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In our old home we had an extremely dated mantel above our fireplace that I would have loved to have replaced.
Just follow the directions in this guide and adjust based on the length of the space you want to shelve.
When it comes to decorating, how you set up your fireplace can either add to the Feng Shui or throw the whole room off completely. For a contemporary feel use blacks, grays and whites, sharp angles, geometrical shapes and a few candles or black and white photos.
For a natural feel around your mantel, try decorating with wooden framed pictures, earthen vases filled with neutral colored leafy faux plants or simple wooden figurines. To get the warm, comforting feel of a log cabin, stick to pine wood, cedar, and a bit of a natural theme. If you want a subtle savannah like feel, try small amounts of animal prints and beige and black tones.
For a hunting feel, use tones native to your favorite hunting regions, rustic bows or guns, and animal furs, horns, heads or antlers. Interior DesignGet Your Groove ON with 12 Unique Bedroom Design IdeasJun 7 2015 Isn’t it wonderful when you have one thing or quality that no one else has?
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If you or your husband is handy… this is a really simple DIY mantel guide that you can finish in one day. Here are a list of creative ideas that can turn your mantel into a great focal point depending on the style you may be looking for. Stick to warm earth tones like beige, browns, and for a splash of color add forest green or a natural tone of your choosing to really make the arrangement pop. You can either try molding with an artistic feel around the edges of the wall space above the mantel or have small, thin pieces that surround the carved iron work and make them pop.
Colors most often fitting in this arrangement are deep greens and blues and warm natural browns resembling trees. For ornaments use small birds from that region, claws, small ancient weapons and natural looking candles, frames and figurines.
You can either choose to go with a primary color and accent it with a contrasting color and neutral hues and tones. Old pistols, wagon wheels, sepia toned photographs in rustic frames and tones of red, deep browns, tans, and gunmetal will bring out the authentic feel.
You can always opt to buy a pre-made mantel but it will cost you a pretty penny to get one with this much wonderful detail. Even if you have a simple room, spicing up the mantel could be the cornerstone of a fabulous, balanced room.

When choosing iron work, look for something with an eye catching, flowing design that isn’t too wild that will add that calm feel to the decor. Figurines, carved metal, patriotic symbols and framed photos of events or patriotic people or things will really bring out that pride, happiness and national feel. Try lining the mantel with candles set on iron work bases and either a small decorative plate or figurine in the middle to add a slight splash of color.
Try using carved woodwork, rustic clocks, tree oriented figurines or sculptures and if you decide to use animals stick to elk, deer, bears, woodland life that you find in regions that you’d have near your actual log cabin.
Stick to warm color arrangements with darker contrasting tones in small doses to really bring out the theme.
Make sure these match in color or hue and aren’t too overbearing but will still bring out the display. Use vases, pictures, paintings and fun nicknacks that add to the colorful artistic display.

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