on the property are within sight and fairly easy reach, though not too close for comfort. Though largely open, the layout includes nooks that add interest and define function with the space.

A massive steel fireplace occupies the main wall of this sitting area, boasting a well-worn, well-used aesthetic.
The sloping wood ceiling angles up toward the sliding glass wall at the rear of the room, flooding the space with natural light and counteracting the heaviness of the fireplace. The kitchen has an industrial edge, with an exposed steel ceiling looming over rustic wood cabinets and open shelves, stainless steel appliances and a large center island for casual dining and prep. A simple hallway has few but thoughtful artifacts - a large gear leans against the wall, and a beautifully crafted saddle and stirrups sit proudly on display.
Interiors echo the outdoors in a refined yet rustic way, ever connected through large windows.
While the stone walls and floors appear very raw and unrefined, the wood throughout has a carefully crafted touch, finished - framed - by steel details.
The recipient of the Swedish Wood Award in 2000, this timber home design features exterior walls with slats, which allow residents to experience the great outdoors while plenty of natural light permeates every inch of the home.
The designers employed a common palette of materials like wood, stone and metal - which maintained a connection between the two houses and the exterior environment itself. From the architects: "The clients expressed a desire that entrance into the houses be conceived as an experience in its own right. Many of the walls and windows are movable partitions that connect spaces with each other and the outdoors. House A occupies the higher part of the property, and is more secluded in relation to its counterpart. Wood and stone are complemented by rustic timber furnishings, supple leather upholstery and hides. They are all comfortable, and all invite sitting, dining, discussion, naps and nature viewing. A wooden interior looks very unique, as it doesn’t look good with most of the contemporary styles of interior. Marc Canut is the designer who features very broad wood accents, as on the floor, walls and even other details of the interior. The designer created a harmony between the ancient Baltic house and the modern technologies. House comprises two rooms namely a vestibule serves as office space and storage area, while main room is a place to live on floor of the bridge are united with compounds. The property has 10,000 square foot main house made of reclaimed wood and fieldstone which perfectly fits the landscape. The architecture appears at one with the earth by virtue of its materials and the shape of the structure, carved into the slope side. The grainy, large-plank wood ceiling becomes an instant focal point of this main living area.

If you choose to decorate your entire house in wood, you would sacrifice the modern outlook, but you would gain so much more. Combining light wood with predominant white as a leading color, he created warm, yet surprisingly modern interior. Wooden beach house with rustic architecture ideas make a negative view about rustic house design as if vanish, Boora architects is a person who inspired this beach house, he tried to give a classic touch entered into modern architecture, beach house will surprise a lot of people with lots of other wooden beach house ideas. The main living areas are well insulated and heated during the winter months for a cozy and comfortable socializing space, while an adjoining veranda and hallway are glass walled, and heated only by the sun to provide an al fresco environment during the warmer months of the year.
It designed in rustic western style which could catch attention of every person who drives near by. The stone walls work their way from outdoors in, bringing with them an alfresco feeling that's still cozy (and almost cave-like), thanks to the large windows throughout. Meanwhile, House B features a rectangular floor plan looking out on the property and beyond. Crude wood bedside tables and hides throws casually about give the room a carefree, laid-back look.
Despite its shed like appearance, the house is very contemporary, as it has all of the necessary appliances for a comfort living. The main house is exceptionally transparent with big windows — some are as tall as 12 feet.
Displaying large spaces and subtle colors, Canut has achieved a perfect balance between wood cozyness and coldness of contemporary interior design.
Notice how the author uses colors, particularly white and wood combination, however wood dominates. Besides being made from natural material the house doesn’t hide or dress up anything, what make his rustic characteristics even more stronger. Having this in mind, when you will recreate wood in your interior design, remember to choose colors and textures, so your house would be as appealing as the above examples. Most of the room’s furnishings, the designer says, are “low enough to allow your vision to go across” to the outdoors views. Taking an inspiration from mountain house designs it gets a traditional great room with grand fireplace.
A strong outdoors connection is also felt in the bedroom of the master suite thanks to the external desk.
In the result house is very nature-centric with all materials which was used to build it and everything what circles back to the outdoors.

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