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Images: Kim AlbrechtOn the grandest scale, our universe is a network of galaxies tied together by the force of gravity. If you've wanted to use a virtual private network to improve your web privacy or (let's be honest) dodge content restrictions, you've usually had to either install a third-party client or use a relatively niche browser with the feature built-in.
What do you do if even the smallest Arduino boards (or their clones) are too big for your homebrew project?
Since its release, the $35 Raspberry Pi mini-computer has been hailed as the perfect all-in-one retro game console. The booster successfully lofted the rest of the rocket into orbit on April 8; on top was a Dragon capsule loaded with equipment for the astronauts on the International Space Station. Less than nine minute after launch, the booster flipped over, slowed, and descended down to the Atlantic Ocean. By the time the first stage booster separates it’s moving at roughly 6,000 kph and is several hundred kilometers east of Florida.
The Homebrew Special—looking a bit blurry, because I wanted to take a low-light shot to try to capture the disco glow.
After finally reaching the tipping point with off-the-shelf solutions that can't match increasing speeds available, we recently took the plunge.
Naturally, many readers asked the obvious follow-up—"How exactly can we put that together?" Today it's time to finally pull back the curtain and offer that walkthrough. At its most basic, a router is just a device that accepts packets on one interface and forwards them on to another interface that gets those packets closer to their eventual destination.
Encryption and how you control data your is a hot topic right now, but understanding encryption and how it relates to your personal data is confusing. Most the of the grating I do this at size seems the best: Corn for cream corn, potatoes and hard and soft cheese, salami for pizza. Visual Studio Code, Microsoft's no-cost and open source developer-oriented editor and debugger, has reached version 1.0.
Over its short life, the editor has made itself remarkably popular, with Microsoft saying it has been installed more than two million times, with half a million active users. Visual Studio Code is arguably one of the projects that most demonstrates the "new" Microsoft.
Neural networks are a fundamental part of Artificial Intelligence: Software systems that train themselves to make sense of the human world. This week, Karen and Ben produce a portable, plug-and-play hardware development kit enclosure, suitable for diagnosing problems on the go and swapping over between kits. Eight minutes and 35 seconds after a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched into space, the first stage booster came back to Earth and successfully landed vertically on a barge floating in the Atlantic Ocean.
The previous attempts to bring the booster down at sea have met with, um, limited success, a few with what SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has called “rapid unscheduled disassembly” events. The idea behind this is that building a first stage Falcon 9 booster is expensive, but cleaning, checking out, refurbishing, and relaunching one is much cheaper.
I’ve described why this feat is so technically challenging before; the first stage booster is moving eastward at about 6,000 kph (3,600 mph) when its engine cuts off (the second stage takes over from there). Mind you as well, the primary mission was to launch a Dragon capsule full of supplies to the International Space Station, and that is going well right now too. Supplies on board include food, equipment, and live mice (for an experiment dealing with muscle wasting in microgravity). My sincere and slack-jawed congratulations to SpaceX, Elon Musk, and everyone who helped put this bird into space, and brought a piece of space history back to Earth. For tightening screws in inaccessible locations, you have an alternative to a short screwdriver. After digging through medical literature and fitting pieces of data together, the non-medically trained couple contacted German researchers and suggested that a chemical called cyclodextrin may be able to treat atherosclerosis—the hardening of arteries with cholesterol-rich plaques, which is a precursor to heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.
It turns out you don’t need to be an idiot savant like Dustin Hoffman’s character in Rain Man, or an MIT mathematics prodigy in order to count cards.
Clusters are where galaxies are more common … but the image above does not show such a cluster.
For this image, the cluster Abell 2744 (also called Pandora’s Cluster) was the main target, and was being observed by WFC3.
In other words, for all intents and purposes, every object you see in that photo is a galaxy, each a sprawling collection of gas, dust, and countless billions of stars, each thousands or even hundreds of thousands of light years across. The image itself is a tiny, tiny slice of the sky, only a little over three arcminutes on a side.
There are about 41,000 square degrees in the entire sky, which in turn means there are 41,000 x 60 x 60 = about 150 million square arcminutes in the sky. And it’s reasonable to think that most of those stars have planets, perhaps multiple planets.
And yet, in all that—and perhaps more—there’s only one planet just like Earth, only one of all of us. Transpore is available in a variety of widths but I find the 2” size to be perfect for 99% of first aid applications. If you use dowels to join sections of wood, or if you simply want to drill a hole that is centered within the thickness of the wood, you can either measure the thickness manually and make a mark at the halfway point–or use a centering jig. These gloves are not widely known outside of food-service and stocking jobs, but can be useful in the workshop environment. For many years, my wife and I have been members of SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research.
SAN FRANCISCO—This past week hundreds of lawyers, technologists, journalists, activists, and others from around the globe descended upon a university conference center to try to figure out the state of digital rights in 2016. Cosmic Web, a new effort led by cosmologists and designers at Northeastern’s Center for Complex Network Research, offers a roadmap toward understanding how all of those tremendous clusters of stars connect—and the visualizations are stunning.The images below show us several hypothetical architectures for our universe, built from data on 24,000 galaxies. You toss an extra item here and there into your cart, and before you know it, you’ve spent way more than expected. It doesn’t have much fuel left (most is used up pushing the upper stage as high and fast as it can), and going all the way back to Florida would mean slowing, stopping, reversing, going west to get to Florida, then slowing, and finally landing. By the way, after it landed, SpaceX crew went out there to bolt it down, so that winds and rough seas didn’t knock it over on the trip back to Florida.
It costs about $60 million to build that booster, but less than a million to fuel it up (plus the costs to refurbish it and all that), so reusing it is a huge savings over building a new one each time.
Building a homebrew router turned out to be a better proposition than we could've ever imagined. By taking a closer look at the actual build itself (hardware and software), the testing processes we used, and why we used them, hopefully any Ars readers of average technical abilities will be able to put together their own DIY speed machine. That's not what most of us are really thinking when we think of "a router" in the sense of something we'll plug into our home or office to get to the Internet, though.

Very sturdy and sharp, Rosle will straddle a bowl with its 15″ length or over the cutting board on its own 2 feet.
It has also grown from a Web-oriented text editor geared toward JavaScript and TypeScript developers into a much more capable multi-language development and debugging tool. Code is MIT-licensed open source, and Microsoft is continuing to try to do its open source development the right way—not merely dumping periodic code drops on the outside world but actually working with the broader developer community to fix bugs and develop new features.
The booster has to flip over, slow down, put itself on the right trajectory, come in over the floating barge, then relight its engines at just the right amount to kill its velocity and land upright. The Dragon was placed in to orbit by the Falcon 9 second stage minutes after the first stage booster landed. Also included is a bouncy castle an inflatable habitat built by the Bigelow Aerospace, literally a balloon that will be attached to a module on ISS and inflated to test how such a habitat can be used in space.
Mind you, the last attempt by SpaceX to send a Dragon to ISS ended in the rocket disintegrating moments after takeoff when a strut broke inside the booster, causing a helium tank to explode and rupture the booster’s outer skin. While not 100% impervious to tears, polypropylene is much more durable than Mylar and will not continuously disintegrate even if torn. Over years of backpacking, I have used mine as an emergency groundsheet, tent fly, rain poncho, and storm shelter.
In petri dish-based tests, the researchers found that the drug seemed to have the same effects on human cells and plaques. That’s a soul-crushing number, so vast and unreachable that it’s literally hard to believe. It’s part of a colossal effort by astronomers, dubbed the Frontier Fields program, to peer as deeply as possible into a half-dozen galaxy clusters, veritable cities of galaxies that can contain thousands of galaxies like our own.
I scanned the full resolution 6,750 x 6,500 pixel image, and only found a dozen or so objects I could unambiguously identify as stars (point sources like stars get those cross-shaped diffraction spikes through them; extended objects like galaxies smear out the spikes so they become invisible).
Sure, many are lens-shaped, spiral, elliptical; but the vast majority are distorted, irregular, peculiar.
Counting them is a daunting task, so I made it simpler on myself: I looked a series of 650 x 675 pixel subsections, and counted the galaxies in each of them. The image above is about 10 square arcminutes, so it would take 15 million such observations to cover the entire sky. If there are 5,000 galaxies in the image, and it would take 15 million such fields to cover the sky, then there must be about 5,000 x 15 million = 75 billion galaxies visible in the sky.
Just by taking this observation and applying some high school math, we have discovered that the Universe has something like a hundred billion galaxies in it. That means there are something like a sextillion stars in the Universe: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 suns. It works on wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, masonry and concrete, leather, rubber, vinyl, and many plastics.
The group is full of what we fondly call "baseball nerds," those people who can rattle off stats for teams or players, or who have a deep interest in the history of the game.
The conference, appropriately dubbed "RightsCon," featured many notable speakers, including Edward Snowden via video-conference, but relatively few from those inside government. We last spoke with him in October 2014 when he made the case that expanded active spying hurts the American economy. I thought it is not advisable to use wood furniture in your bedroom because it doesn’t look like classy, but after seeing these photos I changed my mind and I will definitely try this out.
By varying the construction algorithm, the researchers have designed cosmic webs that link up in a number of different ways; based on the size, proximity, and relative velocities of individual galaxies.
To combat this, try shopping with a “do not buy” list.This idea works well if you tend to buy stuff because it’s on sale, only to get home and realize you already had plenty of that item.
Instead, when trying to quit, focus on indulging in your bad habit in a consistent, limited way.As Barking Up the Wrong Tree explains, by focusing on how often you do something, you can make yourself naturally inclined to quit over time. The booster landing was the first successful touchdown at sea after several attempts (a landing on land was done in December). The positions are calculated using GPS, and the rocket has enough smart software on board to find the ship, descend toward it, and even compensate for winds. With nearly any speed metric we analyzed, our little DIY kit outpaced routers whether they were of the $90- or $250-variety.
CGP Grey explains the basics of encryption, how digital locks relate to real world locks from a legal perspective, and touches on a lot of the debate happening right now.
Extension support was added less than six months ago, and a healthy range of extensions has already been developed.
Some 300 outside contributions have been merged in, making it far more than just a Microsoft project. Because it’s hundreds of kilometers east of Florida by the time it starts to come back, it helps to have a landing platform out to sea to save rocket fuel.
The solar panels deployed (needed to power the capsule for its two-day journey to catch up to ISS), and it’s on the right trajectory. They are much lighter and less expensive than building a rigid structure, and may well be used commonly in the future of space exploration. The combined gravity of these clusters can bend light, which magnifies and amplifies the light coming from even more distant galaxies on the other side of the cluster from us.
I would venture that most of these objects you can see are billions of light-years away, so far away that the light we see from them left them when the Universe was far younger. It’s one of the many, many pieces of evidence strongly supporting the Big Bang model of the origin of the cosmos. The Moon on the sky is about half a degree across, so you can see this is indeed a small piece of cosmic real estate.
The Universe is so vast it may be impossible for us to grasp its size and scale; yet by studying it, by embracing it, we see that our being a part of it is special. There is a right-hand thread on one side and a left-hand thread on the opposite side, so that the jaws of the jig move an equal and opposite distance when you tighten them, and the guide hole is always centered. Well, Siri has received an update for the start of the 2016 baseball season and it now has a very impressive grounding in baseball stats for the past and present.Since Siri's inception, it has usually returned requests for stats with the "here's what I found on the web" push to a bunch of website results.
In December 2014, Wyden introduced the "Secure Data Act" in the United States Senate, which aims to shut down government-ordered backdoors into digital systems.
When misappropriated and misdirected, suspicion becomes racism and prejudice—two of the key ingredients that led the attacks on the morning of Tuesday, March 22.
I call it God View.“Before, the cosmic web was more like a metaphor,” Kim Albrecht, the designer behind the new visualizations told Gizmodo. You may be used to smoking a bunch of cigarettes a day, or drinking soda whenever you’re thirsty. Instead, they put the landing platform out to sea to meet it, and then that can bring the booster back home after, saving that precious rocket fuel.

It does so in a way that should be easy to understand even if you’re not tech savvy in any way. These extensions have been used to greatly extend the number of languages that Code works with, expanding it from its Web origins to handle C++, Go, Python, PHP, F#, and many more options. In December, the booster successfully touched down vertically back at the landing site, and this is the first time it’s been done at sea.
The added advantage of polypropylene is that it can be printed on; AMK includes basic first aid and survival instructions, a welcome reference for the inexperienced, tired, or injured.
The downside is that polypropylene is approximately 5X more expensive than Mylar and about 2X thicker and heavier. This “gravitational lensing” allows us to see fainter, more distant galaxies than would be possible without the clusters' aid. Two main cameras were utilized for Frontier Fields: the Advanced Camera for Surveys (or ACS), and the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3).
When we look at the nearby Universe, many galaxies do have overall structure, obviously so. There may have been something out there before it, but what we see now reflects what happened then. As though those responsible for the Brussels bombings are anything more than murderers, plain and simple. Yet if certain politicians have their way, my activities will be monitored a great deal more. If you change that habit to five cigarettes a day, or one bottle of soda every day, you can build up your self-control slowly over time:Whatever it is you shouldn’t be doing, you don’t have to stop yet. The rocket doesn’t just go up, it heads east, too, so that eventually the upper stage and Dragon can achieve orbit, circling the planet. SpaceX now has shown it has the flexibility to retrieve the booster under a variety of launch configurations. Should you manage to rip the material, the blanket will quickly disintegrate into a pile of silver confetti. Considering the added durability and utility, and a street price of still $7, the AMK polypropylene version is absolutely worth it. Asking Siri questions like "How many home runs did Mark McGwire's hit in his career?" or "What was Ted Williams lifetime batting average?" now gives you fast and accurate answers.Siri also now provides league-level answers for 29 different baseball leagues, not just Major League Baseball. Truthfully, the only community the Brussels attackers belong to now is the criminal community. Second, Mylar is extremely crinkly and noisy, to the point of precluding sleep or any tactical endeavors. Once the seasons begin for the minors, you'll be able to get scores for everything from the Pacific Coast League (yay, Isotopes!) to the Gulf Coast League as well as leagues like Nippon Pro Baseball.Have fun annoying your friends with your new-found baseball knowledge, courtesy of Siri. You’ll have your retro game console—complete with old-school controllers—up and running in less than 10 minutes. In other words, don’t even try to quit smoking; try to smoke the exact same number of cigarettes each day. All you need to do is install the operating system on an SD card and do some simple file sharing from your PC.Before we get started, let’s go over some basics. Emulating old-school video games requires two things: game ROMs and an emulator to play them. This tiny effort toward self-control can lead to a decrease in bad habits over time, unconsciously.You don’t even necessarily need to reduce how much you indulge in a habit at this stage. Exercise the self-control muscle by putting a feasible limit on your habit first, then you can reduce it over time later.
The rule of emulator ethics is that you should have a physical copy of a game if you have a ROM (or you can create your own from your old cartridges).
With that, let’s get the Raspberry Pi set up.What You’ll GetYour Raspberry Pi will boot automatically into EmulationStation. This is a program running off a custom SD card called RetroPie that allows you to use a controller to select an emulator and a game without ever touching a keyboard or mouse. After everything’s set up, you’ll be able to navigate and do everything you need to do on the Raspberry Pi from a controller.Alongside the games, you’ll also get access to a full version of the media center software, Kodi (you’ll need to pop into some advanced settings to download Kodi).
This means you can basically have an all-in-one entertainment center that runs classic games and you’re media center. RetroPie also natively supports PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers as well.A USB keyboard (just for the initial setup and only if you want to set up Wi-Fi, you won’t need it afterwards.
One warning though, this sucker can take a while to download depending on how busy their servers are, so give yourself plenty of time.Once it’s downloaded, extract the image to the SD card the same way you would a normal Raspbian image. Windows users can do this really easily with the Win32DiskImager, and Mac users can use the RPI-sd card builder. In fact, if you plan on using a keyboard and mouse instead of a controller you’re basically done and can skip to step five to transfer over your ROM files.If you’d prefer to manually install the emulators, you can do that as well. The RetroPie Github page has a guide for doing it, but be warned: the manual process takes around six to nine hours to download and install everything. The benefit is that you get the newest versions of emulators and you can select what gets installed. After a couple of minutes of automatic set up (it will expand the file system and prepare some other stuff), it will boot directly into EmulationStation, the interface wrapper with all your emulators on it. Here, you’ll set up your controller and do a few other tweaks to get the system set up.On its first boot, follow the onscreen prompts with your controller to set it up (up, down, left, right, etc). So when you’re first browsing RetroPie, you’ll notice that only a small handful of emulators are available.
You can edit the theme of RetroPie, set up Bluetooth, manage files, and much more in this area. Most of this stuff isn’t worth toying around until you’re a little more comfortable with the basics though. Once the file transfer is done, go ahead and reboot the Raspberry Pi with your controllers connected and everything should be good to go.If you’d prefer to use a USB drive full of ROMs, you can do that too. Just dump them onto the USB drive in a folder with the name retropie and then plug it into your Pi.Further ResourcesOnce you finish the above, your Raspberry Pi should boot directly into the EmulationStation every time you start it, and you’ll able to control the whole thing with your attached controllers—no keyboard or mouse required.

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