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The materials I used to make this shadow box project were a shadow box, paper, ornaments, glue dots and scissors.
The last thing I did was place the “JOY to the World” print out (and it’s glued on ornaments) into the frame.
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Mardi Gras Cool Facts and Fun PartiesMardi Gras is an event that is being awaited by millions of people throughout the US.
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I spaced out the “J” and the “Y” so an ornament could fit in between to be the “O” in the word JOY. These heart shaped cutouts are ready to color, paint, stencil or personalize for decorative arts and crafts projects. We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible. It is an event where a lot of people from all over the United States fly over to New Orleans to be a part of the mega celebrations. Our company is specialized in computer software development and technology transfer, laser equipment, optical-electronic equipment and electromechanical equipment, and we also do the agent of various commodities and technology import and export business.
I was particular with the kind of ornaments I wanted to display, so I ended up buying new ones at Target. My Ornament Shadow Box Display has been added to the rest of my Christmas mantle decorations. It is an interesting fact that Mardi Gras came to New Orleans with the French colonists in the 18th century.

I was originally going to have red, green and white ornaments but I love having only two colors.
You would be amazed to know that it is not only in New Orleans that this event takes place, but it also occurs in many parts of the world. Complying with European CE certification, our products sell well in over 30 countries and regions, such as Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, Iran, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, the USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, Pakistan, Egypt, Spain, South Africa and Lithuania. In United States Mardi Gras takes place at Detroit, Galveston Island, Mississippi, Mobile, Pensacola, St. Mardi Gras also takes place in many other countries, which includes Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Caribbean, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Slovenia, Sweden, and Uruguay. People love to flaunt their ear, lip, navel, nose, cheek, chin, eyebrow, and even tongue piercing so assertively and boldly.
However, there are many, who do not go for body piercing because of religious grounds - some religions restrict this custom.Well, if you are a fashion geek, and feel that your styling is not complete without awesome piercing ornaments, you definitely need to save the URLs of a few wholesale body jewelry shops in your web browser. These online stores are the places, the fashion hubs, where you can find the body jewelry of latest designs.Browse through the latest fashion Fashion changes quicker than what you realize. That you would not have an agent or broker between you and the stock exchange or the airline or insurance company.
You would have told that person they were dreaming.Well, lately I have been dreaming as well. As my generation (the baby boomers) settles into its post-nesting years, less and less of our disposable income will go to durable goods such as home furnishings. This category is the one most seem to be familiar with and feel they can't go wrong trying.Still, before plunging right in, there are many things one must know. First, it's good to know which models of cameras, phones, computers, video, and audio gear products sell best. Make sure to hang up lots of purple and green balloons and purchase colorful confetti for the guests to throw on your child when they enter the room. Then, have everyone spread out and have the person who… Planning Your Child's Christian Themed Birthday PartyWalk into any party store and you'll find dozens of various birthday party theme ideas, from American Idol to Zoology.

More importantly, you'd like the theme to reflect your Christian beliefs - which Hannah Montana or Tony Hawk just can't do.Why not throw your son or daughter a Christian-themed party?
Since you likely won't find these themes in party stores, it will take a little more planning. Invite your child's friends… Wholesale Dealers - Guide in Finding Reliable Wholesale DealersIt has been instilled in the minds of many business men that finding for reliable wholesale dealers are quite difficult.
Wholesale dealers are actual dealers who do business and purchase products directly from their manufacturers. Products that were purchased from these dealers will ensure you of good rates and soaring profitability from it.Opposite from what most people were thinking, reliable wholesale dealers are not that difficult to find, you just need to conduct a very thorough research on the net and through this you can get offers that many people do not have before. The internet is now providing countless number of wholesale search engines that will definitely help you find for reliable and good dealers that probably have good offers as well. But always make sure that the search engine you are using will not charge… How to Host a Mad Hatter Unbirthday Tea PartyIt's time to celebrate your unbirthday just like the Mad Hatter does in Disney's animated version of Alice in Wonderland.
Well, let the Mad Hatter tell you, "there are 364 days of the year that aren't your birthday, those are UNBRITHDAYS!"In other words, the perfect excuse to together with your friends to let loose and just go crazy!
Whether it really is someone's birthday or if you just want to celebrate the release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, an unbirthday tea party is an excellent way to go.The great thing about unbirthday tea parties is that they can be enjoyed by both children and adults. They can be customized to match your personal tastes whether you're inspired by Lewis Carroll's novel or not. Check out the ideas below influenced by the classic storybook and spark your… Creative Gifts For the HolidaysThe holidays are fast approaching and it's time to start thinking of gift ideas. Budgets are tight and it's the perfect time to start being creative with your holiday gift giving. The thought and time that goes into a homemade gift is the most important part.Personalized gifts are always special.

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