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Children are the true blessing in our life and we want to provide them every possible thing in this world as they are born. Toy box can be the best thing to put all the toys in after your child is done playing with them.
Don’t be surprised if you need to spend a little time putting together your new toy chest before you can use it. To make your gift extra special, consider adding a personalized name with laser engraving or wood cut out letters. Find hundreds of detailed woodworking plans for make a toy box out of wood to help with your furniture projects, and video instructions that walk you step-by-step through the woodworking process with detailed blueprints and plans. Click to see the full length video Karl Champley of Wasted Spaces teaches us how to build a toy chest to get the playroom organized. Pallet crate:I have been looking for one to buy but Brian told me yesterday we could make one from the pallets we have. As they grow up they love to play with different kind of toys and you do provide them every kind of toy so that they can enjoy their time. Parents everywhere are racking their brains trying to come up with that one great WOW gift for their children. A toy box from Wood Creations arrives flat packed and will take most people about 20 minutes to put together. A personalized toy box creates an heirloom quality gift, as long as you’ve found one with a solid construction. To further personalize your toy chest, add a wooden cut out border that features sweet bears, fun toy trains, animals and more. A toy chest can hold everything from video games, to stuffed animals, to blankets after the kids have grown.

Get more KIN PARENTS tips & advice: Put on your safety glasses and venture into the amazing world of woodworking! 2 P1In this episode of our Builder's Series, we work on building a wooden toy box for kids. He made some round circles out of scrap wood, sanded them, and cut a few slots into a shoe box.
Since my child had a lot of toys and it was getting hard for me to get them organized day by day I and my husband thought of buying a toy box but eventually we fell into an idea of making one by ourselves out of the pallets. If you want to make a big impact and help keep the clutter off of your floor at the same time, consider a personalized toy box. Each of our toy boxes are lead free and include ventilation that makes a toy chest a safe hide and seek hiding spot. Popular wood finishes include bamboo, cherry, oak and espresso, which means you can match a finish to any room’s decor.
Give a personalized toy box this holiday season for a gift that will be remembered for years to come. Technically, it is going to be a toy box but I like the name blanket chest more ;) I built the entire frame with half laps and a few dados. MOMtrepreneur, Kiersten Hathcock of offers an easy to follow tutorial on how to create your own wood toy bin. This week we focus on creating the sides, top and bottom of the box and prepping for goal of this channel is to teach others about woodworking in an interesting, informative, and succinct manner.
Project plans Karl visited the Craftsman Experience in downtown Chicago to shoot this video. A nature floor, a book floor, etc, and collect items, similar to collage or book reports or something.

Part of the fun of a personalized toy box (for parents, at least) is that the kids will be able to have a place to store their toys, ensuring that toys aren’t littering bedrooms, playrooms and living rooms.
Our employees use our toy boxes in their own homes and we never compromise safety for our family or yours.
A plastic toy box can buckle and bow, whether from the weight of a child or even the weight of the toys inside.
We include all the hardware you need and include detailed instructions with every toy chest we sell. Word spread quickly and we began receiving requests from others who had seen or heard about our unique wood crafted toy boxes. This versatile storage solution is not just limited to toys - think sports equipment, blankets & pillows, pet supplies or gardening tools! If the lid is too hard to open or slams unexpectedly, you’ll still be faced with a mess.
On the other hand, a wooden toy chest that’s constructed out of solid wood will hold up to the test of time. Also make great entry way bench to sit and remove your shoes and then you can store them inside. Many parents report that the toy chest pulls double duty as a blanket chest after the kids are grown.

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