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Looking good, + Show Spoiler +edit: you just answered it above : do you plan on re-finishing it? I recently sold something on ebay and randomly came across an old wooden box no one had bid on.
He puts a lot of love and effort in it, and it is one of the few good things he has ever done in his life. My brother got a bunch of wooden cigar boxes and painted them for some odd reason (he's the antithesis of handy). So you could probably find replacements from some cheap ass cigar box and cut them down to fit if necessary. If you want to do this at home, some pointers on sanding: I used grits 120 (dodgy) and 150 (decent, cf.

I started on the underside to check which grit was appropriate (get rid of varnish with reasonable effort without scratching too deeply, since the wood is fairly thin, particularly the top (inlays) and, somewhat surprisingly, the bottom. I usually start in the middle of a clear area and then work my way toward the edges and corners, which need extra-diligent attention. Put a straight edge of the sanding paper along the edge you want to properly clean and apply pressure to the very edge with your fingernails while holding the paper against the wood with the tips of your fingers. Note that one of the joined pieces of wood can appear significantly darker than the other due to the difference in grain direction, you will probably not be able to get rid of that.
Old wood in particular tends to be darker on the end-grain (in my experience - anyone with profound knowledge of woodworking here?).Random aside on the topic of sanding paper - man does it ever pay off to use decent tools and supplies! Since I didn't use up all of the cheap stuff (by a long shot), I thought I might as well start using it now.

You go back and forth over the wood for like 5 seconds and it's clogged up already, the grit starts coming off when you so much as fold it up (which you do to get into corners), and you can really just use a fresh piece every other minute.
The good stuff lasts much longer, stays reasonably sharp after unclogging it multiple times and you can fold it up to get into corners without a problem.

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