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This entry was tagged free plans for a wooden high chair, plans for wooden doll high chair, plans for wooden high chair, wood plans for high chair. French designer Ora Ito’s new chair for Italian high-end furniture brand Cassina has been a long time coming. Here, in conversation with PORT, Ito reflects on what it means to be working with a brand he has always respected, the importance of acknowledging where you draw inspiration from and his hopes to have created a new icon of design. When I was a younger, we only had Cassina furniture, as did my friends, so I thought it was the only furniture brand in the world! I’ve been waiting 20 years to be asked to work with them, and it is still a huge challenge to be involved with such an important brand – your work has to be iconic, or else it’s not made. It took me more than three years to develop the chair, almost four, because the product we’ve produced together is very complex, even though it appears to be very simple.
It took so long because the execution of the wood is really amazing – I wanted to showcase the potential and knowledge of Cassina and it was important for me that the chair represented all the aspects of the brand.
When you work with a brand like Cassina, a brand with such an established history, you need to have a solid starting point.
Perfect your dining space with the Asher that echoes mid-century sentiments in its light, crisp form. Avoid outdoor use and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and moisture to prevent fading. Flip, rotate and fluff cushions and pillows on a regular basis to allow even distribution of wear. In case of stains on the wooden surfaces, gently rub the area with a solution of water and a mild cleaning agent. For durability and to protect against stains, use of Scotchgard fabric and upholstery protector is recommended. For retouching of any kind, do not use polish or paint products on your own — only professional services recommended, which can however void warranty. Livspace only wants the best for you and that is why we make sure that you receive your orders in good shape.
Livspace will organize the collection and re-delivery of your order to reassure your satisfaction and experience shopping with us. At Livspace, we strive to redefine how you design and decorate your home with our exquisite furniture, fittings and accessories. Highstack and Lowstack, a cabinet and chair, respectively were designed by Bratislava-based ALLT, as complementary pieces, both derived from the concept of stacking unfinished wood planks between wooden spacers in order to facilitate air movement and drying. These works exemplify the variety of functions that can result from the multiplication and aggregation of constituent design elements.
Israel-based product designer Hilla Shamia has created a collection of furniture made of damaged materials. Firstly, molten aluminum is spread over the wood, scorching the surface; the log is then sectioned into square forms. Turkish salon Misk keeps cleanliness and luxury at the top of its priority list as owner Ceren Ergun gears up to open a second location of her popular nail haven in Istanbul. Located directly behind the manicure stations is the pedicure area, which seats four clients on an elevated platform in pale pink wooden chairs.
Established in May 2010 by Ceren Ergun, Istanbul-based Misk Nail Spa focuses on natural nails and is centrally located on one of Turkey’s most famous shopping avenues, Bagdat Street. The waiting area features the same style of Victorian furniture as the rest of the salon and offers clients a bird’s eye view of Bagdat Street down below.
The plan was to open a natural nail shop in a trendy, well-known location, so Istanbul seemed like the right place to start the business, Ergun says. Misk’s decor can be described as a modern approach to romantic Victorian ambiance with lots of delicate, whimsical touches.

Soft pinks and light blues are featured throughout, which complement the accent shades of velvety mauve, brown, and gray. The manicure bar sits near a large window and features three stations with two mini-dividers and a glass overlay. The manicure area seats three clients at a time on Misk’s specially designed wooden manicure table near one of the larger windows.
Considering that hygiene is central to the salon’s core values, countertops and workstations are always wiped down with a hospital-grade cleaner between client services.
The pedicure area also incorporates jetless and pipeless foot baths, equipped with soothing vibrations and heat functions.
With the sterilization equipment placed in clear view on an open front cupboard, clients have an added opportunity to see the salon’s cleanliness standards at work. Misk specializes in seasonal spa manicures and pedicures for natural nails using Essie and CND products, as well as hot stone massage treatments for hands and feet. Prices for manicures and pedicures start at $21 and $25, respectively, and increase depending on products and optional add-on services like nail art, massage, paraffin treatments, and intensive nail therapy. Misk’s waxing services are performed in one treatment room while lash extensions, lash perming, and permanent make-up are offered in another room. Misk’s treatment rooms incorporate soothing colors and feminine details, as well as folding screens for added privacy.
Clients are usually referred by word of mouth or the wide variety of major magazines that have featured the salon in the past, not to mention recommendations from popular Turkish blogs as well.
The salon currently sells Essie and CND products in its retail display, as well as cuticle pens and other nail care products.
Considering that the nails-only spa concept is very new in Turkey, Misk did have some initial difficulties with staff during its orientation sessions. Owner Ceren Ergun (center) and her staff work together to maintain the best standards in luxury nail services and client care possible. Ergun has been an avid reader of NAILS since 2006 and makes sure to attend European beauty shows to stay updated on new techniques and trends to share with her staff.
Mehaz originally imported implements from Solingen, Germany, a city recognized as home of the finest cutlery in the world. As the first furniture brand that Ito was ever aware of, his design, developed over nearly four years, marks the fulfilment of a childhood dream.
Given its importance to me, since I became a designer it has always been my dream to work with Cassina.
At points, because it was taking so long, I got scared that someone else would have a similar idea and Gianluca [Armento, Cassina’s brand director] had to say to me, “don’t worry Ito, nobody can see your drawings, it’s too complex”. It comes in four different colours [natural ash-wood, black ash-wood, walnut and red] and the seat is very soft and comfortable. Slats below the cushioned seat act as a unique design element while reinforcing the design.
Livspace offers 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects, from the date of delivery. Occasionally rotating the items placed on your wood furniture will allow a more uniform color to develop. Livspace wants you to have the most convenient furniture and home interior shopping experience. We also bring with us the expertise of some of the best designers from across the world to you online, which makes designing, decorating and furnishing your dream home personal and easy. Unfinished wood is most malleable and best-suited to manufacturing processes when containing a relatively low moisture content.
Burnt wood is reused in combination with aluminium, while retaining its organic appearance.
Individual sections are then paired with differently sized frames–ranging from a coffee table to night stand–used to cast the metal body of the furniture. Misk is also one of the few nails-only salons in the country, as Turkish women are typically used to having their manicures and pedicures done in hair salons. Before opening the shop, Ergun got a degree in management and worked in business for 10 years as an export sales manager.
The area is often very crowded on the weekends, with a great deal of traffic flowing in from people visiting nearby boutiques, restaurants, or just stopping by to see the sights.
Ergun makes full use of all the space in the shop, but used lots of light colors, mirrors, and windows to give the salon a fresh, airy look.

The specially designed wooden furniture is painted in crisp whites and pinks, and includes carved reliefs with artistic details. The pedicure area is in another part of the space, with four pale-pink wooden armchairs accented by deep gray velvet upholstery and black foot baths. Services use natural ingredients, with treatment names like Grapefruit and Kiwi, Wild Berries, Citrus, and Marine. The salon also offers full waxing services, in addition to brow services, eyelash treatments, and permanent makeup, courtesy of the salon’s permanent makeup specialist. The salon features three additonal working areas, which include the pedicure area, manicure area, and brow tinting, design, and threading area. Part 4 of axerophthol serial publication of tips for building free plans for a wooden high chair antiophthalmic factor Baby richly lead from Rocklers wood working plans.
Inspired by the work of Ico Parisi, a long standing collaborator with the brand, and Cassina’s history of carpentry workmanship, ‘Ico’ pushes the boundaries of what can be produced in wood. He was a very good friend of Gio Ponti and I really love this period of Italian design – so for me it was a good starting point. This was important – we have been working on comfort a lot because a nice chair can be beautiful, but if you sit on it and it doesn’t feel good, it becomes ugly. The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear or damage caused by rough handling or using the product beyond its intended use. We offer a wide range of interior decor and furniture selection for customizing fabric color, wood finish, material, and other optional features. Freshly-sawed wood, often set out to dry either in open air or in artificially-heated kilns, can take weeks and months to dry out, as it contains high levels of water and sap.
The hot liquid metal is poured into the molds, which are removed once the aluminum has cooled and set to reveal the now-sutured log and metal legs, enjoined by a dark band of char.
Though she focuses on the managerial aspect of the salon, she currently holds licenses as an esthetician and nail technician, as well as certification to perform medical pedicures.
The street is lined with high fashion boutiques from all over the world, as well as numerous trendy restaurants and cafés. Misk’s prices run about 18% higher than other salons in the city, but the prices reflect the quality of the menu offerings, expertise, products, and added measures for hygiene.
Stylish touches like white stencil borders, posh pink pillows, oval mirrors, and ornate side tables enhance the salon’s contemporary take on an elegant theme.
After implements are sterilized, the pouch is then opened in front of each client at the beginning of her service. The most popular services at the moment are the Milk, Lavender, and Bergamot Mani Pedi and the Apple and Cinnamon Mani Pedi. Strict hygiene practices and service details were new concepts to her team, but an intensive training program fixed the problem soon after. Stand by for more updates on other delivery destinations by continuing to visit our website. To facilitate this drying process, the roughly processed dimensional lumber that leaves a mill is stacked in layers, separated and elevated by thin, wooden shims. The design combines organic material with abstract forms, “intensifying the artificial feeling, and at the same time keeping the memory of the material”. This solidly built wooden richly death chair will last from small fry plans for wooden doll high chair to grandchild to smashing grandchild This design has many difficult deepen angles.
Report any defects to Livspace customer care, via phone or e-mail, within 10 days of the defect first coming into notice. Air and heat pass through the resulting cavernous spaces, carrying away water through evaporative cooling.
Created by using industrial techniques, these pieces of contemporary furniture evoke the feeling of Brutalist aesthetics, revealing the texture of the wooden forms used for the in-situ casting.
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