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Hello everyone, my name is Chauncey Hardemeyer and I'd like to welcome you to my silly little site, How to Build a Playhouse. Wooden playhouses are a fun structure for kids, however purchasing a ready-made one can be very expensive. Keep in mind that childrens wooden playhouses need to be maintained, an annual coat of paint to prevent moisture is highly advised. Ranges Include: Shop fixtures, retail mannequins, clothes rails and garments rails, shop fitting supplies and much more!
Constructing childrens wooden playhouses at home is not only more cost-effective but is also more creative. Position a 2 by 4 along the boundary standing on one end and secure it in place using nails. The task of building childrens wooden playhouses may seem overwhelming at first for beginners, but with some tips and guidance along with some basic woodworking tools and materials, the process of building childrens wooden playhouses can be stress-free and rewarding. For this project, you will be constructing a small porch, so take that into consideration when marking the area.

After you have determined the location, use sticks or poles to mark the corners and tie a string around them. If more than one piece of plywood is used, then secure them together with the help of brackets and screws. Repeat the process to build the walls as you did for the flooring, adding plywood on the inside as well as the outside. I've always loved playhouses, whether they were forts or tree-houses, for some reason they've always held a child-like appeal to me. Position 2 by 4 wood boards on the edge of the perimeter and fix them in place until the entire perimeter is finished. As I got older, I started building them professionally, and people really started responding to the quality design and workmanship that I put into every project. Measure a space of two feet and place another 2 by 4 on the edge running vertically and secure it in place. And in this site, I promise I'll put in that same effort to create something really special.

Attach a 2 by 4 at the top of the constructed wall through the center of the childrens wooden playhouses going the long way. You will need to cut more 2 by 4 wood panels into small pieces and nail them in place horizontally between the vertical rows so that they are spread out at a distance of two feet from each other. Secure the cut 2 by 4 to the wall and to the center support on both sides with the help of brackets. Attach more plywood on top of the base in order to complete the floor of the childrens wooden playhouses.

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