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Once your crates are completely dry (it’s good to wait 24 hours), you’re going to add the casters!
You’ll then want to drill pilot holes, making sure the drill bit goes straight down into the wooden crate.
Once your pilot holes are drilled, simply use your drill to screw the number 8 screws into the three holes for each caster. Once all four casters are added and secured, flip your box over and you have a perfectly mobile and trendy DIY Wooden Crate Toy Box!
My oldest son had been needing a new toy box for a while and when I saw the Polka Star Stencil on the Royal Design website, I knew exactly what I would make!
Remember when I said my son didn’t get it when I told him I was putting stars on his toy box? When I originally took possession of them, I had begged for them from our store man so I could use them as planter boxes. Then one day, as I was just wandering the garden, I spotted the boxes and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. This happens a lot for me, which I why I tend to hang onto certain things as they come into my life. I knew in that moment that those two boxes needed to be revived, revamped and repurposed as rustic toy boxes. I’ve seen wooden crates turned into toy boxes a lot on the likes of Pinterest, but buying the old wooden crates can be expensive now that they are considered antiques. Once they were sanded the next step was to add the casters so the boxes could be easily moved around the room, providing quick access for Lil Miss P to all her toys, and to add my own stamping, reminiscent of the old shipping crates.
Finally, I added rope handles for carrying the boxes back to their resting spot, once all the playing was done. The best part about this project is that it only cost me approximately $11 New Zealand dollars to make.

Also, our house really lends itself to this rustic look and the toy box looks great wheeled up next to the cane wood basket in our lounge. Craft Crazy Mama is the home to my eclectic ramblings about my latest craft obsession, and motherhood. We painted our entire crate in Premium Decor High Gloss White paint, because not only does it have great coverage, it cleans with water and soap!
Position your caster at the edge of the bottom of the crate and mark your three drill holes (that align with the edges of the crate). Typically these crates are softer wood and you want to make sure the screws go straight into the crate sides without splitting. As soon as you complete your project you may have kids attacking you to use their new toy boxes! You can get all the paint and hardware you need for this DIY Wooden Crate Toy Box project and MORE at your local True Value! Be sure to check out the True Value DIY Blog Squad on a regular basis and follow True Value on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience.
They grew lots of fresh mesculan mix leaves and then the boxes were retired when Winter came. Holding bagged plants for sale, storing gardening equipment in, and then eventually just left empty and sitting around the back of the house. It can be months or years later before I figure out how I am going to use an item but I always know when I first get my hands on something if it’s worth leaving to marinate as a possibility. Especially where I live, where there are fewer than in many other areas, they fetch a small fortune and I just can’t bring myself to pay the steep price people are asking for them. I decided not to sand the boxes fully, but just take off the roughness of the sawed wood as well as sand away any really nasty imperfections.

But because these boxes had a specific new purpose I decided to stamp them with a clear label.
The rope handles also made the boxes look more like proper vintage boxes and were so easy to add with a bit of drilling and half a metre of rope. Mostly I will be sharing details of whatever craft project I am working, which will usually be either a quilting, crochet or scrapbook project. Welcome to A Night Owl, a blog about what happens after work is over and the kids are in bed! We allow one photo with a direct link back to the appropriate project or recipe when featuring our work. My husband is the handy one, so I’m going to share this plan with him Found you over at Whimsy Wednesday! I planned to put them apart to make up the bases on some seed trays I had been building but when I got pregnant with Lil Miss P, that project went on the back burner as I didn’t like breathing in the wood dust, or exposing her to the noise of the saws (yes, even before she was born).
But they’re perfect for holding toys for your kids room or their most favorite, well used toys. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.
I'm pretty new on the block but I've learnt from so many others, as they've learnt, and perhaps I can offer a helpful moment or two?
You may write a brief description in your own words when featuring our work, but you may not copy any of the steps in our tutorials or recipes. Today we’re going to show you how we transformed a plain wooden crate into a DIY Wooden Crate Toy Box that is not only cute but functional!

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