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When all of the boards are notched take one of the of the long boards, and one of the short boards. Position the mesh over the wooden frame, and with a staple gun, staple the screen to the frame in the middle of one edge.
Now you want to tape off the underside of the frame- which is often referred to as the substrate side.
Otherwise if the damage is so bad it is no longer usable the only way to repair or replace the mesh on an aluminum screen is by bringing it to a screen print supply shop and they should be able to repair it. Subscribing allows you to be up-to-date with new tutorials, DIY projects and designer interviews.
The box joint, also called a finger joint, connects two boards at the corners.  It is very strong and is often utilized in boxes, such as blanket chests and jewelery boxes, because of its decorative look. The dovetail is one of the strongest, most beautiful, and most complex joinery techniques that woodworkers employ.  It is commonly used to attach drawer fronts to the drawer box, but can also be used to to join any two pieces of wood at the edges, such as a chest or jewelry box. The doweled joint is merely a butt joint that uses wooden dowels to help align and strengthen the bond between two boards.  Often times a doweled joint is made into a very visually appealing joint by passing the dowels completely through the side piece and sanding them flush with the surface.
A half-lap joint is merely the process of joining two pieces of wood together by removing half of the width from each board so that they completely overlap each other when joined.  A very strong and very visually appealing joint. Rabbet and dado joints are simple joints that create an incredibly strong bond by inserting one piece of wood into a groove or channel in another piece of wood.  This joint is the backbone of cabinet box and bookcase construction.
A spline joint is achieved by inserting a strip of wood into two corresponding grooves cut into two matching boards.  A spline joint is often used to strengthen a butt or miter joint and can add a lot of visual appeal by using contrasting colors of woods.
Paul, the spline does not need to be very thick at all in order to add all kinds of strength to the joint. One simple and easy way to join the top to the sides wold be to use a mechanical fastener like a pocket screw. 123D-curated collection of tools to bring your project to completion – from the best in business. Print out plans or documentation for your designs by automatically generating 2D layouts (.dwg) from your 123D Design models.

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Using a table saw or a router table, set the cutting height to half the thickness of the wood. Then go to the opposite edge, pull the screen taut, and staple the screen to the frame in the center of that edge. Go to a side, pull the screen taut, and place staples a half inch on either side of the staple that is there. Be mindful not to get any onto the printing area of your screen- it will act as a resist for the inks and you may have to redo your screen. The tape will help to keep ink from squishing out onto your work as you print and will also act as a way of protecting your work from the staples and raw edges of the fabric which become hard with the sealant.
Build a Screen Print Frame From An Old Picture Frame.The Beginners Guide to Sounding Like A Screen Print ProSqueegee Pressure. Make sure the pocket screw hole in the dresser sides is a bit elongated, and you should have no problems with seasonal movement. Just follow their instructions to complete the process, and you'll have your print in a jiffy.
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If you do get some on your printing area you can try to wash it off right away with some soap and water- since it’s a water-based varnish. If you are only gluing a few boards together, a simple butt joint with a nice bead of wood glue should be more than enough to keep them together for, pretty much, forever. As I reassemble, what can i use to attach top to sides that will allow for future shrinkage or expansion of the wood? Spread some wood glue in the notch, and fit the two pieces together again. Using a square, make sure the pieces are square.
Keep pulling the screen taut and stapling until you have staples every half inch around the frame.
If that happens let you screen dry completely and then finish the sealing. Once you finish let the frame dry for at least 30 minutes.
I’m In!CMYK for Photorealistic Screen PrintingScreen Printing 101- Part 3- The Good Stuff! Should I join the lengths of wood to the legs with mortice & tenons or with extended lap joints? If you have some staples that are a bit raised from the frame it’s a good idea to hammer then down gently to make them flush with the edge. Flip the board around, and do the same thing on the other end of the board on the same side.

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