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Wooden garden beds have many benefits, they are made of natural materials, they are environmentally friendly, they don’t leach chemicals or require extensive mining or depend on crude oil. Cypress is a class 1 durability timber which means it’s the highest durability rating available. Red gum is the next best choice for a wooden garden bed, Red gum is also a class 1 timber, it’s a very heavy and hard wood that will last many years. 4.The beautiful qualities of wooden raised garden bed complement all gardens, some people like to let them weather and turn a lovely shale grey colour, while others prefer to oil their wooden raised garden bed to maintain the original finish. 5.Remember that trees are a sustainable resource (they are often replanted and replaced), the timbers that we use for our wooden raised garden bed are sustainably grown here in Australia. We will be taking some time out in 2015, but will be back next year and look forward to speaking with you then. Our range of wood raised garden beds is very complete, with every type of suitable wood available including cypress, red gum and ACQ pine. Our complete range of timber raised garden beds include Cypress timber, Red Gum Timber and ACQ timber. The style can vary and can also take some fantastic shapes depending on your inspiration and the setting to which the framework is going to be placed. You can make just one big size wooden raised garden or several setting them in a manner to allow for walking space in between and according to your design preferences. Raised garden are a perfect solution for protecting your garden or when the type of soil that you have is not adequate for the plants that you desire to plant.

Cypress is naturally termite and rot resistant, this is because of the naturally high oil content of the timber. Garden beds require less fill and can hold more water, lasting longer between the hot weeks in the peak of summer. While trees grow into timber they absorb carbon dioxide so every piece of timber harvested is actually better than carbon natural compared with metal and plastic which require extensive mining refining and crude oil which is unfavourable for most people.
They non-toxic, providing a safe food grade environment to grow your vegetables and can also be used as sandpits. If you are someone who loves to garden and are looking for the convenience of stackable raised garden beds that require no assembly – look no further and contact us today!
The first reason is much more obvious; it’s a design style that can add character to a garden offering astonishing beauty at times. Professional landscape designers – Landscape design packages and do it yourself landscape guides. The general consensus is that Cypress is the best wood to make your wooden garden beds from.
Our Garden Collars are super affordable modular raised garden beds that can be stacked to any height, making tending for your veggie patch very comfortable.
The second reason could be much more for protecting the garden if you kids that play a lot in the yard or need to define the space so that the plants may grow and not risk being damaged accidentally.
The lumber that you can use may be manufactured or not.  Consider the size, the height and the shape accordingly.

They are made of planed white wood boards, come in several sizes and will look fantastic on any type of property.
Building a wooden raised garden is quite a simple DIY work only requiring framing the woods accordingly.
Some bricks offer an aesthetic appeal and do not require a finish coating others may require that you apply plaster on both sides like butter. You can also place the garden in an area where it can obtain the maximum sunlight during the day. A raised garden bed has also some other advantages such as better exposure to the sun, keeping away weeds, use of water efficiently, and of course it can be tailored to accommodate different plants.  Building a raised garden can be performed in a number of method and with many different materials. When using wood, best use natural rot-resistant wood and avoid wood that has been preserved with toxins. There are some factors that you can take into consideration at this point.  When digging the trench, you may want to completely remove de sod in the area where the wooden raised garden will be and loosen the soil. The wooden raised garden should be bottomless and the woods should be put together using either galvanized or stainless bolts or screws.
The height  and size are totally your preference and should be determined according to the type of plants to provide room for the roots and safety.  Once you have prepared the area, placed the newspapers, set you wooden raised garden to place making certain that it is levelled.

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